How to understand your cat? How to make friends with your cat? Everyone knows that cats are the most illogical and unpredictable pets. Just try to work out …. как нарисовать глаз большой кошки


  1. I wish they had shown pictures of cats in the different states and not a cartoon cat — you can’t tell much from a drawing.

  2. from a cat lover here is a way cats communicate with you.if your cat massages you by moving its paws back and forth on you it means the cat is showing great affection for you and thanking you for taking care and feeding it.they do this to their mother cats to show this and for them to do it to you means they love you with all their hearts.if a cat does this to you it means your a great cat owner and your cat has an unbreakable bond with you.

    • I have three adorable little kitties named Loki, Snape, and Trixi. Their mother is named Freya. All beautiful black cats! Also, one dog named Thor, and a boring lizard named Voldy(my sister named it Voldemort, but we found out it was a girl).

    • Too cool! I have two cats, Tyrone (tabby) and Lucy (full on black) and a Chihuahua named Queenie. I love the cat-Chihuahua combo!

  3. Lps critter- please use all these 3 God sent natural ingredients for our cat/dog/human; organic apple cider, organic coconut oil, organic turmeric powder are amazing to treat problems and can have them daily as vitamin as well because they are loads with tons of antioxidants and nutrients in them and will help our pets and ourselves helps to treat ( joints, arthritis pains, heart, eyes,brain functions, organs functions, skins, and teeths, digestive issues, throwing up and many more benefits .) To encourage water intake you can get her a ceramic water fountain ( Has to ceramic/glass bowl or else it will breeds bacterias NO plastic ) they sell at Petco or if you want to do a project I am sure you can google how to diy it. Also You can add a tablespoon of organic apple vinegar the Braggs brand ( get at whole foods for $6 ) into the water bowl for her. Organic apple vinegar has so so many health benefits and wards off many diseases for our pets and us human you can research all about it. Another great thing you can do is add a teaspoon of organic coconut oil (get at Costco for real cheap $19 ) straight into her food and mix do this every meals its for many great benefits and wards off diseases as well (joints, arthritis, heart, eyes,brain functions, organs functions, skins. Teethe) . You can also sprinkle some of the organic turmeric powder ( get at wholefood sell by the oz ) straight to her food and mix them up will helps her with speedy healing any mishaps in her organs and internally and heals wounds externally as well. If your pet doesn’t like that taste of turmeric or apple cider vinegar you can add a little water and mix them up then use syringe without needle of course ( you can get that @ your vet clinic or @ pet stores ) and give to them. If need to learn how to give syringe medicines to cat/dog you can search for videos on YouTube here to learn. Good luck everyone !! My mom cat lived up to be 35 yrs old. Just keep on loving, caring, being there for her like you do now then I am sure you and your cat/dog will have lots more years together. Thank you for sharing this beautiful stories. Thank you for being so loving and caring to Your cat/dog.

    You know everyone that we have crossed paths in our life ( family members including our pets ) we are destined to have, love and care for them. She’s meant for you to love and care for this life ! Karma always have a way of paying us back, and most of the time it’s not from someone that we did good/bad graces from. It will be from someone else or something else. You’ll be rewarded by your good karma and your kind hearted. Also it’s such a good example that you are setting for your children to experience. Even though your cat/dog is disabled and can’t do most things for herself you still never gave up on her. Instead you help, care and love her without hesitation on your end. You are making a great impact on your kids to become the most loving and kind hearted person. Who knows later in life we could be like cat/dog and we would never want our children or husband to gave up on us or don’t love/want to care for us and think we are a burden to them.

  4. My cat is weird. It is completely nice and you can do what you want with him. But if he exposes his belly you shouldn’t touch him. Which is hard btw.

  5. What happens when your cat touches it’s nose on my nose?

    Edit: btw my cat is a boy and I was outside singing sad song and was about to cry

    • u have no idea. if I were a cat, I would make my dad, mom, and grandpa love cats! then I could keep them! by the way my parent are making me get rid of my cat and her kittens, does anyone want one?

  6. A lot of the signs are like, » your cat either loves and trusts you or is uncomfortable and hates your presence… hope you can decipher which one it is.»

    • Lovely Video! Forgive me for chiming in, I am interested in your opinion. Have you considered — Kiamiin Meow Genie (search on google)? It is a good one off product for stopping cat spray minus the normal expense. Ive heard some amazing things about it and my friend Sam got amazing results with it.

