Stephen A. on LeBron James: ‘I don’t want to hear no more comparisons’ after Game 4 | ESPN

Stephen A. Smith speaks after Game 4 of the 2018 NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers, saying of LeBron James «I don’t …. волк маска как нарисовать

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  1. Stephen A didn’t even think the Cavs would even make it out of the East and he think cavs had a chance against the warriors?

    • Len Mackay thats not the point. Your so called “goat” gave up then his teammates followed.

    • Youtube Watcher To everyone saying didn’t get a game please tell me the cavs didn’t deserve game 1. The nigga scored 51 put his heart into that game and got robbed. He is going up against one of the greatest teams of all time my nigga. I knew all Jordan dick heads would come out. Who does this nigga have. Instead of praying on his downfall, admire these playoffs he just had.

    • Sami Saifudin he got robbed when Hill missed that FT? When JR dribbled the clock out? When the Cavs failed to call timeout? When LeBron failed to show up in OT like the rest of his teammates?

      Did he get robbed in game 3 as well when that game was screaming for the Cavs to take it? I mean, they were up by as much as 13 with Curry and Klay shooting like Stevie Wonder on the court. Did he get robbed when he neglected to take the challenge of guarding Durant down the stretch of that said game with it being close at home? Basketball fans want to know.

    • Waveface killah nah. He would have got them one. Definitely. And you must have not watchedA.I play

  2. So 1 game when he was down 3-0 determines whether or not he’s in the Jordan conversation? Okay SAS, makes sense.

    • Keyshon Jones Yea it seems you are forgetting the fact he just got swept for the second time and lost 6 finals, they were not all against all time great teams either… Do you still feel like you are missing something?

    • Iceagescott Rach So the 2011 Mavs, or OKC Thunder without Westbrook were better than the Showtime Lakers? Or the 97 and 98 Jazz, or the 96 Sonics? That is sad bruh

    • Cuz pop and a bunch of g league players and old players who belong in a retirement home put more fight than lebron and the Cavs

    • It speaks of his character.. There have been 9 sweeps in the finals.. 2 of those are Lebron’s.. He showed us all that he was willing to play like trash..

    • Darren Carter What the hell are you talking about a thunder team without westbrook. When did Lebron play against that? This is why most people just laugh at Lebron haters.

    • Darnell Lincoln your a clown u shit on legends of the past and you never factor in the rules of the times these soft ass nba players of today would not be as great as the old head because talent can only get u so far in there nba you had to have a dog in u the same dog that mj showed the same dog that kobe an shaq showed im not on drugs im just old enough to have seen many great teams and your goofy ass is star struck over 1 or 2 teams from your own era you sound sad and you know shit about bball

    • God lion lmao a delusional oldhead, what’s new lmao I’ll let you hold on to your golden memories of the has beens of that era that couldn’t defend without hand checking. Those frauds couldn’t keep up with today’s athletes. Don’t overfill that bucket of tears, I know it hurts when the veil of nostalgia is torn down by logic.

    • Fuck Your Opinion He also played in the expansion era and made the playoffs with 30 wins. 50 and 60 wins meant nothing then because 8 out of 10 teams were trash.

  3. Lebron lacks the killer drive when the chips are down, you don’t give up, you try or die trying.
    MJ and KOBE had that mentality, LBJ gave up, can’t totally blame him though, Cavs just outgunned and outclassed.

    • ibr bak you lost all credit to any sport topic when you said Floyd mayweather was a more talented boxer than Muhammad Ali. You don’t know nothin young buck

    • Fabian Lopez Still don’t have anything to support that Phil was considered greater than Red after Bulls 6 championships hahaha. I highly doubt you watched that era, being born in the 90s doesn’t mean you watched anything that happened during it haha. Oh, and welcome back!

    • Billy Lee I’ll say this, as the unquestioned leader of his team, Lebron gets a lot of credit for «making his teammates better» when he wins, and deservedly so. On the flip side, as the unquestioned leader of his team, he also needs to get blame for «making his teammates worse» when he loses. Those are your troops, and if they’re underperforming, you take blame for that.

    • by the time Lebron’s career is done, he’ll have more 2nd place finishes than anyone in the history of the NBA. Congrats on another 2nd place finish to Lebron James!

