Matcha Tea Dragon — Copic Marker Illustration

Ive started a new series of artworks where i draw Dragons inspired by different Tea varieties! Matcha Tea is the 1st. ART SUPPLIES: Copic markers Copic …. белый дракон как нарисовать

12 Replies to “Matcha Tea Dragon — Copic Marker Illustration”

  1. Loved the artwork. I also have the same problem that after coloring in the background the figure just looks like it doesn’t have enough value so I also just recently started doing that 🙂

  2. Nice! would have also been cool if you made the bg a tea looking substance like the dragon is actually floating in the tea

  3. I’d love to see a dragon based on roibos tea, and somekind of white tea 🙂 Loved the illustration btw <3

  4. Love tea. Love dragons. Great series for me(: Loving the different greens!
    Oolong, Chrysanthemum, Japanese green tea, Bushel’s Black Tea, milk tea…

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