#ClayTimeChallenge How to make a unicorn in 10 seconds!

Do you like unicorns like Sue does? She’s also very good at making clay figurines! That’s why she decided to take on this unusual challenge! She’ll try to make a …. дракон в яйце как нарисовать

478 Replies to “#ClayTimeChallenge How to make a unicorn in 10 seconds!”

  1. Hey guys! Want to see more challenges on our channel? Comment below!

  2. 4 comment Sam! Yaya!!! Nice vid even though I haven’t finished watching it I just know it will be good ❤️

  3. I love your videos I’m subscribed and have notifications on and like all the videos I love Sam he’s the best and so are you

  4. Todo en inglés en serio por favor algo en español vamos Ay Vamos vamos vamos vamos vamos vamos por favor quiero que hagas todas esas cosas que hiciste en inglés las traduzcas a español porfis

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