A VAR’s preparation for the FIFA World Cup™

There is a lot of work that goes into training and developing a VAR for FIFA World Cup™. This video illustrates the time, training and preparation that goes into …. волк в профиль как нарисовать

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  1. Espero que ya no haya mas injusticias como en los mundiales pasados, esperemos que con el VAR las cosas cambien y sea un juego mas justo y limpió y que no hayan mas jugadas polémicas o fallos arbitrales. Me parece una buena inclusión el VAR.

    • senap ketchup because they still have to call what they want even if players see a had ball some times they won’t call it and on top of that it will distributed the game slowing it down to much

    • CineFutbol By Scarlos I like the VAR because players would not escape from red cards or ect, before VAR players would escape when they deserve it.

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  3. Ok so for the people who don’t know, this referee is from MLS. No one really likes him since he makes so many mistakes in a game.

    • He makes mistakes, yes, but he’s still the best the US has. I’m an Atlanta fan with you, but most if not pretty much all the time the decisions he makes are the correct ones.

      Also, don’t fans in every league complain about the refereeing in some capacity?

    • He really doesn’t. You only notice it more because every time he *does* make a mistake, you notice that it’s Geiger and register «oh there’s another Geiger mistake.» But when Jorge Gonzalez or Fotis Bazakos makes a mistake, no one’s saying their names, you don’t remember them. Not because they’re better, but because they’re less famous.

  4. FIFA the most corrupt organization in the sports, in 21st century and still they can’t review penalty decisions.

  5. Good. Now Spain and Real Madrid can’t cheat. The game is getting smarter an better. People that dislike VAR like cheating.

  6. Go Geiger! Can’t wait to see how this pans out in the World Cup. The world’s best referees on either side of this will be great.

  7. see and believe me in next coming years football will hate by everyone do you know VAR WILL DESTROY FOOTBALL WHOEVER HATES VAR LIKE MY COMMENT

  8. Mark Gaiger eres un fraude espero que no seas el árbitro en uno de los juegos de Panamá en el mundial, ya que nos robaste de ir a la final de la copa oro…

  9. Hey FIFA. Where there bribes involved in QATAR winning the world cup hosting privilege? It seems unbelievable to most of the world that a non footballing country like QATAR won it. Why exactly did they get the world cup?

    • what point can’t I debunk? You have no points. And who is doing the trolling here? Yes I know that in the end Qatar will be hosting the world cup, and its a complete joke. The vast majority of the footballing world agrees with me. Nobody wants Qatar to be hosting. If you think this wasn’t 100% bribes that gave them the World cup you are deluded. Your only «point» was that apparently someone in Qatar likes football. Wow what a great point. Still doesn’t mean they should’ve ever in a million years given the world cup to them. But I guess dishonest people like yourself and bribes unfortunately have power in this world. Qatar will always be remembered for it’s dirty bribe filled World cup campaign.

    • Minkki82 once again, deluded and stupid. Are you intentionally ignoring every single one of my points? Read all of my comments again. You keep ignoring everything I say. Also you have the most idiotic and childish logic I’ve ever seen. The most popular sport in qatar is football. You translated that into «a person in Qatar likes football». This is why I say you’re trolling. I refuse to believe you are this stupid. Like I said, read all of my comments again. I’ve made all of my points already and have debunked all of yours.

      Also according to your retarded logic, only Europe and South America can host a World Cup. Moron.

    • you are quite arrogant to think you can demand me to read all of your vapid comments. Your only point was people in qatar like football. That’s a non point. Bravo you are officially the worst debater on youtube. Yes qatar got their world cup with bribes. I know it bothers you because the truth hurts. Suck it up, nobody wants qatar to host it and it’ll be an embarrassment for all eternity that through corruption and bribes a silly little non football nation got the world cup

    • Minkki82 Your only point was Qatar is a «non-football country» without defining what that actually is lol. And of course you ignore all of my points because you have no clue what to say. You’ve been stumped. That’s why you keep repeating yourself and why you refuse to address me properly. I’m rereading your comments right now and they are essentially copy and paste lol. Watch I guarantee you’ll come back and say the same 2 things. 1. Qatar is a non-football country 2. Qatar bribed FIFA. You’re too predictable! You don’t know what else to say.

  10. When referees use VAR they should stop the clock instead of keeping the time going. FIFA should be like the NFL when it comes to those game-changing decisions and replays.

  11. the biggest mistake with VAR is the use of referees….who have been making mistakes all the time. there should be someone who knows football and is not a referee seating behind the monitors in the VAR rooms.

  12. BASURA!!!!!

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