Slime Sam doesn’t like rainy days and after a week of heavy rain he decided to take matters into his own hands. Sam is determined to recreate an ancient magic …. дракон в яйце как нарисовать

137 Replies to “EVER SEEN A DRAGON EGG?”

  1. hi i was the 45th viewer 9th liker the 5th person to coment please give me a shout out love your CHANNEL #samandsue

  2. I know this isn’t a gaming channel but maybe 1 day out of the week u could set aside a day to ply a fun game and react to it with us.If u do this idea to start of try Baldi’s Basics of education plz. 🙂 ^^

    • Alysha Smith Because I bet Sammy’s relation would be soooo funny all the other youtuber’s reaction are also I think it could get lots of views .
      Also maybe they should try the viral yanny or lorel challenge

  3. I’m the real animal queen! And dragons and other mythical creatures are real too! If you don’t believe me I don’t care and I’m not lying either!

  4. sam sue maybe you should get lego unikitty she just like sam and maybe they would share candy or watch the show ‘unikitty’ together.

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