  4. He’s absolutely right…LeBron n Cavs absolutely gave up this game…damn that’s not good fa cavs n LeBron’s legacy…no more comparison at all to mj here after…

  5. Thats my point.. when LBJ was on miamis super team or cavs super team everyone was ok with it.. but now since he is on a average team everyone makin excuses for him. U love it if the super team is urs but its wrong when its your competition according to people..

    • Miami super team? They were not

      #1 in fg%
      #1 scoring
      #1 ft %
      #1 3pt %
      #1 in assists
      #15 rebounding

      That miami team was nothing like this stacked team. G.S was already 73-9 without him. James didnt join a 73-9 team. He joined a 4th or 5th seeded miami that just lost in the first round to boston celtics

    • oj oj The problem when he lost no one said this is a stain on KD Russ and Harden legacy, no one said it was a stain on Duncan legacy, it stained Stephs legacy cuz he was on the better team when he lost. But when Lebron loses to superior competition you guys line your bayonets at him and claim Michael would have won against superior team even though history shows he clearly didn’t. Plus stop saying 3-6 like he’s a boxer or UFC fighter is people who you that are the same people who get mad with the 1-9 argument.

  6. Yup, already done with this comparison. LBJ is great player of his generarion. However, MJ will always be the G.O.A.T. 6 RING, 6 FINALS MVP, DPOY, 10 SCORING TITLES AND THE LIST GOES ON BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS. MJ MADE SURE HE WON ALL THOSE WITH THE BULLS NOT JUMPING TO CREATE TEAMS.

  7. How you sweep the Raptors but get swept in the finals…lol HAHAHA!!! to that city…first 0-16 Browns now 0-4 Cavs…lol

    • Ronnie Clark kobe in a super team? How so? Explain urself. Pau was the only other all star on the team when he went back to back. When they went 3-peat, it was shaq and kobe. And mj? Mj had pippen and good role players… Lebron had wade and bosh, kyrie and love. He did win wo kyrie but that was a fluke. Warriors got too comfortable being up 3-1.. fans like you are toxic to the nba..

    • Burger King you’re high mj «role players» idk how u can call Dennis Rodman Horace grant role players and Kobe, Kobe was always surrounded by great players u kidding me prime Andrew Bynum Sasha pau Jordan farmar lol gtfo

    • Ronnie Clark sasha? Jordan farmar? Great players? Hahahaha! They were relevant because they played with kobe. Same with shannon brown. Prime bynum? Bynum had 1 good year and he was shit every other year. Didnt even play that well in the playoff the year he was good. U gtfo. Compared to what kobe had, lebron has had hall of fame role players. And im not talking about just this year.

    • Delgado, you must be 18. Jordan never had a stacked team. From 1991-1993, he only had 1 all star calibre player and that was Pippen. You also have very poor logic. Lebron fans keep say Jordan is 1-9 without Pippen in the playoffs. But Lebron didn’t make the playoffs until his 3rd season.

    • Alboholic, at least Jordan made it to the first round. Lebron didn’t make it to the playoffs until his 3rd season. You can’t use the same logic for making the Finals. If your team is good enough to make it to the Finals, that means you’re one of the remaining top 2 teams. There’s no excuse.

      and yes, Jordan could beat these Warriors team, using the more physical 1990s rules.

    • Kennedy thompson yeah cuz you weren’t born yet little boy Kobe and MJ wasn’t in your time you only seen one of the greatest losers of all time which is Lebron

  8. he is riding gsw bandwagon too. leborn had nothing left after playig 82 games and dragging this team to finals. game 1 was pure robbery and once that was done cavs had no chance. they had no home court. so many calls went against them it is not even close.
    whole league is sold out to gsw haegemony . there is no sense of parity in the sports. but for james cavaliers would not even make playoffs. can any of those punks can take the same team to finals? just try. they had to bring inn KD to defeat lebron. tells you the greatness of a man. he has lost but he has lost to superior teams barring 2011.
    a sad day because a colluded rich team beat him!
    houston put them on the mat but one injury robbed their chances. last year kawhi was taken out. before that love and kyire injured with whole playoff opponents injured in 2015!

    when he joined miami. they had not made playoffs and they had spurs with already 3 superstars and quality quality bench( hoary and bowden). when he played 7 years, he face detroit and celtics all by himself and won.
    nobody talks about that. 2015, they were 2-1 up and nearly 3-0 up with one dellevadova( he went to iv.and their chances went with that)

