Don’t piss off your King — Wolf Speedpaint [Paint Tool Sai]

FULL PICTURE HERE : Ссылка Art trade with WolvenRach on deviantart!!! I hope you like it …. paint tool sai как нарисовать волка

43 Replies to “Don’t piss off your King — Wolf Speedpaint [Paint Tool Sai]”

  1. Your talent is out the roof. Never mind, I take that back, you’re art is out if this world. I love how you draw the fur, keep it up.

  2. Oh man, your style is great! I really like how well you do backgrounds. Maybe, I can get the amount of skill soon. :O

  3. Man, this is sick. I really love it! Awesome!
    The pose is amazing, not to mention the lineart stands out itself.

  4. this video practically gave me a seizure from that excessive flipping between canvases but you’re very talented!

  5. I always try to draw like an action wolf drawing but i can never finish it.Its just so sloppy and so ugly can you teach me how to draw like that? XD
    Ik how to draw realistic animals though

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