3D Pen Making Saiyan Scouter with 3DSimo

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52 Replies to “3D Pen Making Saiyan Scouter with 3DSimo”

  1. Slt pourrais tu faire une vidéo pour faire de la publicité à une association nommée Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque chaque personne qui s’abonne au compte Instagram Initiative Cœur fait automatiquement et gratuitement un don de1euros merci beaucoup

    • epicly Killer actually nothing really is «wrong» with that, but on one side it’s boring, on the other side it was not very creative (and fair) from 3d pen lab to copy the idea for making money, and so it wouldn’t be from razem to copy the idea even a 3rd time…

    • First of all didn’t the other guy that isn’t 3d pen lab did the same thing, 2nd of all it is boring for u cuz not all people on youtube or all the razem subs saw it so shut up kid

  2. you can add some electronic stuff in the future and wear it 🙂

    nice again .. waiting for more videos of your beautiful art ..

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