    • Sanjay Kulkarni he chose to play all 82 because the nerative behind it… he had never done it and jordan did it mutiple times so he was hoping it would help in the chase for goat but hes a modern day jerry west go look at his numbers in the finals mind blowing numbers but no enough wins to secure him even being a top 10 greatest of all time after he retires and people see his career as complete the goat convo will end

    • you punk. lebron did not join 73-9 team. he joined a non playoff miami team. And opponent was spurs with already 3 established stars. it is not the same. you effing fool. what they have done is sports loot.
      and in capitalism this sham is allowed.
      wtih all the money, did us soccer team even make it to finals? get your head out of your butt and see the world.
      i am talking about parity in the league. forget lebron who else had any sort of chance against them? others just do not have enough.
      one injury to cp3 took all their chances away. that strengthens my arguement further.

      why was cp3 trade blocked by former commissioner? because he cared for parity.
      what did they teach you in school? if you are a college drop out. you wont get it. if a days cheer makes your life. that is pathetic.
      life is all about fair competition, trust and parity. when you deliberately meddle with justice. you see bad bad things happen in the world. jealousy, revenge, wars.
      what they have done is a classic example of how not to get it done.
      And sadly it is a besmirch to great bayarea.
      i cant talk to idiots.

    • arse hole. green was given techincal. he had collected enough sins to get sanctioned. he should have been suspended against okc as well. and this nonsense would not have happened.
      well. i can see an arsehole from 10 miles far. why am i not surprised?

    • no. lbj did not join 73-9 tem. nor he was up 3-1 in any series. in 7 years he had none to play with and despite that he went to finals.
      whole world can see unfairness barring you blind gsw dickriders.

    • if he did not play 82 games. they would not be in playoffs. they were slipping to 7th or even 8th just like that. when he sat 25 points lead disappeared. get your effing facts right.
      gsw is a colluded team put together by rich folks( read last year article).
      cavs had no chance whatsoever. when competition was fair you saw lebron could drag them tofinals. but when you have 4 stars and another mvp coming off bench, it is impossible to compete.
      anybody can see taht.
      usa team did not quality for world cup despite all the money. you cant pull that stunt in international competition.
      this is a club sports at the end of the day. but this blatant farce is not good for the game at all.

  9. People should have stopped the comparison when LeBron, Wade and Bosh lost to Dirk Nowitzki in the finals. Jordan with wade and bosh wouldve won.

    • fightnight14 See this is what bothers me with Bron fans. Yall look for any excuses yall can find. Jason Kidd was at the end of his career when he played with Dallas against the Heat. He was nowhere near his former all star form. Neither was Caron Butler. Shawn Marion, Peja. And Tyson Chandler didnt make an all star team at that point as he was only an injury prone avg player. Plus he only made one all star team and that was when he played with the Knicks 2 seasons later. But yall dudes try to make it seem like Bron never had any help his entire career and try to spin facts. By that logic it should be easy to say Bron played with at least 4 all stars each year hes been to the championship because he played with a lot of former all stars. Smh

    • blazinbutter dude really,stop it them dudes are NBA player u no how hard it is to make it to the NBA.How u gonna put somebody down for another nigga.U new era nigga are a trip.smdh

    • Carti Stan #2900 #SPLUR #FLATBED they were stacked with role players. 1 all star with a bunch of role players. The Cavs have two all stars and a bunch of role players.

    • +Carti Stan #2900 #SPLUR #FLATBED Just stop it.A prime Wade, Bosh & Bron plus a good veteran supporting cast vs 38 year old Kidd, Dirk, Marion & solid role players….no way Heat should’ve lost.Jason Terry came off the bench & outplayed Bron lol Terry averaged 18 PPG to Bron’s 17.8 in 11 less minutes per game smh

  10. I’m Sick and tired of comparing Lebron to MJ. Stephen A was right. For you to be the king you have to get the crown. 3 out of 9 and thousands of excuses. It feels so good to see LBJ badly beaten by a super team. LeBum started the concept of super team. He may not be in the finals anymore. This might be his last trip to the finals. LeBum will never be MJ nor eclipse MJ period.

    • Binny Nguyen I’m done explaining, pointless.. besides 90% of the people on here don’t know shit about basketball. Just followers.

