HE BETRAYED ME!? | Agents Academy Ep.7

HE BETRAYED ME!? Agent Shed and Agent Zed are new students at Agent’s Academy. They’ve just been partnered up and will have to go on mission’s …. как нарисовать дракона для 4 класса

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  1. ohhhh but death was sush a good guy (at least for Shubble he was) AND he was Parker… 🙁 its ok….. i think he will be back soon <3

  2. I’m confused, didn’t the grim reaper kill her dad, and isn’t the grim reaper deaths dad, so death technically didn’t do anything wrong? Or have I missed heard something in the beginning? X

    • x Krystal_Magic x the school is looking for Death to question him but he ran away. So it’s implied he might have known about what his dad was doing. Sorry it’s a little confusing!

    • Hunter Boppen that’s the whole point! so was the original agent series! It’s not supposed to be a full acted role play

  3. Please make my fanfic Real: agent hot pocket faked his death, the butt knights are The borough and Bootyis girl friend is the one who turn Death to the dark side…

  4. And she kidnap agent Shed’s father. Agent hot pocket real identity is agent David who was good friend with Shed’s father. David jumped in to toxic waste and faked his death. He mutated in to a giant hot pocket and was assigned to agent Douglas. The evil was on the butt knights tales (lol) so agent hot pocket fake his death again, he made a giant hot pocket and pot it into a tuxedo…

  5. i was looking at ur mean comments number 1 and i rember how much u make me feel awesome about myself cuz i have no life till i found u a year ago

  6. Agent Douglas is Butt-but bother. In Douglas first episode he was flying in the game. Agent Zed in a clone of Butt-butt-but-but. I have many more theories to show you just keep a eye out.

  7. If you can see…

    on the side of the screen on the last run-through…

    IT SAYS SHELBY cough cough cough *Agent Shed* IS DEATH!!!!!!


    You know what’s funny? Shelby really has run out of friends, Parker’s voicing the principal, either that or Death is the principal..

  9. Even if death killed my dad I would still love him and if I found him I would slap him from running away

  10. I was thinking they were just using same person for multiple people because they couldn’t get more people, I wasn’t even thinking of that!

  11. Back after a break from watching your videos shub and i am really happy yoir doing well so now, i have to find where i last left off which is last year. Yeah wish me luck.

  12. A reminder that this is a prequel series to my original agents videos! You can find the full playlist in the description!!

  13. Anyone notice Shelby is friends with Max (Mithzan) and Ross (YourPalRoss) but she’s also friends with Will (Kiingtong), Liam (Hbomb94), Joey (Joey Graceffa), Graser (Graser10), and a bunch of other people, yet the Groins have never met Max or Ross? Tbh idek why I commented this but I just realized it, and I am mindblown.

  14. There’s death so where is life think if there was like a new sequel thing where agent Shed turns into like Life

  15. Hi Shelby, I really love you and your channel and you are beautiful and don’t let anyone bring you down

  16. The principal being so nonchalant tho. Like oh yeah your fater is dead and your crush and/or his father did it

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