Starlight wants your Cutie Mark

Do you have a cutie mark? Starlight Glimmer goes to you. Ссылка Special thanks: Deftwise-Zero Ссылка Al29 …. видео как нарисовать милая пони

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  1. How did you get all those cutiemarks?
    .:.StarLight.:. «Uh i slapped some asses»       .:.Edit.:. Oml I through no one would see this and I would drown the comments guess I was wrong.

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    • Starlight Glimmer
      Stealing cutie-marks, groping ponies’ asses without their valid consent, stealing the wings of a princess, and beating an Harmony Bearer. Not to mention sun-setting. Those are illegal in Equestrian Law.

    • Nah man, Starlight is friends with Princess Twilight, she isn’t just above the law, she *is* the law. Also I think she just became an alicorn, so now she’s the most powerful being in existence. Run.

    • but she have a difrend way to becom a princess to do the same things like twilight do the best to her friends ok?

    • Андайн Бессмертная Flurry has no cutie mark , she is a baby.

      for now….

    • Селестия,Луна и Кейденс — может быть,а у малютки кьютимарки ещё нет,она ещё не раскрыла свой особый талант:)

  2. ………I think Starlight’s secretly a pervert and is using this tactic as a way to get her off.

    And she has a thing for Twilight.

  3. 1:01 — Amythest Star at first be like «Who dares to touch my flank!», then upon seeing Glimmer is like «Maybe if I don’t react I’ll make it through this…whatever this is.»

    Also, one has to question the legalities of this. Putting aside the assult (physical, and inappropriate touching) and the stalking, would this be illegal in some way? She’s not erasing cutie marks this time, she’s copying them. Cutie Marks are supposed to be a symbol of who a pony is, at least in a way. Ignoring cases of naturally duplicate cutie marks, what sort of repercussions could she possibly face for making what could amount to illegal copies of cutie marks? Seeing as how the spell is in a book _(Amusing book title BTW)_, this has probably happened before in this alternate universe, so there must be a precedent set for such an event, even if it may not technically be written into law.

  4. Vladimir Lapshin , «задизлайкала»? ты же мужик…боже, какой же ты странный.

  5. I don’t think everyone wanted to see starlight touch other ponies…flanks and I think starlight is a *little* bit possed with twilight merch and twilight..herself :/ But hey whatever makes the fandom happy right XD ?

    • ganondorfchampin Sorry honey, you don’t have «facts» either. Also, Starlight does basic levitation and it is obvious she’s not too young, she’s around the same age as Twilight and Twilight preformed and age spell on Spike as a kid.

    • You don’t know what you’re talking about. All you are doing now is backtracking and insisting you are right despite evidence to the contrary, all to justify your irrational hatred of Starlight.

      «she’s around the same age as Twilight and Twilight preformed and age spell on Spike as a kid.» You’re being utterly absurd, are you trying to get it so nobody can take you seriously? If you remember the full flash back from Cutie Mark Chronicles, Twilight could barely levitate stuff as well, and the more importantly, she did NOT cast an age spell on Spike, that was the result of an uncontrolled magic surge and the whole point of that bit was Twilight had incredible latent power.

    • ganondorfchampin Keep in mind, that was TWILIGHT’S magic that outbursted and noone else. Noatter what, it’s an age spell; accidental or on purpose.

      Twilight was a talented and studious Unicorn *chosen and trained by Princess Celestia herself!* If that doesn’t prove talent compared to Starlight, I don’t know what is.

      I don’t hate Starlight herself, I hate her unneeded and unrealistic abilities.

      And I *do* have facts, you just sent them with how you *perceive* the show.

      I think your *favouritism* for Starlight is why you can’t take my factual opinion seriously.

    • But we aren’t talking about Twilight, we’re talking about Starlight. Twilight is the more powerful pony, that doesn’t say anything about Starlight.

      Your facts do not support your argument.

      «I think your favouritism for Starlight is why you can’t take my factual opinion seriously.»
      BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! No. I’m rather indifferent towards her. You Starlight haters are hilarious. Also » factual opinion». 😛

    • ganondorfchampin I say factual because I use what I see in only the show. But, I once again, *don’t hate Starlight herself*. I actually love Starlight, one of my favourite characters, but it’s the unrealistic power that irked me.

  6. Why did Starlight steal Twilight`s wings?
    Cuz she`s a huge FAN (<--- also an object to cool yourself down)

  7. Last Twilight Become To Unicorn Again Because Starlight Steal Twilight’s Wings
    And Starlight is Same Applebloom in s2e6 «Cutie Pox»

  8. i love how the other ponies don’t seem to care that starlight touched their plots… they’re like «oh, what’s that, ah it’s just some creep touching my ass, carry on then»

  9. Why is Starlight is always doing something weird in Forga’s video, am I the only one who know about it?!!!

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