    • So you are saying that D. Wade was clown? Chris Bosh was a clown? Ray Allen and all those Miami players defeated by the Spurs? Kyrie was aclown?, kevin Love also?

    • Very good point. MJ didnt joined Shaq, Olajuwon, Malone, Ewing etc. back in the days jst to get title.

    • Edward Green when do people get a participation award. Kobe taking a sorry team to 7 games against the revolutionary phoenix suns is more impressive than beating the baby pacers, injured boston, and sorry baby raptors. But nobody cares to bring that up because nobody cares about how well someone did in a losing effort. people care more about a subpar win than a spectacular loss.

    • Heanly Hyral Actually that 2008 Boston squad is when the Big 3 era started. KG, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen went to the Finals twice in 3 years before Lebron went to Miami.

    • Edward Green. Y’all fail to realize that if Kd did not go to warriors they would not be back in finals back to back nor would they have 3 rings. Quit making excuses for Lebron every time he loses.

  11. MJ would go down swinging . I watched MJ play he had more heart then James. MJ would never give up tired of hearing who’s better . I know who’s better, end of story.

    • We live in different times how. Plus Bron team is so useless. Dont act like you gonna go down fighting for a team who dont want it as bad as you do and is complete utter useless. Losing 3 straight games shit I gave up to.

    • 85′ bulls boston 3-0 bulls, 86 bulls’ boston 3-0 bulls, mike got swept two years in a row so wtf are you talking about?

    • 導演立帆 MJ in today’s era would have a free lane to the basket and go berserk. It wouldn’t even be fair. You can’t put a hand on him, gtfoh! They’d have to change the rules back again. I watched both eras. The game has changed to favour offence especially wing players. After MJs first retirement they lost MJ but gained Kukoc, Longley, Kerr and Wennington. Two regular starters and key role players in the second three peat, plus they kept the rest of the squad and still couldn’t make the finals. The following year they were on course for failing to make the playoffs before MJ came back with a handful of games left. Another favourite Lebron excuse makers argument debunked.

    • Errol Spence Jr. golden state has 4 all stars no excuses they were the better team wtf did you expect ?

    • Alboholic23 Spurs without Kawhi won a game, Pels without Boogie won a game, and Houston took 3 games. So you’re telling me Aldridge, Davis, or Harden is better than Lebron?

    • Errol Spence Jr. all 3 teams are better than Cleveland. Cavs should’ve lost to Indiana but that’s how great LeBron is he got to the finals. Unlike all those teams you named

    • Alboholic23 Cavs should’ve lost to Indiana if they called that goaltending from Lebron lol. But the refs love him lol

    • LeBron could throw out some things that make 99% of NBA players not worthy of being mentioned with him. That’s if you can’t at least make it to the Finals every year. Shut Da Fuckup. Your favorite NBA players didn’t reach the Conference Finals Every Year Pretty Often.

  12. Stephen A Is 1 Million Percent Right!!!!!
    He Spoke PURE TRUTH!!!!!
    This Is Why I Always Say and Will Continue To Say LeBron Will NEVER BE MICHAEL JORDAN and WILL NEVER BE KOBE BRYANT — «NEVER».

    • yung pimpin dude mentioned kobe I was talking to dude so apologize for your ignorant nigatry pimp named brokeback you warriors loving homo

    • GLOBAL SPIRITUAL REVOLUTION RADIO & MEDIA GROUP he doesn’t have to be because he is better than them both.

    • stop dickriding Kobe and Jordan? why the fuck does everyone have to have the exact same career as those 2 to be considered great? LeBron’s accomplishments stand on their own.

  13. LeBron been swept twice in the finals smh better than Jordan? He ain’t even better that kobe. Kobe 5-3 NBA finals LeBron 3-6 wow

    • Erik Banuelos actually he could carry them to the finals but he’d lose too. The east is garbage so it’s not like it’s much of a challenge out there

    • Erik Banuelos so? Lebron been playing with allstars also, multiple hall of famers. Kobe would’ve put up a better fight thats forsure.

    • Maurice Lewis kobe is clutch and a better scorer than lebron. Hell yeah he wouldve carried this cavs team.

    • Rowena Borja It’s funny you say «attract» as if these great players willingly left their teams to join him. I remember LeBron leaving to join Wade in Miami and leaving again to join Kyrie in Cleveland. Kevin Love didn’t choose to join the Cavs, he was traded. History has shown that LeBron doesn’t lead and galvanize his team to play beyond their ability. He gives up in the face of defeat and goes away quietly. Jordan, Kobe and the other greats would give everything physically possible to win, even against an inevitable sweep.

