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506 Replies to “HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 3 Trailer (2019)”

  1. Enjoy the new How to Train Your Dragon 3 Trailer with Jay Baruchel, Gerard Butler & Craig Ferguson.
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  2. So its essentially the same story line of their last movie…they added a beard for him and a girlfriend for toothless…»thats just lazy writing»-deadpool

    • Yeah except the new nightfury, the hidden world, the dissapearing from berk, the ‘there were dragons when I was a boy’, and those other stuffs the trailer doesn’t reveal but okay

  3. As someone who loved the book series, it’s great to see then include the «There were dragons when I was a boy» line in the last movie. Also, I really like the Light Furry and Toothless in this trailer! Finally, an animated romance subplot I enjoy…

    • The only way to truly woo a girl is to be yourself, if she doesn’t like you as you, she isn’t the right one. Toothless is the light fury’s boyfriend now according to Astrid anyways soo

    • Laser wolf I mean all week: Lego movie 2, Spider man into the Spider-Verse ,Wreck it Ralph 2, Autobouts: Bumble bee, So much movies that are just based of a previous film have been announced.

  4. Please tell me someone thinks highly that hiccup and toothless will not die because I don’t want them to die..a highly thought opinion, almost to the point where the opinion is a «for sure»..I need closure

  5. Repetitive plot, but I absolutely love How To Train Your Dragon. It’s my childhood. I’ve watched Hiccup grow a lot through the books, but really see it in the movies. How can I say goodbye?

    But damn, is KinoCheck coming out with the fire trailers this week! I hope the movies are as good as their trailers promise.

  6. For anybody saying this is like the second one it’s different. In the previous film, villain wanted a dragon army. This guy is a night fury hunter.

  7. 2:05 when toothless lights himself up with lighting, in the original movie, when hiccup was reading a book about dragons, he finds the page of nightfurys and finds nothing except the part when it says “nightfurys, the god of LIGHTNING and death itself.” And in this clip, it shows toothless with lighting on him about to do something dangerous. Makes sense? Leave a like.

  8. This feels like a fan fiction, as if they literally went online to find a fan fiction and just took it, also the lightfury feels like an OC character you would find of google images or devinart.

  9. Why are there so many sad comments? Do people know someting that i don’t abrout the ending? Are the dragons moved away from Berk or something?

  10. *Hiccup on the light fury as toothless falls from the sky*
    Hiccup: Save him.

    Me getting the feels: it’s time hiccup saves toothless instead of toothless saving hiccup.. *Cries*

  11. What’s with this beard trend? First Captain America, then Bellamy Blake in the latest season of The 100, now Hiccup…I’m kinda baffled. xD

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First trailer for HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 3.. как нарисовать девочку дракона

1 558 Replies to “HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 3 Trailer (2019)”

    • yeah… but if toothless leaves in the end of the movie i will NEVER and i repeat NEVER watch a movie made by dreamworks and i will rage for atleast a month…..

  1. I have no words to describe how excited I am for this movie! The Lightfury looks awesome! The movie itself looks really funny! And maybe we’ll see Hiccup in sword fight which I would love!!!

  2. What’s with that beard, which i clearly didn’t see in the trailer.

    Edit. Nvm, its there in 0:21. My bad.

    • It Should end here.
      Every Thing needs an end to be worth something.
      I mean like hell… Transformers went to shit… Jason Borne… Saw… Final destination… Fast and the furious…
      Too many movies .. too much money grab destroyed em.
      Lord of the rings… 3 movies… One great story… Ends. Becomes legendary

  3. OMG bro ! OMG bruh! t..t..this is what i waiting for !!! Finaly !! OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG cant wait !!!!!! omg omg omg !
    but why must be 2019 T_T

    • Raymond Terutama no you fools it’s like a flashbang and smoke grenade combined together since toothles can make fireball very shiny and bright,maybe she can charge the fireball a little bit longer than toothles and since the fireball is bigger than toothles is the fireball will affect the human eye like a flashbang and since it is bigger it can produce the smoke too like later on in the trailer.

    • Anthony Perez dude every dragon ability has atleast some physic into it not just some random bullshit power

    • MR. MYSTERIOUS lol if he move like the speed of light he would disintegrate right away plus i doubt creature that is moving like the speed of light can be captured by a mere cage

  4. This was epiiiiicc I was waiting for so long maybe 3 or 4 but now they brought it and with another nightfury

  5. 2019 will be one of the magnificent years of cinematic greatness! (Hopefully)

    0:53 that reminds me of a warp jump from 40k

    • Hanna Booklover
      With her speed, I think it would quickly come off. Also, why would she need to do it before saving Toothless? And if she did do it while saving him, then there probably would’ve been some ash on her instead of nothing at all. That’s still an interesting view on it, though.

  6. Samurai Jack with a beard

    Logan with a beard

    Luke Skywalker with a beard

    Kratos with a beard

    Captan America with a beard

    And now Hiccup with a beard.

    This passed year has been nothing more than manly beards.

  7. Uuuuhhhgg……This film looks good and all, but it seems to get really repetitive. Oh look! A dude who wants to kill dragons, or take dragons. Oh look! They have to evacuate and fight for the dragons’ freedom. Oh look! They showed a hidden place where more dragons are….

