Addressing the Danny Phantom CONTROVERSY

Start your free trial today at Ссылка to get 10% off your first purchase. Is it «YO» or is it «YOUNG» Danny Phantom? Butch Hartman …. как нарисовать дракона и чудовище

706 Replies to “Addressing the Danny Phantom CONTROVERSY”

  1. I was hoping for the controversy of the ghosts in the show being truly dead or not would’ve been addressed.

  2. I was just thinking, danny and the ghost zone remind me alot from The Flash TV show, of barry and the speedforce, idk lol just randomly thought of that

  3. 5:08 fun fact for you, Butch, if you didn’t know it already.
    When they tanslated the DP theme song to Dutch, the opening line was translated to:
    Yo Danny Fenton hij was pas 14 jaar.

    It annoys me SO MUCH.

  4. The guy that is singing says yo though, I don’t hear young at all. Unless he pronounces young like yo-ng.

  5. even if you put the video speed to 0.5 it says sounds like yo XD weird,it’s like just that one word cuts off the ung part XD so it’s like YOung,I belive you though,it just sounds like it cuts off that since you don’t hear it correctly,it happens all the time in other things to where you hear things wrong

  6. Well it’s the rapper’s fault we all heard it that way xD that was a collective misunderstanding. He should have stressed more on the first line.

  7. They’re clearly saying «yo» in the Norwegian dubbed version of the intro, so it seems like even Nickelodeon in my country misheard it too.

  8. He may have intentionally wrote the song to begin with «young Danny Fenton» but the end version is without a doubt «yo, Danny Fenton»

  9. Also I get that it’s ‘young’ but I’m an awkward girl who tends to rap exactly two songs- the Danny Phantom theme and ‘My Shot’ from Hamilton….and I think I always say ‘Yo’ coz it just seems more rap-py to me….I will try to say ‘young’ from now on. 🙂 xxx

  10. Every time I see you upload a Danny Phantom video I almost get a heart attack cause I think you are about to announce its return. Pls Butch

  11. It may have been written as «young», but listening to the final version of the theme song, he clearly says «yo».

    Edit: Nevermind. Gone back and listened repeatedly. He says young, but it’s right when the bass comes back in, and that seems to be obscuring the rest of the word. Can barely hear it

  12. I have always known that it was young I have watched the show about 100 times because I love Danny phantom

  13. So I just spent the last 10 minutes listening to the first 15 seconds on repeat and I’m sorry Butch all I hear is YO… I don’t hear Young I clearly hear the O though… but the ung is just non existant for me xD please just change the lyrics I mean Danny is 14 so we don’t really need to say he’s young do we? Plus Yo has more of that late 90s early 2000s charm

  14. Something that I noticed about the theme for Danny Phantom is that sometimes it sounds like it starts off saying «yo» while most the time, at least to me, it does sound like it’s saying «young» and for the longest time I thought there might actually be two slightly different theme song openings, all because for some reason it sounded like the opening line had this slight difference at seemingly random intervals. And for some reason, the «yo» popped up with only with some of the more lighthearted episodes.

  15. If you slow down the song you will hear yo but since butch wrote it it should be young but I promise that if you slow down the song it’s yo

  16. Am i the only person who thought he was gonna talk about randy stair and that shitshow of a event

  17. Well, in the german Version it says:Yo, Danny, war 14 als der Stress beganSeine Eltern warn von einer Maschine angetanHere´s a translation:Yo, Danny, was 14 when the «Stress»(probably means trouble) beganHis parents were «attracted?» by a machine
    In german, the word young doesn’t exist in that form, but instead as jung, so it has to be Yo over there (probably counts for most other languages where young isn´t the same word as here in the states as well, which means nearly all of them).

  18. This is the first video I saw from you in awhile. Hehe. Sorry, Butch. I just been doing other things. Thank you for the great art you put out. 🙂

  19. Tv in the next room: (( opening chords for DP theme begins playing ))
    Child Me: (( Breaks through the wall screaming)) “HE’S A PHANTOM”

  20. It just sounds like the rapper just pronounced it as ‘Yo- ung’
    When I sped it slower I heard the yo followed by the ending of young. Yohng, lol.

  21. Re-watching the first few episodes of Danny Phantom has been awesome, the show is still great after all these years. I still get pumped every time that theme song comes on, and it’s very interesting to find out that I’ve been hearing the opening line wrong all these years.

  22. Loved danny phantom and fairly odd parents as a kid now that I’m older I started to create my own story creations but they Will never be able to live up to your creations.

  23. Yeah, this was surprising when I heard it, but nothing will ever come close to how fucked up I got when I found out that the line in the Pokémon theme song is “Teach Pokemon to understand the power that’s inside.” Not “Each Pokemon, to understand, the power that’s inside”.

    That one still haunts me to this day…

  24. I can not hear «young», I just listened to the theme song like 5 times never heard «young» once even though I kept telling my self that’s what it was.

  25. I’ve always fought with some friends about the «young» part in the theme song of Danny Phantom! I was never able to hear «yo!» just «young». Thank you a lot for clearing this up, Butch!!

  26. If you pause the video at 4:18 and zoom into the top left square by 500% and enhance the picture quality, you’ll see the word (YO) proving the fact that it was Yo and not Young. Your not fooling us Butch -_-

  27. Don’t think that’s Mandella Effect as much as mishearing it. I know what the word is and still hear it as Yo if I’m not paying attention

  28. Here’s the thing about this opening line. Yeah Butch wrote it and knows what it’s supposed to say… but it says «Yo». If it said «Young» you would him rap and it would sound like «yuh» for «Young» but it doesn’t sound like that. It sounds like «Yo» because HE’S RAPPING YO!

    Danny Phantom was my childhood though. I lived and breathed that show. I’ll be taking my box set of episodes to my college dorm this fall and forcing my roommate to watch them every week. Thanks Butch 🙂

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