    • 20willsdude yea no I’m sorry but I actually am a bulls fan and was around when Jordan was playing ain’t no way mj wuda played like that in the finals in a close out game.. But when never was in that position down 0-3 not mj in the finals hell no lebum swept twice in the finals gtfoh..

  14. Terrible season as an NBA fan for me. We all knew how it would end at the beginning of the season and it did. This isn’t competition.

    • T. GO won’t change much… don’t let all our banter distract you from the real issue here…Cavs got swept.

    • DatBoiiZo don’t call yourself an NBA fan. In the conference finals, the rockets and celtics had a really good chance of winning… aka good competition (unfortunately the east is a lot weaker). But there’s no way you could have predicted that the warriors needed a rockets meltdown and a cp3 injury to advance. An NBA fan would’ve really enjoyed the awesome competitiveness of that series.

    • DatBoiiZo not really, Houston had a great chance to beat Golden State at one point. It’s their fault they folded in the end

    • Actually no, a lot of people had the Celtics gong to the finals. But, then Hayward got hurt the first game of the season. Then Kyrie later on. Even then, in the playoffs a lot of people thought the Raptors would finally break through or even the 76ers. Cavs were actually an underdog

    • The whole «competition» narrative is another bullshit attempt to discredit greatness on the part of the warriors…Stop hiding behind it instead come out and voice your opinion with all credibility and honour…that you want to see the Golden State warriors lose. Simple

    • Like Alboholic23 said, did MJ play the Spurs and Warriors a total of 7 times? And also, did MJ have to play a series with Daniel Gibson, Mathew Dellevadova or a one-dimensional Kevin Love as his number two with a slew of role players who couldn’t buy a bucket?

    • Tactix88 MJ would never quit on his team the way lebron did in game 2 and game 4… this is infuriating to me as a basketball fan. I thought he was incredible after game 1 but now they are making excuses that he injured his hand and thats why he played so average after that…

    • you weren’t even in your dads nut sack when mj was playing. championships are a team accomplishment little boy.

    • Man O’Neal dude LeBron wanted Kevin Love when he went back to Cleveland, he pressured them to give Thompson big money, pressured them to give JR fuckin Smith big money… etc

    • SwishhMade Vlogs and Jordan was still carrying him while Scottie was riding the bench his rookie year like a scrub and only averaged 14ppg on 43 percent his second year

    • SwishhMade Vlogs He lost, but he never gave up. Jordan was putting up 45 points on effecient shooting and poured his heart on the court every single minute of the games he played, against 5 and 3 hall of famer teams.

    • Patrick Neary… he didnt play with Wade, BOsh, Love, and Kyrie all at the same time…. Wade had knee problems after the 1st two years of the Big 3(not a superteam) because of that he exit his prime. Bosh was like Kevin Love before this year in the finals… a no show. Kyrie is the ONLY logical argument anyone has.

    • Lebron came in the league at 19 i think and didnt make it into the playoffs until 21 thats not bad at all

    • most of yous never watched him play a single game. he played in a no zone era ,during two expansion eras when the league sucked with clyde drexler the best guy at his position for a decade. mj is a bench player in todays nba. researxhg the word evolution, watch a dunk contest, watch a game. youll see

  15. LeBron heart was still in game 1 which really killed his game of mood…even if they would of lost the finals, that game 1 would of set his legacy to be one of the greatest he have ever played. But going 51 points and lost it like that was awful. Sad to see it ended like that.

  16. LeBron will never touch Jordan. Jordan would never take a night off to get swept outta the playoffs.

    • Kinkade Koolaid jordan may indeed lose to the warriors if he had the calvs lineup, but I guarantee you it would be a series, no centers, no hand checking, can’t breath on a guy without a foul being called, Jordan would AVERAGE 60pts, and no way would he get swept out and simply give up like bron did before the Overtime in game 1 when he threw a temper tantrum on the sideline. Rodney Hood led the Cavaliers in shot attempts in game 4 do you think Jordan would ever, and I mean ever allow that to happen, if so you’re out of your mind or you simply don’t know basketball ot haven’t ever seen Jordan play because you’re too young. Jordan is a far superior offensive player in every category and won DPOTY when there were actual centers and the league was allowed to play D. This debate is over! There is no comparison!

