How to Draw Wolves, Coyotes & Foxes — Sneak peek (Pre-order Now)

Take a look at the latest course from animator, director and wildlife artist Aaron Blaise. Save OVER 50% off when you pre-order now: …. волк маска как нарисовать

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  1. Pre ordered! Thank you soooo much Aaron. Been looking forward to this course since it was announced! So excited for the full release!

  2. Thank you so much! I am quite comfortable with wolves but my patience throws me off. This vid has helped me! Onward to my work! Thanks

  3. This is super cool! I have so thoroughly enjoyed your work, and your tutorials are really helping me with scenery and creating atmosphere in my compositions. However, I have been facing some tribulation recently, and I decided to look to you, as you have great knowledge in this field, and I have a question in regards to character design: Since you have designed many characters, what suggestions and tips do you have for artists who struggle creating individual unique designs for animals of the same species? I am currently trying to apply a semi-realistic yet slightly Disney-fied approach to designing Mole characters, but because of their lack of external ears and their necks and eyes are not as pronounced underneath all the fur, makes it a little challenging. It can be easy with other mammals like lions, bears and wolves, but moles are a whole other kind of animal to tackle in terms of character design, with the aforementioned issues, and with not much variety that can be scoped out unless you really looked beneath the fur. Sadly these animals are not as well studied as other animals like mice and rats. I don’t want to overstep the boundaries of their anatomy in my designs, but if I stay too close to realism I fear they will all only end up looking the same. If you have any suggestions as to how I can overcome this hurdle, I tip my hat to you!

    • Do you have a story in mind for those mole characters, or an idea of their personality? Because that can help you with your character design. For instance: Moles are obviously great diggers, so if your main character isn’t a good digger, you can draw his front paws a little smaller than the rest. Or a bigger nose to suggest his sense of smell is better than with the rest of his kind. Their might be a mole who’s considered the best digger so you might give him these huge front paws and a smaller head, to suggest a bulkier body. Semi-realistic isn’t realistic so you can play with the features that are very pronounced and exaggerate them. If the mole is an older character give him a bald spot or a bit of grey fur to suggest age. Even if moles aren’t the most well-researched animals, the stuff you do know about them and the features that make them what they are can be exaggerated to your advantage. I hope this helps a bit and wish you the best with your project!

    • Jaros Bodytko I forgot to mention that these characters are already made, just the experimental designs are not final. The characters and are from an obscure series of books (Called The Duncton Chronicles, which is a low-fantasy series) I am looking to adapt into a graphic novel someday. I have some ideas as to how some of the moles should look, and I understand their personalities and how they are described, like the most powerful moles being larger with big claws. Another character (one who is villainous but his mind is more a weapon than his claws) I intend to be slender and wicked looking. Thanks for the suggestions!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this with us! When I have the spare change I’ll remember this course and buy it for the full experience ^^

  5. Oh wow this looks great and can’t wait to get into this course. I was wondering will their be a video on how to take a head drawing or full body drawing to that next level similar to the Saber-toothed cat head painting briefly shown in the Tiger Head drawing video lesson? It would be great to be able to go through a full course like this and then being able to learn how to take a head or full body drawings to that level of finish.

  6. This is going to be extremely popular. Wolves are one of the most popular animals out there, especially among furries and young teenagers.

  7. Is this going to be part of the/a How to draw Animals bundle? And have you ever thought of making a course about domestic animals as well?

  8. Those are some REALLY nice drawings of grey wolves. I haven’t seen many artists do such a great job like that right off their heads when drawing wolves. However, I really wished that when he said he was going to try a more dynamic posture when he drew the wolf leaping, that instead he would have drawn the wolf fighting, to also show the incredibly dynamic face of an angry wolf. That’s the most visibly impressive thing about wolves — their amazing, drastic, powerful, beautiful, facial expressions.

  9. I wonder if Aaron Blaise will ever make course on how to draw birds and reptiles. Most of his animal drawing videos are focused on mammals.

    • Yes! Birds are actually a specialty of mine. I will be doing a course on how to draw birds very soon!

    • That would be a huge course, because birds come in many shapes and sizes. Also, what about reptiles and aquatic creatures? Will their be a course of those creatures?

    • I’ve been looking for resources on birds for a long time. That you are considering making a course on birds is fantastic! 😀

  10. 9:20 That «alright» sound did remind me Bobby Chiu :)) He says it like that all the time! BTW, we love you Aaron! Please do more live streams!

  11. 40 minutes in and it is fabulous. I love drawing wolves, too. Probably because there’s so much lore to pull from and twist around. Working on a Red Riding Hood piece right now and tweaking the details along with this video. Thanks, Aaron! I’ll see about pre-ordering later today!

  12. Thx for your hard work Sir Aaron! just out of curiosity, what about DOGS? will drawing wolves, coyotes, and foxes help me draw dogs also?
    Thx again for amazing courses!

  13. I was just about to ask whether you could make a course on canines! I am absolutely ecstatic! Just pre-ordered it now! 😀

  14. Hi Aaron Blaise. I have always studies physics and chemistry until recently , I had to quit the university because of health problems. Since then I decided because I have nothing to lose, why not follow my passion: drawing animals. To improve faster I sought for videos on youtube to explain how to draw different animals, and I found you, someone with the same passion for animals and with so much experience ! You have helped me very much already only trough your videos on youtube that I decided to purchase some courses. Thank you so much for all your help !

  15. Could you make a Tutorial «How to draw horses»? Bec. The proportions are really difficult to draw, but I need them! Not only for horses. Could you help, Aaron Blaise? Btw. I don’t care about the time, that passes by — You Tutorials are great! Thank you so much for that!

  16. Yes yes yes this is what i need. Wolves and foxes are always my #1favorite animals. Thanks a lot for this tutorial.

  17. Hi Aaron! Thanks for the lovely video! Does the software need to be Photoshop only? I work with sketchbook… that should be ok right?

    • Si colocas la opcion de trducir automaticamente veras que lo consigues ,tiene muchas opciones de idioma entre ellos español ,saludos

  18. Could you make a tutorial about prehistoric animals, like mammoths, sabertooth and others? That would be amazing!

  19. I find it difficult to get to a point where I put it to one side and do another. But I guess you get much better by doing several ‘quick’ drawings and not spending 2 hours on one. That’s what I need to learn

  20. I preordered but I still can’t see the first 3 vids even with the password and being in my account

  21. Hey Aaron! i have been a long time fan and i enjoy watching your videos! i am a creator myself and you have teached me a lot of great techniques when it comes to making great designs for my wood carvings

  22. ¿Have you made tutorials about how to do buildings?, i have problems making cities, towns and such.

  23. Thank you so much for doing this! The tutorial was so clear and visual it was fast to learn. Thanks so much :DDD

  24. I love wolves! I signed up and am excited to dive in! Also, it would be great to have a course on deer, and if you need to group it with others… maybe elk or caribou too, different poses and antlers. All of it is appreciated. Thank you for teaching and sharing!

  25. Aaron a tutorial about kids!!!! i need it!!
    and what about an artbook do you have some, i cant find nothing like this.

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