Disney Animals in HUMAN version! See your favorite Disney characters as humans!

Hi Bunnies!^^ ❤ Have you often wondered how the cute Disney animals would look like in human version? Then check out these humanized Disney …. как нарисовать в профиль животных

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    • Hi Chad 😀 Thank you so much^^ I have a few Descendants-videos in the works, but they will be about the actors instead of the Descendants movies (until Disney releases more trailers/news)

    • @Alice Bunny How was that a hateful Comment all she said was that since the animal is from Africa it should be a little bit darker. That was so mean of you to just delete her from your channel. it’s not like she’s saying that she hates white people or something. You don’t think what you did was just a little extreme? Her’s definitely not the worst comment.

    • Hawwa: I understand your confusion as you dont have access to the full conversation. I have deleted several of her comments, which were very very extreme with swearing, name-calling, degrading terms about races etc. I don’t allow such words on this channel, so the solution was pretty straight forward. I am always open to opposing opinions — that makes for awesome conversations sometimes 🙂 I just require that everyone involved use a proper language when addressing other people.

    • Alice Bunny Oh wow I’m sorry, I really thought that you deleted her from your channel just because of what she thought on the drawing. That would’ve been so petty. But thanks for replying and telling me that.

    • FRAINSISfinder200 Ajacks جحبهثعغهيسمتبناتخشنذرطوىظى


    • I feel the same way 🙂 A lot of people use my My Little Pony/Pocahontas mashup without crediting me :S It’s so frustrating, because it’s basically lack of respect >.< Artists sometimes disappear from the internet, if they change nickname, platform or something like that (which I did myself a few years back), but most artists can be found on at least one social media site 🙂

    • Alice Bunny Oh, there is an artist named Chaico I think, on deviantart, this person did an awesome job making Disney animal characters look like human too.

  1. This should be called «see your favorite Disney characters become handsome/pretty people (for most of them)» like if you agree

  2. Hi DiamondRainbow — I sent you a message here on Youtube^^ You find it under «messages» under the community-tab on your channel 🙂

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  3. Black, white — it all comes down to amounts of melanin in the skin.
    Don’t read something into these humanized artworks, which simply isnt there. They are made for fun — not to start arguments about skin colours.

  4. Is it wrong that I always shipped Mike and Sulley, and now that I’ve seen them not only as humans, but ANIMES (I ❤ anime) I ship them even MORE?

    • Heh, the artist Sakimichan is incapable of drawing not-hot-characters. All her art somehow ends up looking hot xD

  5. You mean mostly human and the one hyena in the lion king was a girl… She was voiced my whoopie. The gorilla in tarzan was a male.

    • Sigh… 1. Terk from Tarzan is a girl. The Disney animators have confirmed it.
      2. The hyena in this video is a girl. You dont need big boobs and eyelashes to be a girl
      I really dont appreciate comments like yours, which are based on assumptions and complaining for no reason.

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