    • these are ALL WRONG, pay more attention to the cats eyes than the tail. also cats are like children if you are relaxed, they will be as well

    • Georgina Montinola if cats are like girls in a relationship y’all need more reasonable and healthy communication with her….

    • Joseph Wagner ah, so it’s a matter of Tolerance? Dogs are high tolerance and cats are low tolerance or no tolerance depending on the cat. Good point of view

    • shynnelle hey I saw that study too! But I can’t remember where. Something about the unpredictability of the person’s Behavior made the dog try harder to please the person versus the owner or caretaker that was always kind. I thought that was so wild! Do you remember what you read or saw was called?

  7. Tips on how to get your cat to like you:

    1. Don’t go against your cats wishes, for example, don’t dress your cat up or pick it up uncomfortably
    2. Give lots of LOVE, pets, treats (not TOO many) and cuddles
    3. Don’t force cats to cuddle with you.
    4. Keep noises as low as possible because their ears are more sensitive than ours
    5. Keep in mind that all cats are different like humans. Some cats are just very sensitive and don’t like petting or even being near people. Please respect this and don’t try and force it to love you.

  8. All of these were complete opposite. EXAMPLE: The cat looks at you and vibrates its tail, this can mean the cat is very happy or it’s about to pull a gun on you wigga get out bish.

  9. Tips on how to make a cat happy:

    *Give it food!*

    *Give it love!*


    *More love!*

    *Lots of food!*

    *Loads of love! Kisses! Hugs! Cuddles!*

    *Even more food!*

    Edit: O_O Likes. What.

  10. My cat likes to stretch out on me and put her paws on my face, I take it as a sign of love. Also, she enjoys play fighting with me she’ll grab my hand with both of her paws and nibble on my hand, sometimes she’ll get too rough but all I have to say is «OUCH!» And she’ll lick me lol

  11. I need to be up early tomorrow … *me at 2am* — «how to understand your cat better» … I don’t even own a cat …

    • I have a cat that backs up against things, raises her tail, makes it quiver, but she has not sprayed anything. I wonder what she’s doing? Ever since I moved her to the back porch, about 4 months ago, she has stopped peeing outside the litterbox. So, I think she’s happy, maybe?

    • Sounds like your cat is spraying, not peeing. At least, that’s when my own cats raise tail and vibrate it.

  12. my cat learned how to say my name every time she wanted to go in my room she would stand in front of the door and do a kind of a dubble meow indicating the she wanted to be with me or wanted to wake me up…

    • Yady Ashlee

      Watch Jackson Galaxy…. He is kinda Godfather of all «crazy catladies».
      You’ll love him!

    • Yady Ashlee If u grow up or u Are grown up then adopt som cats cuz every cat needs a frend 🙂 and owner 2 cats better tahan 1! 😀

    • Oliver Reim Umm i’m not trying to be rude but you misspelled «some» k.
      hey you guys out there! pls subscribe to me! because i only have one sub, and hes my brother. his channel name
      is bonzibonnie227
      and it is all lowercase

  13. Umm, my cat lets me pet him, and then he licks my arm. Then all of the sudden, he jumps out and bites me. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN!?

    • Well, strays tend to not know how to clean themselves which means added dander and more allergies. Teach that cats how to clean themselves if that’s the issue. (I’m not sure how… uh, maybe by cleaning yourself like a cat?).

    • I feel ya, I’m very allergic to some cats but love em. That being said, you CAN give cats baths. It’s of course best to start as kittens but, you can as an adult. They will probably hate it though. One of my old house mates got a cat that attached to me and wouldn’t leave me alone. I was sooo allergic to her though so I started bathing her. Put a screen or towel in the bottom of the sink for their claws to hold on to and lavish tons of love and pets on them while bathing. It took like 3 baths before this cat got used to it. I wouldn’t say she liked it but, she was semi ok with it. (Granted, she did hate me for a few hours after and would hide.)

  14. I got 2 cats the bigger cat which is 2 yrs doesn’t do much my kitten a 4/5 months and the kitten wants to play with my older cat but you know cats literally can roughouse the bigger cat ALWAYS wins leaving the kitten to scream then hissing until I break up the battle


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