Hilarious Comics By Vegan Artist About Her Everyday Problems

Hilarious Comics By Vegan Artist About Her Everyday Problems Ariane, known on the internet as ari_stocrate is a 24-year-old illustrator from Paris, France.. женщина кошка как нарисовать картинки

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    • Puh G true to be honest it was an unnecessary comment because they are bringing the hate on themselves too

    • Rebecca i might become one of you vegans :3 also how is life for you vegans? i wanna know :3
      oh! and people who are mean to vegans

      *I would rather be a cannibal to you bad people then eat precious innocent animals, i don’t think god made you bad people cause you treat everyone wrong VEGANS ARE HUMAN TO f*ck you guys who are being mean to vegans*

    • Rebecca i might become one of you vegans :3 also how is life for you vegans? i wanna know :3
      oh! and people who are mean to vegans

      *I would rather be a cannibal to you bad people then eat precious innocent animals, i don’t think god made you bad people cause you treat everyone wrong VEGANS ARE HUMAN TO f*ck you guys who are being mean to vegans*

    • Johnny Few hairs I bet u don’t even know a vegan and ur saying that I’m too afraid to tell people I’m vegan but my friends always let others know even when u don’t want them too ugh especially at restaurants cuz meat eaters are so triggered by vegans I don’t wanna tell them cuz I’m afraid they will spit in food

    • you say this yet the title is very clearly VEGAN ARTIST despite the video having literally absolutely nothing to do with this woman’s diet in her comics. sooo…

      People: oh lit a video about a vegan artist making art about her life! it’ll probably be about prejudice they face and other struggles involved in keeping her diet since they called out being vegan.

      Vegan: *video has nothing to with veganism just stating diet because wants people to know*

      People: …Why was that extremely important information to know if the comics weren’t about diet…?

    • We all have idiots Like vegans that say «IM VEGAN EVERYONE NOTICE ME» Or the one guy in the jim that says all youre doing is wrong and a customere that say that he dont want a cheeseburger but he wanted a hamburger with cheese.So these people arents just vegans

    • Zebricord So…….does rubbing shit on a wall and drawing a motiff with it make some one an artist? How about the feminists that paint with period blood?

      Maybe you should think before you type such an uncanny moronic comment.

    • Craven Moorehead even if it’s bad art, it’s still art. They can improve and adapt. Besides, this art isn’t even that bad. Sure the poses are a bit stiff, but as I said they can improve

    • Craven Moorehead they may be a feminazi, they might be a reguler nazi, but theyre still an artist. They create art, simple as that. Its not good, or right, but art

    • @Craven Moorehead my guy being an «artist» and being a «good artist» are two veeeery different things.

      if you create something with the intent of it being artistic expression, regardless of whether it’s trash, you’ve technically created art. not good art, but still art.

      here’s a proper google definition for ya since you don’t understand what art is: the various branches of creative activity, such as painting, music, literature, and dance.

      It’s a creative activity, made with the intent of self expression and creativity or just straight up creating something. nowhere in the definition of art does it say «only very good extremely creative drawings are art. all other forms are not art and you are not an artist.»

      please go back to school and educate yourself a little more before you go calling people out for posting uncanny moronic comments in your uncanny moronic comment. thanks.

  1. So, she is vegan, but most of problems here are not even connected to that. Why you telling us she is vegan it does not matter at all.

  2. 4:47
    So much yes! I need to have some music that can loop so I can listen to something but it can’t be something that’s too boring or too complex.

    • Minty Belle How? I mean, the only reason it’s our natural diet is because it has been beneficial for most of our history… as a hunter gatherer species. You didn’t get to be picky. Now, if you can afford to go to a grocery store, you can. Most dietitians will tell you the best diet is a plant based diet. That doesn’t mean a vegan diet is always healthy per se, nor are they always healthier than that of someone who eats meat, but you can relatively easily be vegan, therefore reducing your carbon footprint and animal cruelty, and very healthy.
      Edit: Also, dairy isn’t part of our “natural diet.” Most people are actually to some degree lactose intolerant, and those who aren’t are because of a famine that meant those who could digest dairy best survived as, once again, you couldn’t be picky. (Evolution~) Then, after the famine, we didn’t really need milk, but we kept drinking it anyway. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    • Minty Belle we just don’t wanna harm living beings and care about our planet earth that’s all also I like ur my little pony pic I use to watch that

    • Minty Belle ALSO may I add how is not eating puss cow lactation and chicken periods weird? How is fisting cows to get their milk easier «our natural diet» I’m not being hateful I’m curious

    • I don’t find it wierd at all that people choose to not pay for the abuse and murder of innocent animals.

    • I’m vegan and I just wanted to see «vegan problems» like that someone gives you meat or something, but it’s unnecessary that they put that she is vegan in the title, because this are every day problems.

      Anyways, sorry my english is bad.

    • No No ok person listen I may teach you some reason of meh little 11 year old mind
      The title of the vid lists that she’s vegan, instead of listing her as a normal artist
      Some people may be offended by this because the artist is a normal person and most vegans may not want to be labeled «vegan» instead of how others are because others are listed as an artist
      This is also like saying «a white artist» or «black artist» those people won’t want to be listed by their acts or look or how they are at all not supporting them
      So this does not have to be a «why did you watch the vid then» thing because some people just don’t care for specific details
      Would you care if I said i stubbed my toe or my leg hurts u might not care and have somebody say «well why did you answer» would you hate it and atleast be a little offened for someone to hate on your opinion

    • mimi Boo
      Normally i am a nice person, but i have seen many of comments like yours and i am wondering if people who say that are retarded fucks. LOOK AT FUCKING SIGNS UNDER EACH COMIC AND READ FUCKIN DESCRIPTION.

