Hope Meets Banter World Cup | Group C Analysis — France, Denmark, Australia, Peru

World Cup.. волк в профиль как нарисовать

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    • Niels Peru was testing a formation lol we play 4231 not 442 that was only to include farfan and Guerrero but we are better with Flores on left

    • Why test formations right before WC? Anyways Peru seems way too overconfident, look at their squad and their history. Passion will not win it for them.

    • Niels overconfiden? If u hear Peruvian people overconfident it don’t mean the group of players playing at all many of them are very humble and have feet on the ground and our coach respects everyone we are testing because Guerrero and farfan usually don’t play usually one goes out but they are trying accommodate and see how they played together…

    • Okay. I also meant the people from Peru commenting. But anyways I hope that Denmark and Peru both go through

  1. Despite omissions and the drama they bring to tourneys, Fra my pick to win the whole thing. Love the talent and depth

  2. Despite the ommissions and having some guy called Rami at the back I still have France making the Final. As for this group they could breeze past this with their C team .

    • Think France have to be happy if they get out of the group, and if they run in to Spain they will lose there, if not they might make it to the semifinal at best.

    • mwtrolle
      Nobody gives a shit about friendlies . People like you probably think that all the top teams will go out in the groups cause you saw them play bad in a friendly.

    • RmRW R and yes friendlies usually don’t say much but the last, are always a little different. Also it were the send off game for France, you can be sure they didn’t wanna get booed of the field. They wanted to win that game for almost any prize.

  3. There is some sort of low-key level Griezmann crusade that start on HHFH and TFBS from the Europe league games and then it continues into the World cup. They have already marked FRANCE as the TEAM HHFH and TFBS least want to see lift the CUP.. LMAO

  4. Denmark aren’t using Christensen or Vestegaard. Out of this group Peru are the best team as far as cohesion and playing as an actual team. So far from what I’ve seen from Denmark in friendlies they are really disjointed, but they have quality players. I hope Peru can still squeeze through to 2nd place though.

    • far more? Mexico was controlling the game first half and Denmark wasn’t superior… at least in the first half. When Sisto leaves the squad in the second half I think Denmark improved a little bit, those 2 goals were not a consequence of a well built play, they were just good strikes of individuals. I know Denmark is a good team but they won that match because of these 2 isolated strikes.

    • Penetrovich Had it been an important match Denmark would have got a penalty early in the 1st half, Delaney just had to keep running in stead of jumping. Do think Denmark were the best team in 1st half as well, even though they did not control the match, but Denmark had chances and they hold Mexico for getting any. Second half were better for Denmark, could easily have scored more goals.

      With the penalty and some better luck it could have been 5-1.

    • I do hope and expect Denmark to beat Peru. If Peru get lucky in the start I think it could be Peru 1-2 Denmark or even a 1-1 draw. But if Denmark get an early goal, or Peru get an early red card it could easily end with a 4 goals advantage for Denmark.

      Think Denmark have a close to 50% chance to beat France, and Peru are not without a chance either. So France should not feel to safe.

      It might just be Denmark Peru France Australia

    • Unless they get a training injury I feel sure Sisto and Jørgensen will start, bit if they then do not make there game flow then will get swapped at 45-60 min like in the Mexico game.

      Personally I would start without Sisto, don’t think Peru fits him that well, but he should clearly start against Australia and France.

      Dolberg I prefer in general, but who knows maybe I’ll chance my mind if Jørgensen get a good World Cup.

  5. France has the talent and the depth. Clear favourites for first. Denmark has the quality to pull upsets and is as good as Croatia. If Christian Eriksen goes godly mode then peru won’t have a chance. But I don’t see that happend. Peru will have their whole nation behind the back. after missing the World Cup for like what 32 years? They gonna come out with passion. Australia has nothing to lose, they are happy to be their but would like to pull a upset.

    • Australia won by 2-1 against Hungary on a goalkeeper drop and a own goal, making a an own goal them self as well

    • Mate, firstly you have to put this in context, that was the last friendly of Peru and Sweden, 7 days before to the WC knowing that a Colombian, an Argentinian and others will miss the WC because of injuries in the very last moment. Secondly, the coach was testing a new approach adding Farfan to the starting team, he has never played with Guerrero together in this team in that position. Thirdly, Sweden is not Spain but also it is not Andorra either. Peru is not a great team either but will see.

  6. Key players for all teams:
    France: Griezmann
    Peru: Pablo Guerrero
    Denmark: Eriksen
    Australia: Tim Cahill

  7. Question, have you watched games of any of these teams other than France? It seems like you only relies in Champions League games and that’s it… well, if you think that is the only place to see football perhaps you should be analysing the CL only and not the WC hahaha

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