    • Aaron Martinez I guess we’re going to pretend like LeBron didn’t play this playoffs with a possible fractured or broken hand that he didn’t carry his team that everyone assumed was going to get knocked out in the first round to the finals, once he reach the finals everyone predicted rightly so from the beginning That the Cavaliers will get swept, so now that it happened they want to yell and say LeBron quit on his team and himself because he didn’t get one win. I guess we’re going to act like game one never happened? I’m glad I’m not an NBA fan because for some reason you fans find a way to scrutinise this man and I guess thats why they always compare him to Michael who knows I’m not a Jordan fan but enjoy his shoes and everything else he did you guys have fun.

    • G-man put your money where your mouth is… I grew up watching all the GREATS! Magic, Bird, Ewing and a Jordan. oh all the Phoenix avatars were taken :/ kid.

  17. A lot of ignorant people take advantage of the moment. Lmao. Stephen A, collect your social security while you can

  18. Here’s what it boils down too
    Jordan didn’t have to join other teams
    The owner and upper management put players around him to compliment his and Scottie talent.
    And 1 more note for years Jordan wasn’t even the highest player on the league cause he knew that he would make money but building a championship team that can compete every year was more important.
    He’s the G.O.A.T
    Mike drop

    • Zaid Holl You couldn’t have explained it any better. And we all know MJ wouldn’t let a Kyrie leave either. MJ was about the team.

  19. I dont understand how people call golden state unfair. Really only steph and KD are superstars. The rest are good players dont get me wrong. But without steph and KD that team is maybe a little above average. Lebron’s miami heat, the first big 3 in boston and probably houston when lebron goes there next year are more stacked

    • another anime clown whos commenting on shit he has no idea. draymond green is one of if not the best defender in the nba, klay thompson is one of the best shooters of all time, iguodala is a crafty versatile vet who does everything, theyre the most complete team ever. superstars dont mean shit

    • instantsurgery they’re unfair because they have 2 mvps of the last 5 years, in their primes. Which is unheard of in nba history. The best shooter ever and a 7 foot shooting guard. Plus one of the best 3 and D players ever, and a 6’7” anomaly who can defend centers and pass like a point guard. And the way they got this team is by getting lucky. Steph was on a cheap contract. The cap increased by over $20 million in one offseason. KD is a pussy. All these things are not repeatable by other teams. Everyone can only hope they could draft a bunch of young guys who become amazing before their rookie contracts are over, plus having a superstar or two around. It’s kind of difficult to do that lol

    • Good players…..klay the best shooting guard in the league. Draymond top 4 pf in the league. Gtfoh

    • Mikey you and everyone that agreed with you are fucking retarded. GS has 2 superstars(both MVPs) and 2 allstars on their team with 2 Finals MVPs no other team besides the Celtics in the past 15 years has had anything COMPARABLE to that..

    • Boston had pierce, allen, garnett, rondo. Miami had james, wade, bosh, allen. 2003-2004 lakers had o’neal, kobe, payton, malone. You guys are the ones who dont know wtf they’re talking about. This aint the first “superteam”.
      Most of you sound like pissed cavs fans.

  20. We can argue all we want about whether Mj would beat the warriors with this team or the Mavericks with Wade and Bosh but, at the end of the day the warriors now exist because of LeBron. He started this whole players choosing super team thing. Now it’s biting his butt more than anyone.

    • You realize right that the all-stars on the Warriors, other than KD, were drafted right?? They didn’t come from some other NBA team as an all-star to form some all-star super team like LeBron and the Heat. They weren’t drafted onto the Warriors as ‘all-star players’. None of them were even first round picks

    • Amayzinone Lebron did have 4 all stars in Miami a la Ray Allen who came off the bench. Iggy was an all star baxk in 2008 while Kyle Korver was an all-star in 2015. If we’re counting all-star accolades for every player then Lebron had 4 stars in Miami (Him, Bosh, Wade, Allen) and Cleveland (Him, Irving, Love, Korver) When the Cavs traded Kyrie, that was a horrendous mistake. Also, this is why LeBron should not have advocated for Tristan and J.R. Smith to get max money. The unexpected can always happen. Kyrie being traded was a major step backwards because they literally received nothing in return to combat Golden State.

