My Old Sketchbooks from Taiwan: The Way I Drew Back Then [VID 4]

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    • Blank Mixes The pieces in xiangqi (aka Chinese Chess) are discs, and those pieces are played on the intersections — not within the squares. So it’s definitely not xiangqi. I’m sure it’s shogi. As in the drawing, shogi has flat pieces that are played inside the squares. Don’t forget that Taiwan was occupied by the Japanese, which has had a lasting influence on Taiwanese culture.

  1. can you Draw garnet from final fantasy please I need it for a project I don’t really have any money(please)

  2. I’m very impressed by this here! Excellent work! Such an art style is something I envy really. Sorry for being such a downer XD hahahaha~ But do you believe a guy like me with my current style can improve right away?

  3. I just got your How To Draw Chibis book on Wednesday for my birthday (June 2). And I love it so much!! It really inspires me!!

  4. I love it! I actually think this is better than your’e work today! No offense i like your’e work now also

  5. I enjoy all Mark Crilley’s videos and they go so fast, I feel I need to watch them again. Great job, Mark! Keep it up!

  6. Of course i would like to see that!!
    i love your old sketchbooks and i would love to see you do that now!

  7. I would indeed like to see a video on how to draw people on the fly. Thanks again for the nice video Mark c:

  8. Hey Mark, I actually would like it if you did a video about sketching people in the real world. I did a number of sketches when I was in Berlin for a couple weeks, but now I’m in a small town in Texas and there seem to be less opportunities for sketching people. I wonder how you would tackle the challenge of finding good sketching locations in the United States.

  9. I love your art. It’s just amazing!!!

    Also the funny thing is my dad just left for Taiwan on a business trip and you posted this video. It’s such a coincidence.

  10. How do you sketch? Like do you sitt on a table drawing beside your motive, or is it like a past memory. Do you take pictures, then draw from that. Is it done quickly or more relaxed?

    What is your prefered way?

  11. Very cool stuff. Life experience always seems to be useful on getting better and making stuff like scenarios and stories more believable

  12. I actually knew someone from taiwan. She was an exchange student and she gave me a pin that had a pic of the country on it.

  13. Just what are those scraping noises in the background Mark? Its very distracting cause i keep thinking its my window making noise.

  14. Hey dude, do you sketch outside these days? When was the last time you sketched in a similar fashion as in this video, observing/journaling?

  15. This art is amazing!! I think a video on drawing ‘out in the world’ (what is that? I always thought that the world didn’t go beyond my bed, the kitchen, and my iPad…) especially to do with people, would be great! And I would love to see it!

  16. how can i draw things smaller. when I draw a face it looks good. but how do i draw the face in with a whole body? It requires really small lines. even my pencil tip is as small

  17. Although I am a Taiwanese, I’m so young that a lot of the things in your drawings are something in my history textbook. But I’m glad that I can see the era from another point.

  18. These are always a treat to watch; so relaxing to me. I can imagine the instances and places where you did these sketches, and that’s very cool for me to imagine. Keep up the great work and talents you’ve been blessed with, Mark. God bless yours and you! 🙂
    P.S. Congrats on almost 3 million subscribers. 🙂

  19. You should definitely do some sketching tutorials. Even like a, «thought process while sketching» kind of video. I really like how you sketch while leaving parts of what you see out of the sketch to let your mind fill it in itself. Looks really cool.

  20. For your sketching process, when you do stop drawing the outline and start focusing on values? I’m curious on how you gauge the empty space on your paper and get the image in your eyes onto that empty space without many outlines. Aside from the usual answer «experience» of course.

  21. I don’t know if it’s a good idea but do you think you can show us classic examples of mistakes people do in drawing/painting, etc… And teach us how to avoid or correct them?

    Awesome video btw! You never cease to amaze me!

  22. I am Taiwanese and so glad to see that you share your sketches about Taiwan. By looking at them, I would guess that maybe you lived in East Coast a long time ago. Anyway, I would love to see more your sketches about Taiwan. 🙂

  23. Awesome sketches. I’m curious though, when was the last time you went to Taiwan? I know it would be expensive and you have your family to think about, but it could be a fun little experiment to go back and do some drawings there—especially if you could find your old stomping grounds. Such as, if you could find that tree again. Either way, thank you for sharing these with us.

  24. Those sketches are really good. I’d love to see a video about drawing people in the real world, that would be neat.

  25. People watching/nature watching has really helped my art come to life. I think it’d be a great idea to do a people watching video, since you have such a large audience, I’m sure a lot of artists will benefit from it! 🙂

  26. Mark, I would love to see a video on pen and ink sketches! I like the loose look of your drawings. Thanks!

  27. I would love to see your process of people sketching! I usually get too afraid to do it in public. I wonder how you over come it or have any ways of not getting caught?

  28. hey Mark! i remember watching your youtube vids waaaay back when i was a little kid, you were one of the main reasons i got into manga and anime in general. i was so new to this type of artstyle and it fascinated me! i remember how much views you used to get way back when i was learning art techniques from your videos (7 or 8 years ago). its a shame to see how little views youve been getting recently. you deserve way more. i remember you replied to one of my comments way back and i fangirled like crazy! ive improved so much in art because of you! you truly motivated me! oh also, ive collected most of your books :)! brodys ghost, miki falls, etc! ahhhh, the good ol’ days! i miss them! keep up the good work, Mark! stay safe.

  29. I just love your beautiful sketches, Mark! Also, I would be happy to watch a tutorial on drawing outdoors.

  30. 6:01 I saw that face sinking through from the next page and what you were saying really matched up. ‘there in the middle of it all this one big… face?’

  31. Mr. Criley, I’m a fan of yours. I watch your videos every week, and I own a few of your books. But I’ve noticed your channel isn’t as popular as it once was. There are artists out there who are far less talented than you are, yet they get far more views. I don’t know if you even care about a thing like views, but if you do, you’ve got to start doing something different. You’ve got to adapt to the times.

  32. I would love a video on drawing people in the outside world.
    I have to say, you’ve helped me improve in both my art and my storytelling — but I like watching you in general even if I’m not drawing or writing! I hope you see this, because I want to let you know I’m grateful for your content. [thumbs up].

  33. Hey Mark, ive been a long time subscriber to you and I just recently moved to taiwan to be with a long time friend. Its cool to see more drawings from here. I wonder how much its changed since you last visited.

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