    • (Lilith Burcov
      If it were just for kids, they wouldn’t be spending this much time making the animation, graphics, and story so good. It is also for adults

    • [Marvel’s Spider-Man] Jesus Christ have you just answered me politely? I was waiting some kind of salt storm haha I mean thanks for answer me politely

    • [Angel Daniel Tombesi
      No problem man! Its always better to be respectful. Being rude doesn’t get me anywhere

    • HOOLITIN mm.. it was released early 2010.. ? And where did the ”big” word come from..?.. Am i talking to a kid that can’t fucking read properly..?

    • No, you are talking to someone who was born May 5th 1994, essentially making me 24, making me 7 years older than you.

    • If I couldn’t fucking red how the hell would I be talking to you? I don’t think anyone here is retarded, but I am beginning to wonder about you…….

    • HOOLITIN Are you sure that you aren’t retarded..? You can’t even spell. It’s not “red”.. it’s “read” thank me later.

    Also I’m so excited to see the 6 dragon riders back together again :33

  9. legit called this in the first movie i said,» hiccup is gonna be astrid’s BF and there is gonna be another night fury

  10. 2019 looks like a pretty good year for animation with this and the LEGO movie 2. There’s going to be so much movies to be excited for that my brain will probably blow up

  11. The unholy offspring of lightning and death itself…looks like Toothless will REALLY show off and live up to the reason why Night Furies are so feared.

  12. To everyone reading this comment Lots and lots of love from a small village in India. May you have a wonderful life.

  13. I refuse to believe there’s only 3 movies i swear to god I’ve seen like 60 different how to train your Dragon movie.

    • Peppa Pipoqueira Yeah please define what is Canon and non Canon because when I Googled I got a different answer.

    • There was a Cartoon Network series called DreamWorks Dragons. It had two seasons subtitled _Riders of Berk_ and _Defenders of Berk,_ each of 20 episodes, and follows on from the first film. Then Netflix picked up the show and made _Race to the Edge,_ which was 6 seasons each of 13 episodes, serving as a prequel to the second film but also continuing the plot of the earlier show. It’s rumoured that Netflix are making another show called _Rescue Riders_ set after the second film, but that’s unconfirmed. So to date there have been 2 feature films, 4 short films, and 118 episodes. _The Hidden World_ will be the third film.

    • Ryaan Iqbal Hiccup says «there were dragons» he’s speaking in past tense which means that there are no dragons at the point he’s speaking this line, which is why I’m freaking out, get a peek from the comments too, they mostly answered my question from the books…

  14. Mikie Kelly No I’ve done quick research, CG is short for CGI. Computer Generated Imagery. It’s the same thing.

    • Edward Drawde A hybrid of the two, but it’s most likely they produce offspring like rabbits(one white and one black). If they lay 4 eggs, 3 will be Night Furies and 1 will be a Light Fury. The Night trait should be dominant while the Light trait should be a submissive trait.

    • Tee Kay mind if I ask how exactly you know the properties of two fictional dragons, one of which we know nothing about how dominant the genes are and the other we just saw for the first time, and what would happen if they mate? Bare in mind these are dragons, whilst breeding may be somewhat similar to rabbits (how still can show both colours of their parents, i.e black and white) the fact is they’re not rabbits

  15. OMG. Too many good movies are coming !
    HTTYD has really been a film I loved. I felt nostalgic while watching this.

  16. Voldemort if you notice after that scene it shows all Hiccup scenes without him having a beard he didn’t even have it during his fight with the new villain or when trying to help save the Light Fury. So this is Hiccup telling a story of his past.

  17. RedAnil No, it’s a Light Fury. Astrid said, “It’s a Light Fury” in this preview. But Day Fury would’ve made more sense but doesn’t sound as good IMO

  18. And people are freaking out about how this is to heterosexual… just because Toothless is going to have a love interest…

    I personally am excited about this!

    • Yeah no one is doing that.

      And A: Homosexuality is a beneficial mutation that has come up in a great many species.

      B: Ссылка%20et%20al%20PVA%20estimates%202003BiolCons113_23.pdf

      Minimum Viable Population. It’s a thing. And no species has their number listed as «two.»

    • Wow. So many homophobes in this comment section. You do know one of the directors for these films (Dean DeBluis) is gay, right?

    • Alex Langrock Toothless is still the last of his kind. The creators of the film confirmed that Light Furies are a completely different species than Night Furiea, albiet closely related to Night Furies. There’s other Light Furies out there but Toothless is still the last Night Fury.

    • I don’t care if anyone’s gay or straight. You do you.

      But if Toothless was gay, his species would be completely gone in a couple of years…

    • Flaiming Raider so you know the name of the lightfury, then?? Otherwise it’s going to get referred to as a lightfury lol

    • TEC
      «HIS NOT THE ONLY ONE» Listen to the trailer ;—;. Shes the same species but shes a female and is referred to a lightfury because she has a different color of scales. She could also be a sub species but all and all shes a night fury.

    • lavawolf470 Gaming oooh but you said ‘No you’re embarrassing our species’ like you’re saying it’s more than the two of them.

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