  21. Does anybody even remember 2010 Finals Lakers vs Boston ? 2 Allstars against 4 All Stars In Boston . And yes Lakers got the chip that playoff. He wasn’t in superteam. LMAO.

    • Aryaman Singh Bynum and gasol still approximated a prime Shaq cuz they could clean up all of Kobe’s bricks

    • Cameron Sharif Andrew Bynum wasnt NEVER an all star. Google it! Only two all stars were on the 2010 lakers and that’s kobe and pau. Google that also.

    • MVP MVP do you even have internet at home ? Do some research guys. Ray Allen was an all star in 2010 and 2011. He is a future Hall of famer. I mean come on

  22. This dude is still hurt over being called a liar by Lebron. You repeat this «I dont wanna hear comparisons» after every game. If you dont want to hear it, stop bringing it up.

    • UnknownGaming, I loved Rodman as a payer, but he isn’t a top 7 player. Hall of famer yes, top 7 player no.

    • MrMoneybagz813tv magic was league mvp in 1990 mike beat him in 1991….so in one year magic got old? The pistols didn’t have one starter older than 32 when mike beat them….Karl Malone was league MVP when he beat them….he was old too? You got nothing but dumb excuses

    • WorldFamous Matix he choked against Dallas but lebron averaged 30 against the Spurs in 2014, bosh and wade had a horrible series

    • Seattle SuperSonics Gary Payton and Shawn kemp. LA Lakers. Kareem and magic. Rockets the dream and Clyde…. should I continue?

  23. There was never any comparison. To MJ or Kobe. Kobe got humiliated by the Celtics in The 2008 NBA Finals, won an NBA Championship in 2009, and got revenge on the Celtics in 2010. LeBron has been swept twice in the NBA Finals. (2007 San Antonio) (2018 Golden State) And more importantly, LeBron has the same amount of NBA Finals losses as Michael Jordan has NBA Championships. There’s your comparison.

    • Redkwan nah. Bron choked game 3. Game 1 wasn’t on him but game 3 was. His team played great, which is already rare, so then Bron becomes too passive in the fourth and doesn’t attack the basket, he passed the ball when steph was on him. He wouldn’t guard KD. Also championships are a major factor if you have the talent to win the finals. Only years Bron didn’t have the talent was this year, his first finals, and the year when Kyrie and Love were injured. All the other years he had enough talent. Accomplishments are always a factor in considering who is a better player. People overrate Bron because he is happening right now and because his stats, which are also inflated because the defense is less focused on defending the paint and more on the three, which gives Bron an easy chance to drive to the basket most of the time. Saying championships aren’t in talk for who the goat is, is ridiculous. Its considered when talking about the GOAT in football so why not basketball? Its definitely a factor when talking about the goat.

    • Xtreme Creations Pool & Spa So someone else pitches in and suddenly it’s undeserved? No Golden State player played well for more than half the games. It’s all about the team when it comes to championships.

    • Game 3 wasn’t his best game, but he still played decently well, with a 33 point triple double. And that would be enough to win a game for most other teams in the league. And accomplishments are a factor in most people’s minds, but I don’t think they’re a very good one. There are so many influences on who wins and who loses and who gets what award. I don’t think it should be in football either. So much of it is out of the control of a single player, that comparing players based on it doesn’t give a great picture. And people overrate him? I would say he is underrated if anything. Every game or even play that isn’t perfection is considered terrible. Lebron James doesn’t close in fast enough on a play, oh, I guess Lebron James can’t play defense. He gave that game away, played with no effort, he can never be the best. Even Michael Jordan had bad games.And if his stats were inflated because of the 3 pointer, we would have seen a jump just in the last several years, rather than consistent great numbers, and when you have a team like this, no one is focusing on anyone except Lebron.

    • eplugs18     yeah but that’s the team losing and winning.  basketball is not boxing nor tennis. Come on bro, where your intellectual reasoning.  so if LeBron would have joined the warriors in 2014 instead of the cavs, he would be a better player cause his team would have won more?  makes no sense.  stop listening to the media, which is more about exploitation than the truth.

    • 99 Spurs.  The pistons beat them really good in 2004…………………… and the lakers were supposed to win (whispering).

  24. Lebron correctly calculated that people don’t expect them to win but missed the part that they are expected to put up a fight.

