SCREW THE RULES! I can only WIN with THIS card! (YgoPro)

New Blue-Eyes RAMPAGE support (YgoPro).. Thanks for watching! ———————————————————————————————————— Check out …. глаза у дракона как нарисовать

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  1. Screw functional card design, let’s oversaturate this card game with Blue-Eyes support cards that are also meme cards!

    • The same reason why the LED2 Ojama support exists. An Ojama searcher that forces you to run Armed Dragons is bullshit. And why isn’t there a UVW instead of a VW yet?

    • Armed Dragon has no relation to Ojama or V-Z/. The only connection it has is because Manjoume used them in his deck. aside from VW, none of them originally appeared in GX. XYZ was used by kaiba, ojama was introduced in Power of the Guardian as a trap card, and armed dragon from soul of the duelist, which was still during the duel monsters era, but the first set released after the manga ended. having ojama with ADand XYZ is like mixing sasuke samurai with red eyes and Jinzo.

    • A machine union monster whose name starts with U would be nice. Retrains of the XYZ machines to help make A-to-Z easier to summon would be great. And maybe a union machine that treats itself as Armed Dragon LV7 to make ADCC practical

    • XYZ’s biggest problems are its vanilla monster making it harder to bring out than the unions and it is much slower to summon. also it cannot be revived, but you can return it when banished. A-Z is scary to encounter and is practically GG because its effect is less restricting than herald of perfection, has higher stats and its machine status means limiter and protection from the ABC unions. no one plays it because it is too slow and link summons. the biggest problem is XYZ. so yes, I do think XYZ could use a retrain. now blue eyes XYZ would be less random than armed dragon CC. that effect is nasty, but lol that condition. fusion tag is the only practical way of summoning it and the TCG really needs to errata the effect because it is mistranslated.

  2. Using a extra rule to use this card in the duels to win the games tells you already a lot about its strengh

  3. -I summon my 3 blue eyes white dragon

    -Wait a minute, did you summon a bunch of monsters in one turn?


    -That´s agains the rules

    -Screw the rules, i have money

    • the funny thing about this joke s that kaiba did not summon three blue eyes in one turn. also yugi is being a hypocrite when he destroyed his own magic card.

    • I know that it is from ytas. I am just saying that when LK made a joker about it, that did not really happen in the first episode of DM. I was calling out yugi for being a bigger cheater as well. kaiab did cheat for yugi once however.

    • That feels terrible because then you’re even more focussing on rampage, which is terrible unless you really want to go all gimick, and also insta lose to ash blossom.

    • Nah they dont want that. Just fanservicing casual fans to lucrate from nostalgia. Real competitive BE players understand the ups and downs of the deck, and are actually pissed off at konamy throwing bullshit that are more memes than viable competitive things. They have showed with so many of their moves that they understand what makes a deck top consistenly at their events, and all this new support clearly says they dont want that with BE.

    • TheWhiteBowser They already achieved that goal. They are just fan servicing the living Hell out of it right now.

  4. why Konami? why? this card has too many restrictions. is the R&D team even aware of what they are making?

    • it does. it is only one card with a once per clause if I recall correctly. the problem though is that I am not sure if protecting one monster will prevent you from using the rest of the effect.

    • so I just read a ruling on ygorganization that if a monster such as horus level 6 is on the field, then you can activate the card. now MST, will cause the effect to fizzle while retaining the special summon restriction.

  5. We need a Field spell that if you control no monsters; let’s you summon a Dark Magician from hand and let’s all Dark spellcasters you control attack directly.

  6. I love lithium’s videos, but god damn I hate the state of yugioh. Watching these long ass turns and summoning the same link monsters makes me happy I’m only a spectator of the game and not playing it.

  7. Meanwhile,
    • Phantasm Spiral Dragon and Normals/Geminis in general
    • Prediction Princesses and Rituals in general
    • Digital Bugs and low-level XYZ archetypes in general
    • Aqua, Fish and Sea Serpents in general
    • and Krawlers, Tindangles, and other FLIP monsters in general
    are all crying themselves to sleep.

    Anything I missed?

  8. how do I get this ygopro tried the others and no good, they don’t seem to want to work for me. Also this seems like a fun card to play.

  9. Love how they ruled that destroying this card when activated with cards like mystical space typhoon can negate it. Brings back childhood memories of fussing over whether mystical space typhoon can negate spell and trap.

  10. Very nice video lithium. In my build i main a lot of hand traps,ash infinite transcience etc and board wipes so i can force them to make a lackluster board and just wipe them out w the board wipes n rampage for game. And no no mallets lol just trade ins and bingo machines. Stuck 100% to the gimmick but i see where u can from where not relying on the gimmick. I just wanted to go all in much like chaos max turbo does lol. Enjoyed the video cant wait till the next!

  11. Okay, so the card is slightly better than I thought it was considering you can activate it in the battle phase after you’ve attacked. It’s still bad, but not as bad as I thought

  12. Goddamn meme supports for blue eyes.
    Why can’t we have nice things like heroes?
    Just give blue eyes proper balanced support and their specific link monster

  13. Lithium: *sigh* “Another Blue–Eyes support card? Oh, it’s a meme, haha, then I get to ignore it.”
    Internet: “Lithium, we expect a video on this.”
    Lithium’s play testing buddies: “Okay, but you can only win if you use it.”
    Lithium: “I already have a handicap by using this card.”
    “We are not going to play 4,272 duels just so you can ‘showcase the possibilities.’”

  14. The effort you put in every fan fav card has amazed me in all these years ♡ unfortunatelly the card doesn’t really work, but at least blue-eyes have a dedicated archetype now

  15. It should of included other Blue-Eyes dragons too, and it should of been 5, not 3, then it would be worthwhile.

  16. Just need the lv darkness cards and take over 5 and the field spell and normal spell that Summons numbers monsters

  17. If you want more damage just Dark Matter an Eclipse Wyvern for REDMD (revive a Galaxy for 10800 damage right off the bat and still have a hand)…and of course hope to draw Collapserpent. Far better than this crap. But you shouldn’t need to slightly more damage with BEWD decks…usually they overkill when they win already.

    Hell, even the nerfed Chaos Emperor seems more promising.

    What they need is ways to build the GY inherently (for revival to go into a R8…or somethging to just make R8’s easier), generate advantage (everything aside from Desires is a trade or neg 1), and just add more consistency, which this card and most of the support don’t do.

    • Wait, I just realized why use Collapserpent when you could simply use Chaos Emperor since it’s searchable by Melody…Hmm, I think I have an idea.

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