  3. why do u even write she is vegan when only problem can be people or vegan saying it and fairskin (not enough iron and other stuff in blood) sorry vegans but not everybody need to know

  4. why do u even write she is vegan when only problem can be people or vegan saying it and fairskin (not enough iron and other stuff in blood) sorry vegans but not everybody need to know

    • Ben Uherka You’re acting as if the artist made the title but most likely she didn’t. It doesn’t effect anyone to see the word vegan in the title, just enjoy the video and move on.

    • ÖRLOGSKAPTEN #MAKEYOUTUBEGREATAGAIN read my mesage carefully it was meant to the ytb chanel and people not the artist

  5. I don’t get it. Why is the vegan part important? She still watches TV with her eyes like every other vegan/meat eater. Why is the VEGAN part necessary? I mean, she could be doing the exact same thing a meat eater would do and the only difference is that one eats meat. I don’t understand why people care about such pointless thing.

    «human artist who consumes nutrition make 20 comics about their life» (you won’t believe #6)

  6. To me, this just illustrates people’s desperate need for approval on social media…. it’s sad really.

  7. Why the hell should I give a damn about the fact, that she’s vegan? Most of these jokes dont even relate to beeing vegan anyways. Thats the f*cking reason, why I like my Chinchilla much more than humans. He is vegan too. But he doesent tell me every five seconds!

    • ÖRLOGSKAPTEN #MAKEYOUTUBEGREATAGAIN how do you get that form one damn person? I am a meat eater (really an OMNIVORE) but I don’t give a damn if someone is vegan, why would I?

    • NekoKittyCat 14 It’s not from one person. Nearly every meat eater is complaining about how they don’t need to know the person is vegan Ect. It’s just annoying, they could’ve just enjoyed the video and moved on with their day. Seriously, it’s one fucking word in a title.

  8. Why even say vegan in the title? Does anyone actually care that she doesn’t eat meat?

    • Potato Nuggets
      What a difference. I don’t think anyone actually cares, that was my point. Why put something so useless in the title? 3/4 of the video wasn’t even relevant to being a vegan

    • You are smart and I love the points you made But, Obviously sensitive meat eaters care if they’re all complaining that it’s mentioned once in the title of the video… If you didn’t care you wouldn’t have made a comment saying you «didn’t care»…

    • You are smart and I love the points you made But, you’re not nice try.
      That’s her name. As in, she calls herself that as a sort of username. Like theodd1sout or Jaiden Animations.

      Your right, I DO care. I believe that a persons lifestyle shouldn’t be used as a way to get views.

  9. i love her art! btw my babies name (my cat) is jasper too! yas gurl. And i feel her pain… my baby is EVIL. (maybe their brothers… or shes a girl idk xP)

  10. Why would you add that she’s a vegan to the title even if like 90% of her comics aren’t even remotely related to being vegan.

    • Mr.Sauce 101 You have no knowledge of what vegans eat so why are you commenting as if you know all? There’s vegan cheese and vegan meat.

    • Jules_ Logan I only eat the animal that was already dead. I don’t kill it. If your going to get mad then blame the people that acctually kill them.

    • Lucille Arts You pay for them to be slaughtered. The responsibility falls into the hand of the consumer, the business exists because there is a demand for it from people like you. It’s unfair. Often times people are forced to work at slaughterhouses because it’s their only option. Slaughterhouse workers have the highest rates of suicide, and developed mental illnesses compared to any other workplace. Not to mention buy consuming animal products you are harming innocent animals, the environment, your own health, and humanity. Why are you choosing to support this?

    • Jules_ Logan Look, you do what you do. Don’t go shoving the obvious down other people’s throats and try to force them into a life style that you like. Humans are naturally omnivores, it’s totally normal for people to eat meat, as we’ve been doing since the beginning of time. If you choose to eat veggies, great, just don’t go screaming at everyone who doesn’t agree with you.

    • Plants do live but they don’t feel pain, they dohunt for food, like venus flytraps. I’m sure you eat plants too but why are you so concerned about them compared to animals?

    • I never said that I cared about plants more, as I have said before, eating other creatures is an essential part of the circle of life, I just don’t understand the mentality of «I won’t eat animals because they are living creatures» but then don’t feel bad for eating plants.

    • Eating animals has been linked to many health and environmental problems. You can look it up. I also don’t feel comfortable eating animals. I don’t really know why I have to justify my own personal diet…

    • I think eating greasy, fatty meat is bad, but if you go out and hunt your own kill, it is actually very healthy, I mean, we’re built to eat meat.
      But anyway, I mostly did the first comment as a troll/joke to see if I’d get a response. I do hope you have a nice day and enjoy your diet.

    • yep the way meat is made today is processed and that makes it super bad for you, also have a good day too what ever you’re doing 🙂

  11. Why are there so many comments about her being vegan doesn’t matter? Ok so now you know one person in the world is vegan there, not a big deal to go crazy about.

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