Meet The Electro Dragon! (Clash of Clans Town Hall 12 Update)

Meet our brand new Town Hall 11 troop, the Electro Dragon! Its powerful lightning attack jumps from building to building and it showers the ground with lightning …. как нарисовать 2 дракона

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  1. Whis :- Beerus Sama nani wa commento wa? ( Beerus Sama have you anything to say? )
    Beerus :- Kuruzo ( He is Coming! )

  2. Just hope they manage to implement some kind of Electric Dragon in Clash Royale, it would be so cool to have some kind of Electro Baby Dragon!

  3. Hey supercell you should make an Hero which has the power of all our heroes
    Please you should make this type of hero

  4. TheSimplePlot thats wht i thought too. Plus the electro drag is more tanker and it can just forget about walls.

    • Gorgonzola YTB what a bullcrap…its perfect cuz it is bigger than dragon so it shouldn’t flap its wings like a bird, it looks like godzilla…bigger wings slower action..

    • Trending zone, nobody said to flap it’s Wings like a bird, but at this moment, they are too slow, If You were at least 14+, You would’ve known that when flying but not moving, a living being has to flap faster to maintain the pozition. That Is why IT should flap A BIT faster

    • Gorgonzola YTB again you are showing low level reasoning..if the wings are bigger then it can fly with lesser wing flaps than a smaller flying creature..because of the surface area it can push much more air….and bdw its not an actual thing its just a fantasy they are not bound to our physics…if you think like this why don’t you ask DC that how superman flies without wings its not how our physics work..goodluck with that

    • Trending zone, Ik IT Is fantasy world. When I said the Wings thing, I mean that because his Wings are not 4x bigger than the body, he should flap faster to look more realistic. The Wings are too small to flap that slow, they should ne bigger pe flap faster.

    • Hamza. Seven86 TOTALLY…imagine th9 attacking other th9 and this dragon comes out of the clan castle a fries all of your troops at once hahaha

  5. CliMacs oh!, Thanks that just a spelling mistake, can you please subscribe to my YouTube channel?

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