DIY Temmie Plushie with Movable Arms! Undertale Sock Plushie (FREE Pattern) Tutorial

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1 694 Replies to “DIY Temmie Plushie with Movable Arms! Undertale Sock Plushie (FREE Pattern) Tutorial”

  1. Heya! I hope no one minds me asking this. But. Could you do another Five Nights at Freddy’s build? Your Freddy plush was amazing and I would love to see you do another Five Nights tutorial

  2. I am always extremely touched while watching your video! You dedicated so much to the video and made it fantastic!


  4. I don’t need it
    I don’t need it
    I definitely don’t need it
    Yeah, I don’t need it

    I NEED IT!!!!!!!!

  5. youve done one mistake cuz’ Temie :3 goes to colleg(but still it didnt affected the productand product is awesome)

  6. Am I the only one who feels, when listening to the song which accompanies this video, as if I’ve been kidnapped by happiness itself and it won’t let me go?

  7. It’s so cute I love it so much <3
    Can you do a Scalemate from Homestuck please? It would be so cool! :>

  8. The music was made by Ben Briggs and someone made a video called high on temmie flakes with this song

  9. Can you please please PLEASE make an Annoying Dog plush? I really want to make one and hang it from a rope so it looks like the sprite from Papyrus’s final puzzle on the bridge.
    I think it would look adorable!

  10. I have a joke for you PUN ny people, … why didn’t the skeleton go to the dance party… because it had no BODY to dance with

  11. Another … OK , what would be the normal thing to say when I’m mad at someone (I’m normally don’t get angry at people in reality), I have BONE to pick with you

  12. Temmie !!!!! temmie you are cute but I’m a boy but I don’t know your gender so I don’t want to marry you.K?

  13. I made this with my older sister. it was a great, fun project to do. she’s moving to a different city so we got to spend time making this before she left. Thank you so much for this tutorial. it was really fun to make!

  14. I wanna make this…
    I’ll use my money on buying the materials…

    but I spent my money on buying a Temmie Plushie

  15. I love this little DIY project! I made it for my friend who LOVES Temmie, and she absolutely loved it!!

  16. Hoi!!!!WellcomE tO Tem sHop!(hoi!I`m Korean I love Chara and Temmei in the UNDER TALE,I can`t English well sorry)

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