16 Useful Clues To Understand Your Dog Better

Understanding a dog’s body language is essential for building a strong and trustworthy relationship with your four-legged friend. This video will help you to …. как нарисовать всю породу собак

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    • Tail wagging and rest of the body fully silent: might strike, has a lot of tension building up
      hiss: ..no need to explain
      keeping its mouth open: overheated, under extreme stress or preparing to fight (if it seems to be overheated get a damp cloth and pet em with that. they’ll be gratefull)
      slow blink: I trust you (you can also do it yourself, your cat will probably come up to you afterwards)
      if while you are petting it, its head keeps rubbing on your hand and the corner of its teeth touch your skin, no worries, it didnt want to bite you, was just really into the pets.

      If you want to pet a cat raise your hand in front of its head slowly, holding it like the hand of god in that famous painting. if it sniffs your hand or rubs its head you are good to go. if it doesnt tense you can try.

      Also, try to not stare a cat in the eyes, it makes them feel like you are planning to attack them.
      Never poke a cat, and they do not generally enjoy belly rubs.

      Always remember that they are highly intelligent, and treat them as such. You can teach a cat things, if they want to. and only if they do, not because you order them.

      hope this helps a bit

    • Chipz Of Legend It depends on the cat. I had a cat for 18 years, since I was one, and he only clawed me once (I.jumped on him while he was asleep.. think most people would have hit me tbh) it really depends on its personality and whether it trusts you, and how much you startled it. Don’t let it ruin all cats for you, each and every one is different 🙂

  1. 4:22 My dog puts her paw on my knee because I have food and she is trying to shake but I have no hand near her.

    • Lol my dog gets right in my face and starts barking and whimpering, she makes my grandparents think that she’s starving when she does that even though she’s not actually starving, she eats everyday because we have to feed her something so she doesn’t really starve. She doesn’t eat her dry food.

  2. naw. My terrier always yawns and sits on front of me, back turned on me when I come home (after freakishly happy welcome home-). Now I know what that means.
    Also, does anyone’s dog/-s to want to sing with you? Sometimes when I come home he whines and if I talk, he starts to howl. He also does this around my guitar (my famly has lots of music equipment, like piano, drums and flute.) Only one note from guitar os sometimes enough for him to run upstairs to me, sit in front of me and howl. After a while, he lays down and closes his eyes, HUMMING. At some point I noticed he actuLly tryes a lot- he eveng changes tune of his howl from low to high if I play a song he knows well. 😀

  3. i was thinking that my dog is stupid for rolling over and laying on it’s back and i was also thinking that my dog hates me because it was showing me it’s back, but now i know that these things are good. Thank you this helped me out!!!

  4. Thank you very much for the info! I now understand why my dog turns her back on me. It really puzzled me. She would do that often whenever I’m petting her. I thought she just wants to tailslap me. Cause whenever she turns, her tail slaps me in the face.

  5. For us that’s not how it works…

    My dog usually has her ears down to let others pet her or wanting attention

    • LaCeila Meier your dog really likes to be petted 🙂 our dog long ago would often sit on me whenever she had the chance xD

  6. Yeah, if a dog exposes its belly, you know it trusts and love you. But if a cat does it, you KNOW that cat loves you.

  7. My dogs will put their paws on your leg whenever you’re eating something like «GIVE ME FOOD.» And once you’re done they immediately ignore you

    • love when people dont understand the meaning of the word triggered.
      a trigger is a severe flashback of a traumatizing memory that has given someone ptsd. they will experience hyperventalation,anxiety and panic attacks, and of course, the flashback from what first caused the truama. as someone with PTSD, please children, FUCK OFF using the word triggered as a joke or lightly. its not fucking funny.

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    • +Cris Lowe What information are you talking about, that I made up or copied from another source?

      I am talking about logic. Do you pee your pants or run over little children when you feel happy? Well I don’t.

  8. my dad taught my dog to not over react when her food is taken away, so if a little kid takes it away for some reason she doesn’t attack. she also lets people per her when she eats. all she does is follow you where you go with the food.

    • Monica Gallo You had to teach your dog that? For mine that came innately. The only thing we had to teach her was how to take treats from peoples hands without accidentally injuring them.

  9. I pet one of my dogs when there eating food and he trust me not to take why because I’m always saying good boy when he eats and finishes his food ^w^

  10. My dog is currently sitting on the couch watching TV. He locked me up in his cage. What does this mean?

  11. what if ur dog crushes U? XD ok but srsly you need to make another video about dogs and add: if u run from any dog familiar or not they will chase after u and possibly attack or try to play with you depending on their behavior

    • The horde of ungratfull todlers since they have floppy ears their ears move back and forth…have you ever rubbed his head? If you have you might have noticed that his ears move back…so instead of the ears standing straight up…his ears move forward…she says in the video

    • Saberwolf1000 Wow some people in this world think think it is easier to say him I instead of her and its natural its not like you have never done it in your life before (if u have a dog)

    • Saberwolf1000 Wow I fucking hate people like this . Like if you your this sensitive gtfo off of the internet fr

    • The thing is idk why she is bothered by the person saying «he» all the time in my perspective but it’s hypothetical we all do it too….

  12. Queen Bee I love dogs but I choose not to own one because I live alone and have a full time job and don’t want to lock it up all day or leave it outside to bark at the neighbors.

  13. 2:45 when they say pet your dog to calm him down because he is scared is not the ideal way to go. This enforces the scared behavior and showing your dog that this is how he should act in unfamiliar situations. Instead you should show your dog that, yes it is an unfamiliar situation, but that there is nothing to be afraid of. You can do this by being relaxed and calm. Yawning is used to show uncomfortableness and avoidance but also used to show that they are relaxed. So with the combination of calm body language and maybe a yawn the message should get through. I don’t mean any offense by this comment, just trying to help.

