How to Draw Animals | Under the Sea Doodle with me!

A step by step guide to show you how to draw a whale, seahorse, and a sea turtle. Perfect for your summer themed bullet journal setups. Come and doodle with …. youtube как нарисовать животных

41 Replies to “How to Draw Animals | Under the Sea Doodle with me!”

  1. Hey Christine, I love this tutorial, Still cannot believe you posted this today. However, I am so stunned and happy this drawing is so perfect. Your voice is subtle and so calming. I did watch your June plan with me so many time and I can not wait till I do this spread for July for my channel 🙂 I am actually watching this for the 4th time 😉

  2. I love your videos I can’t get enough…. You helped me see and realize alot of things I’m pregnant and it’s hard to plan everything out I’m so happy that I started watching you cause now it’s easier for me to plan out my out what I wanna do for my little baby.your amazing

  3. You videos are so calming. I love it. I always watch your videos when I need to calm down

    And you are amazing at drawing ✍️

  4. I love this! How do you get these rough edges around the paper? 🙂 It love the look that it gives.

    • Oh that’s a fantastic idea, maybe I can do a doodle video for simple doodles for your journal?

  5. Thank you so much, Christine!! Every video you post is sweeter, more inspiring, and lovelier than I hoped for. You are doing so many amazing things, and I see every week how you are fulfilling your goals to spread kindness, light, and creativity to those around you and in your virtual community. Thank you also for putting this spread online; I have it and have been putting it into my BuJo for the past few days; adding in the pages and tracing over a few of the elements with my own copper Gelly and tombow inks to freshen the colors has given me such joy. <3

  6. Please do more drawings tutorials! They’re so calming and helpful, and you explain them in such an easy way to understand.

  7. Christine, I love your vídeos because are like poetry drawing. Your voice, your words, your space of work, and especially how you gift a history and a life to yours little pretty animals. Thank you so much for the learning of peace and drawing

  8. Could you ever do some magical/mystical creatures, like a unicorn or mermaid or dragon or fairy?? or something..

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