Puddi Panda — Dealing with WiFi

How will Puddi deal with wifi problems? Follow Puddi on Instagram for updates and sneak peeks: Ссылка. волк фото как нарисовать

467 Replies to “Puddi Panda — Dealing with WiFi”

  1. Puddi I Love You So Much!!! Pandas Are My Favorite Animals!!!! And Puddi Just Makes It Even Better With his ADORABLE Voice

    • I love pudding too, but I wouldn’t say it’s cute, everyone has their opinion I guess. Personally, Puddi is ADORABLE!!!!!

  2. Me and my siblings live this series but since there’s only four we have probably watched each of them 50 times lol

  3. To be honest when I firt heard ,,subscribe to be my friend. Thaaank you» im suree I would cry if I didn’t subscribed ;-;

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