    • HEY! Just because u r the dog’s owner/alpha it doesn’t give u the right to take his/her food away while she/he is eating it.
      How would u feel if your mom or dad just comes and takes your food away while u eat?

  14. 4:57 doggo drill activated
    Powering up r..r.rrrr.rrr..rrr.r.r.rr.r…….r.rrr.rr….rr.rrrrr…rrr

  15. My dog died about a month ago from terminal lung cancer, I wish I would’ve known that she was telling me something was wrong with her before it was too late.

    • I had a domestic befriended dog, I cried all day when she passed away. I feel you man, sorry for your loss

    • First of all, thanks for the support I honestly thought this comment would just get lost with the other ones, also we did take my dog to the vet regularly, she had a ton of allergies and we always needed to buy her medication, it’s just that lung cancer is hard to detect unless you are purposely looking for it, and we never knew that our dog could ever get it. The only way to tell was to get an X-Ray, but since she always seemed healthy, the vet never thought an X-Ray was necessary, and when I noticed she was acting a little weird we took her, got X-Rays, and the vet said it was already too late and that the tumors were too big. She kept on fighting for about three more months and I noticed why I never realized that she was sick, even with lung cancer she was still her usual self and she never let the pain stop her from having fun, she always seemed like her usual self, but when the cancer got real bad and she stopped being herself and stopped eating we realized that it was time to take her to the vet and put her to sleep.

    • nikkilvlogs Thank you. I know how it feels, it was the worst news I had ever gotten in my life. I hope you feel better, our dogs will always live with us in our memories

    • Phelanii Thank you, sorry for your loss. The same almost happened to my dog right in front of our driveway, we saw when it happened and the guy in the car just drove away in front of our eyes, but somehow nothing happened to her. She had tire marks on her and everything and when we took her to the vet nothing was wrong with her. Again, I’m really sorry for your loss as well and thanks for your support.

  16. Showing teeth doesn’t always mean bad. Some dogs are very smiley when they’re happy or exited. My dog always do this really teethy grin when familiar people come to our home or I’m getting ready to go for a walk with her or when we do something fun together like learn new tricks.

    But always ask from an owner if you wanna approach a dog showing teeth and wagging its tail because all dogs are different and the owner knows best what’s the dogs mood at that moment.

    • DUNDOM5 : It’s not a bite. It’s a nip. Labrador Retrievers are good for that. It’s a form of affection. Now there is a difference between a bite, nip and a snap. If your dog or any dog snaps at you, it’s a sign that you’re doing something that they don’t like or they don’t want to be bothered. Usually after snapping (especially if you leave YOUR dog to its self ) they would come over in an apologetic manner seeking your affection and forgiveness.

  17. I don’t think this video is for me because most of these my dog can’t do because his tail doesn’t stand up and his ears don’t stand up and these are because of his breed

  18. A street puppy outside my house always tries to fake bite my legs and after a minute does this exposed belly thing. I never have even fed him, i just played with him and petted him a couple of times.
    I only clicked this video because the thumbnail had that belly showing gesture.

    • K Vineet I watched a doc a while back and apparently that it «I want to play» behaviour, dog to dog, mixed with a bit of play fighting

    • K Vineet *It just adopted you as a potential Alpha. If you give it food and show it more affection, it will always be around and become territorial to the spot. Basically, you’ve adopted a stray LOL*

    • +30 Second Hero Yeah, i remember when he was very small, probably had just opened his eyes, ever since i saw him alone, without any siblings or mother. He used to slip in through the gaps of the grill and sleep on my porch in the afternoon probably for safety and shade. I used to let him cuz i thought he was gonna die anyway, it was like 40°c around those days. Once my dad found out he drove him away because he didn’t wanted him to get attached too much. I still used to let him spend the afternoons when dad was not around.
      Now he has grown a bit too big for the gaps in the barn, he survived, somehow. I guess other people have been feeding him. He plays around with other kids in the area but whenever i go out, i get his full attention.
      It becomes awkward sometimes when the kids start eyeing me up and down for stealing their buddy.

  19. Sara Camacho my dog has a small tail, but you can still kinda see it wagging low the tucked tail isn’t a thing for short tail dogs hahahah it kinda just shrivels into my dogs bum and he squats

  20. Awkward and Crazy Emily , When I ask my dog if he wants a bath, he runs & jumps into the tub. It all depends on how they perceived their first experiences in that situation.

  21. When my dog’s paw is out in front, it’s because I told him to because I want to shake his hand. It’s really cute!

    • lily this, lily that.
      A female dog is called a fucking bitch what the fuck is a *girl dog*
      You retarded imbecile of faggotry

    • Ohne Name
      I would suggest trimming the fur near their face enough to see their eyes. also, figure out what » neutral» looks like for your dog and look for any changes in his body language, even small ones.

  22. I call my dogs he most of the time, while they are both female. I don’t know why, guess I’m used to it.
    I really dislike people who use ‘it’ though.

  23. «Understanding a dog’s body lanaguage is essential for building a strong relationship» Clearly she doesnt know this since she hugged the dog like 7 seconds into the video. Dont wrap your hand around the dog’s neck and try to pull it in for a «hug». Dogs dont like that and the dog in the video is clearly tolerating her.

    • Amanda Forde it honestly depends I had a dog that hated hugging but my current dog loves it… yah he paws at you to pet him and hug him…. has super sharp claws also…. hurts.

    • it really depends on the dog. but the only people who should do so is the dog’s owner. of course a dog isnt gonna be cool with getting hugged by people they are unfamiliar with.

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