3D Pen Pokémon | Charizard figure | 3D Pen creations | 3D Pen dragon

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  1. This is really cool, but is it possible to sand the surface of this material down for a smoother finish?

  2. I have a question that I hope you don’t mind if I ask you to answer pen school,why did you make the stomach open up? I know Pokemon just not a lot about them,(as you can see I didn’t get my Pokemon training license…YET!!!) so does the charizard do that in da games or did you just do that for a certain reason?

  3. omg you are a legend!! if you made a real school for 3D pen printing I would go there !! no questions asked.

  4. This is o stunning! I grew up watching pokemon and oh my goodness the memories! You are truly talented, how long does it take to make these things?

  5. I once had a charizard but then I traded it for a one that had 10- attack so that meant it killed any Pokemon in one hit then I was looking for another charizard I saw one that was claiming it was from series one but I had a charizard just like it from 2014

  6. Absolutely amazing, you’ve made me see those 3D Printer Pens in a whole new light, I’ve always seen them as useless gimmicks but what you’ve managed to do with them is incredible, keep it up!

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