Fursuiting with a Non-Furry!

We took a non furry friend out fursuiting! 🙂 It was a lot of fun ^^ You can check out the non-furry’s instagram here: Ссылка And …. белый дракон как нарисовать

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  1. Very nicely done guys. I always love the “take non-furry fursuiting” videos, so this was a nice surprise coming from you two. It’s great to see the normal public reacting so positively to the suiters in these videos, and hopefully it’ll catch on eventually.

  2. what country is are you from, if that was in britain one of the parents would probably be shouting at you for an unknown reason. you must live in quite a friendly town

  3. I love this! The fursuits are so cute. I wish to get a fursuit myself one day. I wonder if that guy who was a dragon will consider staying furry for longer than just one day :p

  4. First of all that dragon suit is ADORABLEEEEE

    and I don’t know why but this video made me smile the whole timeee tho

  5. It seems like it’s a lot of fun to fursuit with friends! Too bad none of my close friends are furries ;w; oh well, maybe i will get some furry friends at Desucon this year maybe :3

    • Snow The Derpy Wolf :3 Friends? FURSUITS?! WhAt KiNd Of FuNcTiOnInG mEmBeR oF sOcIeTy Do YoU tHiNk I aM

  6. *cant hear talking*
    *turns on captions, nothing happens*
    Oh hey look not even youtube can understand furries

    • What in the world makes you think that YouTube of all things would understand us? This IS the website that’s wasting money on demonitizing people like me whilst funding unboxing channels. Youtube hates us.

  7. This was a super nice video :3 I was having fun the whole time ^w^ and the bystanders all seemed so nice and respectful. The old ladies were nice, and the children were all well mannered 😀

  8. Åååååå det war helt synnsykt warmt i dag. Jeg hadde på meg en hel drakt, jeg trodde jeg skulle dø

    • A person can have their own opinion and honestly furries in my opinion are to mainstream. I would not have a problem if they were not everywhere but now they are… Try to give me one good reason why people dressed up in animal costumes are good… Because I always hear crap like «It helps escape from reality» Well with that escaping from reality will not help you in life… Or anonymity it does not matter what you look like so you don’t need a animal suit to look different… And hate is a thing that will not go away and wearing a animal suit won’t help anything infact it will probably only ruin your reputation. And a fandom like furries have a horrible reputation.

  9. What do you mean you already know how we’ll interpret that? He’s your friend? But of course 😉 boyfriend that is. You two are now shipped >:3 teehee

  10. You guys are great and I love how you show the fandom to the public like in school and showing non furrys what it’s like to walk in our paws for a day.

  11. Meanwhile i tell one friend im a furry and guess what she said. why are all my friends furrys. So that happend and why i say this well i was bored and im stuck in bed with the flu my best friend

  12. Where do twofurrybros live? I have never seen a park like that and have never heard that language before.

  13. Yes… Spread the infection… Hehehehh… HAHAHAHAHH!!!

    Love the suit the person’s wearing, who’s the character? The maker, if I may ask?

    • XD The suit is owned my me and made by Nokimonster ^^ The maker however have left the furry community from what I could find.

  14. Why fur suiting in public is the reason you have to special clean your fur suit. Lol I wear my friends extra fur suit at his house and it’s fun. We walk the park some times but never got attacked by 50 kids

  15. haha this is awesome, what a fun way to introduce someone to the community ^^
    Its great that you had a few others join him on this adventure instead of just on his own, a much better experience for sure.

    • twitchyflash you are right, im not big into Canadian laws as I am an Amerocan citizen, but looking at some of our other sister countries (australia), and the UK, the commonwealth isn’t the most gun-friendly, and in America the strictest gun laws are there because of liberals ruining everything. I strongly disagree with any gun control, period.

    • Like I said, I dont know like, anything about Canadia except for all the lyrics to your national anthem, your two official languages, maple syrup & hockey, basically.

    • Also, as I said Canada still has liberals running around bitching about shit, as all countries do.

    • I don’t like gun control especially, but it is still what we have to deal with in our country. Our laws are currently less strict than that of Chicago, and other liberal run areas.

  16. Swedish furry? OwO jag är svensk :3 men jag kan Engliska mer OwO taking my rutton bear boattle and guna smakea with it *drunk* : aka I don’t drink just a expressed

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