ALL DAY CLEAN WITH ME | Cleaning Routine 2018 | Cleaning Motivation

ALL DAY CLEAN WITH ME | Cleaning Routine 2018 | Cleaning Motivation! Today’s video is an all day clean with me session cleaning routine I know these types …. волк как его нарисовать

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  1. I’m a subscriber but for some reason I’m not getting the notifications. Glad you mention them on IG so I know to come look for them!

  2. Can i ask a random question (and please, anyone chime in)? Where do you find the music you use for your videos? Do you pull it from the YouTube library or another source?

  3. I’d love to see a video on what nooks and such your using for homeschooling this year, homeschooling must haves, things you regret buying, tips on homeschool more then one child.

    • Totally can make that happen! Like I showed in the video, I got a ton just recently for all the kids and I would love to share!

  4. I LOVE the beds you have in the girls’ room. Where are they from? We are transition our little one into a big girl bed soon before her brother arrives in Nov 🙂

  5. I loved this video!! POPSICLE!! Can you make a curriculum haul to show the homeschool beginners what it looks like and how you make sense of it?

  6. Lint holder hack . I used a juice pitcher cut a part out of the lid. Used the handle and stuck it in my wire shelf like a hook for hanging. Bought letters to put Lint on the front. So easy and my husband loves the lint is not hanging around.

  7. A day in the life of Kova would be an interesting video she could direct? Like homeschooling from the kids perspective

  8. Myka is the cleaning queen! ❤️ I need to get you to clean my apartment girl hahah! Girl boss for sure!

  9. I’am a new subscriber. I’am a grandmother raising my 4 year old granddaughter. Love your channel, gets me motivated to clean!

  10. Can you do a homeschool planning video? Like getting everything ready and set for the week! Loved the cleaning video and popsicle 🙂

  11. Please make a video about how you stay on top of laundry for 4 KIDS! I think that is so crazy. I want a huge family when I start that journey of my lice, so I’ll take all the tips I now (:

  12. When i clean under beds I use a broom on one side and shove everything out the other side with the broom. It helps so much so I don’t have to stretch and reach under the bed lol.

    • That dyson she has is amazing to do that with too. That’s what I do under the beds with it since it’s so light and sleek.

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