Reacting to my DELETED VIDEOS!

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1 408 Replies to “Reacting to my DELETED VIDEOS!”

  1. Last time I was this early, Daniel Howell was still claiming to be straight
    //edit: wow this is blowing up woah in That One Commenter also for y’all who can’t handle it it’s a joke (kinda true but let’s not go there)

  2. Sorry that I haven’t been watching you lately. Our house burned down and we lost everything 🙁 but seeing this made me so happy so thank you!

  3. It doesn’t matter if Phil says “me and dan” or “dan and I”, either way people aren’t going to be happy

  4. Where’s Wally???
    Dont you mean where’s Waldo????
    (thank you all for clearing this up, what I’m hearing is Americans are weird and say Waldo)

  5. Once upon a time there was a boy named Phil,
    He played a lot of sims, with a sim called Dil,
    He made some YouTube vids which his fans now binge,
    Now he’s reacting to them and they’re making him cringe!

  6. Phil, if you ever see this, I just want you to know that I love you with all of my heart. You and Dan have helped me through so much. I’ve been going through a tough time lately, and I really needed a good laugh. Thanks….love you for everything you do.

    • I’m not trusting their terms of service. As one of the few people who occasionally reads through those sorts of things, there seems to be a lot of waiving your rights and third parties involved in the terms. I already have a Nintendo Switch so I think I’ll pass on the download. I’m sure the app is probably perfectly safe and all, or at least as safe as any other app probably is, but I just don’t trust the phrasing, and the replies here make me too hesitant to download it..

    • rize is a very confusing app. it doesn’t allow me pass the registering thing until i have to give it access camera and microphone. and i keep going live accidentally whenever i click on someone’s username till i get to the point where i’m too paranoid to do anything.

  7. Watches first video: Oh, that’s actually not that bad
    Second one: Wow that’s some hair… yikes…
    «Artsy Vlog»: Things are starting to go downhill, aren’t they?

  8. Fetus Phil’s American accent sounds like Nixxiom from Planet Dolan trying to mockingly impersonate the average teenage girl

  9. i looked through my camera roll and found an edited picture of phil and buffy on the red carpet and i honestly have no idea why or if i made it but it left me confused all day

  10. It’s funny that we’re looking back and the first piece of Phil on the internet that we see is «So this is what the future looks like.»

  11. wait how do YOU tan omg. when i, a fellow ginger, am less pale than you…. but if i step into the sun for 2 seconds i get heat stroke????? and burn???? talented king

  12. Legit had to watch the whole video again because I was staring at the quiff and couldn’t concentrate 🙁 it’s fluffy.

  13. When Phil clicked The Truth video, my inner demon was like,» Yes,yes,yes,yes,yes!» «Oh.» Lol, I need to stop.

  14. FINALLY, THE AMERICAN-PHIL VIDEO! Ever sinve he mentioned it in tabinof I’ve been wishing to see it.
    Also, him pointing out the differences between how American and British people tell their names made my linguistics-learning self jingle.

  15. Conspiracy theory: Phil *IS* actually an American guy named Kyle… It was hard for him to keep it a secret so he decided to put out a video letting everyone know. But when the video got a negative response he quickly realized he made a mistake and passed the whole thing off as a joke. AmazingPhil really is just AverageKyle (just kidding I obviously don’t believe that XD)

  16. Quarter way through of the video, we all collectively thought of something, but for the sake of being a decent human being we didn’t mention it. Look, I dont want you to have the impression that i’m THAT person who has to bring up THAT thing every time- i’m just saying what we all were thinking. I honestly thought for a second this was gonna be the video where he reacts to the thing.

  17. I was re reading TABINOF a month ago and i was sad because i was looking for the video Phil was talking about in his book but it was gone! AND NOW THIS VIDEO IS CREATED

  18. Lowkey wanted to make a v-day video joke, but don’t really feel like being attacked right now.

    • Terrobility What are you guys talking about? I’m not a new fan at all, but I did take a break from YouTube so I must have missed this.

    • bippy201
      Lmao it is a sacred video that people dont want to talk about because it literally destroyed a part of dnp’s friendship. Now its fixed dont worry lmao.

    • It doesn’t support mine, I remember I had the app a few months ago when it was released because Oli White talked about it but I went to go on it last month and said that it is no longer supported.

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