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  1. Only downsides are you can’t summon other things that same turn AND it can be Ash Blossom’d…

    Oh and that it’s Blue-Eyes, that’s a downside too

    • Brony HasNotLeftKanata now I personally hate Ash Blossom with every fibre of my being but it won’t be banned any time soon, not while we have Psy-Frame Gear Gamma, not while we have 3 Solemn Strike and ESPECIALLY not while we have Solemn Judgment in the game.

    • Ethan Murray Saying Ash won’t get banned because of the solemn brigade is a moot point because they are all traps. ( I am not advocating for a ban)

    • Brony HasNotLeftKanata Cool. Have fun auto-losing to all the decks it slows down, then. Hand traps are a response to the current game, not a symptom.

    • Brony HasNotLeftKanata card doesn’t need to be banned. This card just sucks. Ash isn’t even the worst thing that could happen in response to this.


  3. I’m just here for the did you just summon a bunch of monsters in one turn memes.

  4. They should have made the effect so that for the rest of the turn you cannot summon other cards except Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon. Moreover, if you summon Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon you can do so without using polymerization. Finally, if you successfully summon Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon you can add one Neutron Blast from your deck to your hand.

    • +MooseKnuckle I think Konami will make a card that says «Any Youtubers that are sent this card are banned from all official Yu-Gi-Oh events» Before they do that.

  5. They are seriously competing the amount of blue-eyes support with blackwings and performapals aren’t they?

  6. my only hope is that it will be given a name like Screw the Rules! in the ocg. i know it will never happen, but i’d love it if it did.

  7. In late game you probably used at least 1 of your blue eyes in that game so you won’t have 3 blue eyes in your deck

  8. Just use it with Localized Tornado in late game after using up all your resources (and somehow you haven’t won or lost yet…)

  9. Its a shame it only summons from the deck.. really limits it. Cause it’s quick play you can kind of clear the feild during the battlephase before using it with monsters you already have so you can win from it. Just the whole deck summoning condition that’s bad

    • Bingo searches a lot of the deck, so it’s not as gimmicky as this. I think that’s the best card out of the five new ones we got, with the new Ritual being the only other one I’d realistically play.

    • Queen Glory I don’t like bingo, it’s too random the search and doesn’t seem to fit the whole blue eyes archetype. Far too gimmicky in my opinion. Yeah the rituals ok but you’d still rather play MAX

    • Well, there are cards you want to see early as possible — Alternative, Chaos Max, Chaos Dragon, Blue-Eyes, Chaos Form, etc. Bingo searches all of those. Plus you can reveal multiples of the same card. A lot of the time my friend reveals three of Alternative just to force me to add that to her hand, for example.

    • Queen Glory yeah a just feel there’s much better searches out there like ancient gear wyvern pretty much searches anything on summon but blue eyes get a bingo machine

    • Queen Glory The only good search cards in Blue-Eyes are Sage and Melody. Everything else is gimmicky as hell, inconsistent, and give low advantage.

    • Emerald_ GLow-1124 I tought about New support like spell that allows you to shufle 3 blue eyes monsters and draw 2 cards

    • Or, «fusion eyes of blue», trap or spell card fast, that return «blue-eyes white dragon» monsters in field, graveyard into to deck and fusion summon blue-eyes fusion monster.

  10. It’s a quickie so you can use it during your opponents end phase and you can still draw and special summon next turn.

    • Hasatanel Belial Dude. It isn’t thay hard to comprehend. The cards are useless in every other scenario and do nothing even when on board. And if you draw ANY of them, you make the card more useless. The card is horrible. The fact you can’t see that is hilarious to me.

    • +Orga777
      You brick if you draw Blue-Eyes, buuut not if they are still in the deck. Also, if you draw this, you can use it, so it does not count as bricking, especially sense you either have cards you do not want to banish or you can just play it. But hey, make fun of me for knowing what brick, drawing a card you cannot play, means.

  11. Now we going get a blue eyes trap card that says for each dragon banish face down from rampaging dragon effect Bring all your dragons face down back to your hand lol

  12. if Konami wants to make the blue eyes deck better give us cards that improve the decks consistency not just more power like the way Konami thinks

  13. Actually this could be a 1 of. There could always be that situation where the opponent bricks and you can wrap up the game quickly with this. Especially with time beeing so important now

  14. If avarice gets unbanned, this can do really good late game. What you do is have say activate avarice to recycle three bewd while having Blue-Eyes spirit or twin burst in play, then on opponent’s turn activate the Blue-Eyes trap. When that’s done, you activate this and suddenly you have all three of those Blue-Eyes you recycked back to your field unless avarice has you draw one of them. Very easy to do and can combo really well. During your turn you simply go into Azure-Eyes with spirit or whatever because you have 4 powerful dragons in play

    • Colbrax 1996 Until you get Ashed and end up with nothing but a bunch of banished cards. This card is abysmally bad in every single way and actively goes against the Blue-Eyes strategy.

    • nharviala Or Mechaba. Or Bottomless. Or Solemn Warning/Judgement. Or drawing any Blue-Eyes early. Or a bunch of other meta relevent cards.

