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Is Your Cat Talking To You? Watch this Simon’s Cat Logic episode to find out how cats communicate using body language. Simon’s Cat Logic is a fun new series …. как нарисовать ветеринара с кошкой

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    • Gedvinas shadow I think it’s that everyone gets notifications at different times, depending on internet speed. Then again, YouTube is drunk sometimes.

    • Also the video author usually counts as the first few views as they set up subtitles, end cards, description and all that stuff. Bound to hit the watch-page a couple of times.

  1. my cat just entered the phase where she slowly starts pushing things off the table please help simon!!!

  2. Well, somewhere in my mind when I’m talking to my cat, I think «Do you secretly understand what I’m saying? :O» XD

    • I love cheesecakes My cats know quite a few words. If I say «treats», they go straight to the drawer they’re kept in. If I say «want a drink?» or «thirsty», one goes to the water bowl, the other expects me to turn on the bathroom sink. If I say «do you want a time out?» they know to stop what they’re doing. I tested the «catnip» and changed it to «kitty dope». Within a week, they both knew that kitty dope was catnip. Tone does matter, especially when they’re behaving badly. But I’d say my cats know about 30 phrases. If you pay attention, their tones of meows mean different things, too. I’ve got one that warns me that I’m getting sick before I feel sick.

    • I love cheesecakes | Sometimes when my cat is under my bed I say «Fancy, Come out!» She does come out. I think she understands me :O

  3. my lap kitty, lil Elvis chats w me all the time. escorts me to the bathroom, follows me to bed every night. when he’s not in my lap:)

  4. I remember showing cat man do to a non-cat person friend and telling her that unless it requires thumbs, cats absolutely do all of that to sleeping humans. she was APPALLED.

  5. I’m really not sure what my cat is trying to tell me when it’s sitting in front of its empty food bowl staring at me constantly…

    Well, I’ll figure it out eventually. Until I know what the problem is, I’ll just feed my cat.

  6. When my cat is staring at me super still with his eyes dilated, I learned that means he’s about to pounce on me because he wants to play!

  7. im crying, Vet girl is taken 🙁 i wanted to take her out for a bowl of finest catfood… :(((((

    as for my experiences with cats…. i always had natural way of getting along with cats… i heard it has something to do with my familys first cat and how she lied on my mothers belly when pregmant with me…

  8. My cat sits on a corner of the kitchen table and stares at the cupboard where the food and treats are kept. What do you think he’s trying to tell me? Ha ha ha!

  9. I read everything Simon says!! I had a cat called Sir Simon. he had lymphoma and passed in 09 I miss him still! 🙁 thank for these posts. it’s like hanging out with my Simon again.

  10. Amazing vid, I love your vids, they combine two of my favourite things, cats and animation! <3

  11. My cat is an alarm waking me up every morning. «Meow», translated to «Bring me food! Don’t keep me reminding you!»

    • why not try putting the food out before you go to bed? Or put the cat where it doesn’t have access to you at night?

    • peridot the crystal gem~ SERIOUSLY, I KNOW you aren’t as stupid as you are acting!! Nobody could be that dumb and live to adulthood! You R E A L L Y do NOT know what that means? It means you need to reach up and move the paw from your face!! THAT is what it means!
      And so, any more questions? Does your mommy know that you’re up?

  12. Wait so when my cat lays on her back it’s because she trusts me to NOT touch her belly? Geez, no wonder she hates me.

    • TheGekey77,
      Try using just a very light, gentle touch to barely smooth the fur on her stomach. That shows you acknowledge her trust in you and that you won’t hurt her. I’ve dealt with cats for about 50 years and most respond well to the lightest touch on their stomach. Some cats do prefer only the chest area being touched instead of the lower belly. Don’t flinch, pull away, or react aggressively if she does grab your hand. That just makes the situation worse. Just remain calm and relax your hand; she will calm down and then you can slowly, carefully extract your hand.
      Most cats DON’T like ruffhouse play — especially belly rubbing — like most dogs prefer.

  13. My baby (she’s a year old now) keeps her tail high and twitches it like crazy. Like a muscle spasm. It’s her happy tail instead of a swish

  14. Do you also like when a cat’s tongue is sticking out? And, perhaps, stirring it or doing the ‘puncher’ thing)) #notanimalabuse #catsarecreatedforthestuff

  15. we had a cat on my family’s farm named Sammy. she would hop up on the hood of my dad’s truck and start meowing, purring and cackling just like crazy. my dad started calling it her morning report

  16. My cat was just diagnosed with bone cancer. The vet has given her meds to control the pain, so we are really having to watch her body language for signs to give her the next dose.

  17. I’ve watched the series through at least three times, but until it was mentioned here, I never noticed Simon’s Cat lacked whiskers.

  18. sometimes when I pet my cats back and give him back scratches he curles his tail around my arm. what does that mean

  19. A cats body language is too complex compared to other pets. For example, take the common pet rock. It’s body language composes of one action, standing completely still. Pet tip: If your pet rock starts moving, you’re either being haunted by ghosts… or your pet rock is actually another animal, in which I recommend grounding it into a pulp so you can save money on pet food when you get a new pet rock.

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