MY BEST SHOT EVER? | Golf With Your Friends Gameplay Part 57

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108 Replies to “MY BEST SHOT EVER? | Golf With Your Friends Gameplay Part 57”

  1. Hm, I wonder if this was supposed to be uploaded today….considering a video was already posted. Oh well, I was lucky enough to catch this before it was made private again. Great video by the way!
    (Also, hi to all the people of tomorrow! I think this will be uploaded for Saturday.)

    • Cool, I was wrong! It’s just a second video for today! Usually it’s just one video per day, so I suspected a mistake. But, nevertheless, it’s still fun to watch! ❤️

    I’ve just been in this place before
    Higher on the street
    And I know it’s my time to go
    Calling you, and the search is a mystery
    Standing on my feet
    It’s so hard when I try to be me, WOOOOAHHH!!!!

  3. Wade, can your new battle cry be ‘I’m married!’ and can the others all respond ‘You’re married!’ <3 hope you had a good time in Florida

  4. You should go play some games with Mark, Jack, and Bob so we can have double the laughs and double the fun

  5. Nice shot, Wade. That was sweet.
    Pat and GarGar, you guys did awesomely.
    JP, you get a big bear hug.
    GG fellas.

  6. «Daddy needs a new pair of shoes» originates from the great depression era most likely, where gambling was at a high and money for new clothing was at a low. Basically it was verbally wishing for money to buy necessities by means of gamble.

  7. Wade: «JP. He’s not gonna be a soccer player, or a basketball player, or a hockey player.»
    Me: Or a golf player.

  8. I’ve actually been playing Jurassic World Alive and will admit it’s TONS of fun.The AR mode is pretty neat for pictures and the sounds are crazy! If you guys like PoGo got try Jurassic World Alive

  9. Just wanted to say congrats on getting married Wade hope you and Molly have many happy years together

  10. Pokemon Go is okay. Just wish it wasn’t buggy and filled with technical problems, unless they’ve made some updates to patch things up, I’ve not personally played it myself yet. As far as the new Pokemon games coming out and all that, I’m actually rooting for them. I hope they do well and bring more people into the Pokemon games and Pokemon universe.

    Also, Ass Tit Monkey Lovers, Wade’s future ska reggae band. XD

  11. Love your videos Wade, you deserve a lot more credit for being one of the only YouTubers I can find that’s chill and relatable

  12. This is the first video I watch after returning from a 3 month no YouTube vacation and the salty boys are on point

  13. You four should resurrect drunk Minecraft sine Mark can’t drink anymore & I doubt that Wade would be blamed for anything with Gar, Patrick & JP in tow.

  14. PLAY SEA OF THIEVES WITH MARK, JACK AND BOB!!!!!!!! apparently the game has had a lot of cool changes since y’all left playing. There’s now a giant MEGLADON(i.e. a very huge shark) that can kill you in the sea. But y’all can try to kill it.

  15. Well now I am able to watch those streams after they end before I wasn’t able to because they did load or something the screen was black and there was no audio (on twitch)

  16. Why does Wade rag in Pokemon Go? What did the game ever do to him? And Wade by the way, it is far from being dead.

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