Photos That Prove Your Life Is A LIE

Photos that prove your life is a lie! Which funny photos made you think? Leave a Like if you enjoyed! NAUGHTY OR NICE WYR …. как нарисовать волка в кустах

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  1. im apart of the wolfpack bc ive been watching SSSniperWolf all day and just got a notification from SSSniperWolf and here i am!!!!! I LOVE YOU SSSNIPERWOLF!!!!!! YOUR THE BEST I WATCH YOU EVERYDAY!!!!

  2. Hi Lia ily so much ur probably not gonna see this but do you make me happy when I’m feeling depressed you make me happy all the time and I’m going to az in January plz let’s meet up

  3. I already knew about the baby carrot thing because I went shopping with my dad as a kid and he said he wanted baby carrots. I picked some regular carrots because they had no baby carrots and he said «that’ll do bc they’re baby carrots» Me: «Whattttt» Dad: «baby carrots come from regular carrots»

    that was when I knew my life was a lie

  4. The reason they use mashed potatoes is that so it doesn’t melt under the lights when they photograph it or video tape it ^-^ Luv u Lia!

  5. Am i the only one who has pronounced «nutella» the right way?

    Pronunciation :
    ‘New — Tell — uh ‘

    • +Sasusaku Forever literally so aggressive. If you are this way with others know that YOU are the one starting something, not them. I was making a joke.

  6. Truth is that mice don’t like anything with 2 strong of a scent back then they left out cheese cuz it was too big to put in the icebox and still say fresh while it can be left out so the only thing mice had to eat was cheese so the only thing people saw the eat was primarily cheese. bam edumacated!!!!

  7. The Toad thing isn’t tru cuz Nintendo said that it (they have no gender) taking off its mushroom cap is not cannon to the game.

  8. “Mice don’t like cheese.”

    “Hello Kitty isn’t a cat.”

    “No tears meaning; no tangles in your hair.”

    Me: **Drops phone** **Gets up from bed** **Walks to the toilet** **Flushes life into the toilet**

    There’s no meaning in life anymore guys. It’s time I give up.

  9. I’m trying to remember who taught me I before E except after C. Maybe my SCIENCE teacher.
    Get it?

  10. I learned mice don’t like cheese because I tried to feed cheese to them when I was little and they won’t eat it

  11. I was drinking soda while watching this, and it made me laugh so hard I spit it all out (by accident) on the computer. Whoops!

  12. I’ve always said nutella that way, and I’m American, but I guess I am from the Midwest, and we tend to speak very clearly so I guess that might explain it.

  13. I SAY IT THAT WAY TOO. I’ve never heard anyone say “nUh — tell — uh” it doesn’t even sound correct lmao

  14. Runfei Zhou no it’s because Nutella is from Italy and that’s how they say it so it should be pronounced like that so that’s the right way to say it

  15. I once tasted every color of Fruit Loops one at a time and I have found out that the Fruit Loops are all the same… MY LIFE IS A LIE!!!!!!!!!

  16. It blew my mind how people actually thought Froot Loops were different flavors. I always just saw them as Giant-Rainbow-Glazed-Cheerios, and that was exactly how they tasted. Like sugar!

  17. did you know that all babies start off as girls but then some of them turn into boys. ( •~•) mind blown

  18. Fruit Loops all taste the same? That can’t be…I have to test it! Edit: did I really just misspell «fruit?» That’s what when you buy off brand too much…

  19. Daya Lopez hey not judging but I always learnt as a kid, ‘drop the E and add ING or change the word’ lol just saying so u know 4 next time it’s dying

  20. Im late…… i love lia soooo much IDKW!!!!!! I guess because shes awsome duh!!!!! Ofcourse for me shes the best

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