All Characters Bendy and the Ink Machine 1-4 | BATIM Chapter 4

BATIM Chapter 1-4 All Characters (Bendy,Boris,Seachers,Swollens,Sammy,Fisher,Striker,Piper,The Projectionist,Alice,Bertrum,Brute Boris,Allison Angel,Tom)!. ангел волк как нарисовать

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    • they say look on wikipedia because its faster than looking through the game files, and, despite wikipedia often being wrong about things it is considered fact by many

    • +Camospyro
      «Often»? I wouldn’t know about that…
      Anyway, I think they said the wiki, not Wikipedia. There are Wikis centered around different fandoms, such as BatIM.

    • FreddyFazBearFan124 not necessarily on the Boris part, there really isn’t enough evidence to say it is or isnt the same Boris, they could have left the real name out to avoid spoilers in the other chapters and put it in this time, Alice could have taken his arm to «make herself perfect» and made from the machines that make things from ink and given to him by Alison/Allison (not sure on the name spelling and im not going back to check) and Kirsten’s universe the name is supposedly assigned to him in the game’s code, and please do show me any evidence that Wally is Boris beyond personal thoughts and the unconfirmed thoughts and theories of others, whats that there isn’t any, well no proof either way i guess then, huh 😉
      Edits: Fixed a typo and added the message to Kirsten

  1. Before you say anything about animatronic bendy, let me say this, he is in the game. He is on a table in one of the rooms you unlock in the amusement park.

    • Bored FX well we didnt question butcher gang clones with all the same scars. Not to mention so many boris’ there almost a currency

    • Well.. It doesn’t seem that way, Allison Angel is Allison Pendle, Hinting that in the name. Alice Angel is Susie Campbell, Filled with hate after being replaced.

  2. How do you know all the names?!?! I mean Allison angle might be the real Alice and Tom must be the real boris. Like if you agree

  3. _Who named him Tom and why_
    *_I must know_*

    Edit: yo so like, i know his name is Tom cus of Thomas Conner now. can u stop giving me notifications for it pls lol
    and thx for the likes (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*

  4. Why is there names Allison and Tom? I thought they where known as the real Alice and the real Boris. Allison and Tom are not even canon names. But other than that great video! 😀

    • To all those thinking that Tom is our Boris or that Tom is not our Boris (This applies either way) Tom may be our Boris maybe Alice took his arm to try and «make herself perfect» so he used one of the machines that are all throughout this chapter to make a mechanical one, and they could have just decided to put his real name in this chapter’s code there is no evidence one way or the other, and the only other proof is the half melted looking psycho woman trying to murder telling you it is him. These arguements were made specifically as a counter to other people’s points to attempt a conversation in the comments, so they kind of just negate all evidence either way

    • Makenzie Weeks bruh he was about to open the door where henry’s in and inked bendy alredy knows that he is in there

    • Well, I think its just Animal Instincts, Although, If Joey does inhabit Bendy, that COULD mean that he had some intention.
      I believe mostly though that it was Animal Instincts, For being the most Dangerous Predator, He’d try kill anything in his path for territory..

  5. I think this «TOM» would really be Wally Franks. And I liked that you put Allison Angel not Allison Pendle.
    Great video!

  6. Allison angel and T boris or Tom boris is my favorite BATIM characters…
    And i think there’s a good bendy or second bendy in chapter 5…i’m just guessing… but don’t blame me…

    • Rocks star dash theres only one bendy he just looks different at chapter five because they updated the texture

    • Rocks star dash I think that the Bendy who ripped off the Protectionist’s head is the good Bendy cause he looks right at you but doesn’t try to attack you And I belive that all the ink is a cover up on him so the other ink creations won’t bother him so he can think of how to get rid of the bad versions of them maybe i’m just thinking to deeply lol

  7. I searched up Allison Angel because I wanted to read theories and stuff.

    Turns out it’s the name of a porn star.

  8. The Real Boris is the one who came along to save you along with the good alice. The Boris who was buff and dead looking was just a clone. Thats my theory, like if you agree.

    • Tom may be our Boris maybe Alice took his arm to try and «make herself perfect» so he used one of the machines that are all throughout this chapter to make a mechanical one, and they could have just decided to put his real name in this chapter’s code there is no evidence one way or the other

    • Camospyro no Boris IS the brute Boris because if you give Boris a bone in ch3, the bone would also appear with brute Boris in ch4

  9. Tom could be the chapter 3 Boris, if you look at my replies to other comments there is really no evidence either way

  10. bueno yo hablo español ;-; pero no sabes cómo me gustó el video además me encantan todos lo personajes like!

  11. Tom is the new boris. His eyes are different, his hairline is different and he has a mechanical hand. Chapter 3 boris (wally) is brute and is dead. Tom is thomas connor.

  12. Jeeze, my brain hurts. I don’t know who is Boris!
    Is it Wally, Thomas, or *Tom*
    *Fu-#%•~ Tom!!!*

  13. why are people in the comments saying »why is he named tom and not boris»
    1. boris doesn’t have a mechanical arm
    2. just looks different
    3. themeatly wanted them all to have names

  14. So that guy with Allison angel on the chapter 4 ending is Tom? So that must be a another character right?

    So what about borris? is he not saved or dead ;(

  15. Boris wouldnt be that so armored i mean its different boris just because it looks like boris its boris already boris is scared and tom is like brave with that pipe

  16. My theory is that each character has a clone (or several) and therefore, Allison Angel would be also a clone of Alice and I have a lot of evidence:
    1. She has the same face.
    2. She has the same cup and horns (her halo is hidden behind her head).
    3. She has the same butterfly knot as Alice but leans to the right.
    4. She has the same body but with other clothes on top.
    I think that when Alice recovered the bowels of Boris, she did recover her beauty from before but in the form of a clone of herself.

  17. I’d think that normal bendy would be smaller and more chubby because the cut outs and collectors figurines.

  18. Holl up holl up why does this video start with a sister location song? Isn’t this about bendy and the ink machine?

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