  15. Yami: Did you just summon a bunch of monsters in one turn?
    Kaiba: Yeah.
    Yami: But that’s against the rules!
    Kaiba: Actually there are several instances in which multiple summons are legal.
    (I may be paraphrasing)

  16. Konami F**ked it up! They could’ve made something that made normal summoning or special summoning Blue-Eyes from the hand or Graveyard like Dark Magician has but nope! They totally screwed it up! I mean what we needed was something to both help summon Blue-Eyes easier like Eternal Soul or make Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon easier to summon, THAT WOULD’VE GONE WITH THE REST OF THE CARDS THEY REVEALED! But noooooo, Konami wanted to mess around with an effect that literally has almost no advantages, no backup plan and all that risk in using it. I’ve used Blue-Eyes back when it wasn’t even cool to and this just made me so angry because it’s basically the complete opposite of everything else the deck sets up for and honestly «disrespects» all the basic strategies of the deck. IF this was the year 2002 this would’ve been a god sent but today this card is basically trash. I don’t say that from a meta game perspective I say that as someone who doesn’t like to get rid of all their cards and advantages I mean if you wanted to make a last resort card like this, AT LEAST make it possible to do so without depending on your deck having bricked you by not getting a Blue-Eyes White Dragon up to the point of using this card in at least turn 2, especially when all the other support SEARCHES IT!! Konami, please stop making cards have these messed up effects that make them practically useless and please for the love of god, MAKE BLUE-EYES GREAT AGAIN!!!

  17. Honestly how are blue eyes inconsistent, like I hear, when they have like 5 draw cards and like 3 search cards?

    • It’s a very powerful deck with both otk potential and the ability to last the long game. The downside is that we cannot decide on the perfect build. If you want I can give you my build. It has a 80-85% win rate with a nice chance to otk.

    • The fuckloads of handtraps ‘those guys’ play and brick into them then start complaining about their luck.

    • Light of Destruction Not really. It is more opening a bunch of Garnets you can’t do anything with while your Melody gets Ashed into oblivion.

  18. Rex Raptor needs support. Good level 5 and 7 dinos. A new pill with extra deck monster be great. There are only 3 dino fusion monsters in the game.

  19. So if you use Solemn Warning, it’s over for the Blue-Eyes Player. Hell, if they Special summon them you can just use Bottomless Traphole

    • OmaxtcmWolf The banishing effect is not a cost so if you use warning the opponents keeps the cards tha would have been banished.

  20. Now we just need a blue-eyes fusion, a blue-eyes link monster and a normal summon monster that adds consistency and blue eyes is ready for meta (again).

  21. All we really need is more extra deck support (lvl 9 synch, a link, maybe a rank 8?). I’d also gladly take another rlly good «eyes if blue» tuner.

  22. With no monsters left on the field I activate «Rampage with Eyes of Blue» and declare 3 direct attacks. GG!

  23. Can u not normal summon and special summon for the turn you activate it, or can you not do it for the rest of the duel?

  24. if your opponent activates Mystical Space Typhoon in response to Rampage with Eyes of Blue to destroy Rampage with Eyes of Blue, Rampage with Eyes of Blue will not be able to resolve properly because the first part of the effect states to also banish the activated card.

    By game mechanics, cards in the GY are considered to be different cards from when they were on the field.

    • MST does not negate, the only thing MST can stop is either continuous SPELL/TRAP card then your over since it requires it to be on the field but for others won’t be stopped just because it goes to graveyard, so it won’t

  25. The positive is three Blue eyes but negative is it banishes your field and wipes out your back row and graveyard. And does not allow your back up plan in your hand .

  26. Why the hell does this stupid card only say from the deck!!!!? It should of been able to summon blue eyes from anywhere and it should of allowed you to summon fusions that specifically list blue eyes as a material for the rest of the turn. I guess it’s nice this card is searchable but still..

    • Mr Tobi1018 yea but it’s not that crazy to summon from graveyard/hand then banish the rest of the cards. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a blue eyes deck that could make a play while leaving blue eyes in deck to make this playable.

  27. well another downside is that you need to have all 3 blue eyes in the deck for the card to really be effective, and the chances of drawing into this card first before blue eyes is too low to justify using it at its max potential.

    • yurtle the turtle how about an eyes of blue link monster that can summon your level one light tuners and can target them as well. That would be the best choice.

    • haloidiot005 Blue eyes doesnt need a link monster, just cards that boost consistency/make better plays, besides, what you just described is basically Needlefiber which blue eyes can easily make already

    • Andrew Rocha yeah for the fact that needle fiber will,most likely be one of the link monsters that finds itself on the banlist and it’s also a machine which forces you to use other tuners like jet synchron to make summon sorceress

    • haloidiot005 that’s Konamis fault for making it too damn good but blue eyes may as well make the most use out of it while it’s still legal

  28. This card has really good artwork but let’s be honest, it sucks balls. It doesn’t even summon them from the banned zone.

  29. Someone is gonna find a way to use this with mandatory «when this card leaves the field» effects on board and try to make the OTK as consistent as possible I just know it

  30. If you have a dark hole/raigeki, twin twisters/mst, and this in your hand, it’s an otk. But then again, there’s always battle fader.

  31. I love all the new blue eyes support but the cards themselves have been very meh

    It needs cards that’ll fix the consistency issues it has

  32. It took Konami over 15 years to realize that 99% of the cards they released back then sucked ass and thus they can make them play without any problems.

  33. Equip blue eyes with dark world chains activate DNA transplant the one that changes type activate machine dupe there you go

    • Shawn Smith It isn’t even high reward. Chances of not drawing a single Blue-Eyes before getting this card is low and at best gives you three normal monsters with no follow up play while your opponent still has everything. It is terrible even in its best situation.

    • Orga777 Your right it strips everything from you but like everyone says use it on your opponents end phase but I see where your coming from this is like a last turn type card once or done but now priest might see some play to put back blue eyes

    • Shawn Smith It doesn’t just strip everything from you, it does nothing to your opponent. What is this card doing against any meta or even rogue deck? Nothing. Three vanilla beatsticks are laughably easy to handle in the game today.

  34. Guys I broke lightsworns and chaos dragons today
    I won 14/15 matches and most of them were before turn 6
    Either I broke them and was able to synchro and link summon 6 cards per turn or I played against 14 bad decks

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