    • Samantha Heron
      So what would you and the 700+ idiots who liked your dumbass comments call 51, 8, and 8, or a 30 pt triple double….!!!!!

      LeBron proved himself to be a real man…..
      He carried such a sorry-ass team that far, with no God damn help!!!!

      He was injured and in terrible pain, and he did NOT give up, despite insurmountable odds…..!
      He didn’t have a fucking team!!!!

      It takes a great team to beat a great team, but he had a less-than-mediocre-team while facing the greatest team ever assembled!!!!!

      But I know you all hate LeBron so very much….. so carry on….. Lol

      You all just love to hate on him so much, because he is such a threat…..
      You will always find a way to blame, accuse, or attempt to tear him down…!
      It’s pathetic and disgusting!


    • Galactic Pizza Productions LeBron would’ve gotten out of the first round against Larry Bird and the Celtics?? Are you high or just that fucking retarded?

    • Myles Woodye you’re talking about when Jordan start playing golf and even played baseball at first. When he left and came back he became a has been. It was a long time lay off for him but Lebron is still on his prime even at this present so don’t make excuses..

    • Johnny Walker For one, if you could speak English that would be helpful, secondly you have the date of events wrong you moron

    • Stephen A been very consistent on his stand that LBJ will never pass MJ. As far as I know, he’s had multiple segments on record saying that

    • Dijon Joseph what SAS says on first take is very different from what he says on his radio show. I use to be a big fan until he started to contradict himself.

  25. LeBron might be a much more talented and physically gifted player, but in terms of heart, will, mental toughness, relentlessness, he is no where near MJ and Kobe. Kobe played his heart out on his last game and won, he was dead tired at the end but he kept pushing to his limit to win. That’s the difference and why I like him more than LeBron.

    • Clement Yeung …kobe and jordan has never been to this scenario…whe u have a bunch of trash teamate…kobe has strong line up…pau gasol, andrew bynum, ron artest, steve nash, lamar odom, shaq, steve blake, derek fisher and many more…then compare this now to lebron teamate like, kevin love inconsistent playing, jr trash smith, kardashian thompson, george hill, rodney choke hood, jordan clarkson , nance, kyle korver and jeff green…now compare this team to kobes team or jordan teamate…haters are hating lebron coz they are all gsw fans!!!! Bwahahaha…bandwagon team with snake…sad to nba!!

    • Harold Asilo you sound like a strictly Lebron fan so you can’t call someone else a bandwagon lmao.

    • Harold Asilo These people act like these facts don’t exist. Kobe won 3 championships playing with arguably the most dominant center in history. Kobe never won finals MVP during the Shaq-Kobe dynasty. Shaq’s 1999-2000 run is one of the greatest individual runs in history stat wise. Lebron has had all star and even hall of fame teammates but never a teammate of that caliber. I don’t take anything away from Kobe because he’s one of the greatest scorers ever and in the long run I put him over Shaq but people need to check their history

    • Ebenezer Gyamfi they werent sayin this when the team was first reconstructed. They was like «his teams better now, he can get to the finals with this team!»…2 mnths and 20 losses later, «this is the worst team hes ever had» All a ploy to set up this moment that bron carried his team to the finals with noone and cement his legacy. Though i respect his godly MJ-esque play through this postseason(ppl who bring up mjs 1-9 playoff record till 88 never bring his 35ppg avg during it) bron messed all of it up by quitting after game 1 regulation time(he had 5 min to beat the warriors in ot, he wanted no parts of it clearly, and emotionally fed up). They just hidin it with his broken hand. For that reason, i dont think mj woulda got swept

  26. Jeffrey Mcmillan Lebron gave Kyrie prose countless times saying he was the best point guard in the league and a future MVP caliber player. During the Cavs Championship parade he gave him thanks and praised him and said he was one of the most lethal players he’s ever played with especially in clutch situations. He gave him credit and praise for the SHOT in game 7 and all that. Kyrie just had an ego and wanted him own team. Nothing wrong with that. Lebron didn’t want him traded.

  27. Yes it was an embarrassment to them as athletes,how do you not put up a fight just gave up bend over and take it with no Vaseline!

  28. 2016: warriors come back from 3-1 to advance to finals to see the cavs come back from 3-1
    2018: cavs sweep raptors to get swept by the warriors

    • Close but no cigar. The Raps were Swept in the Confrence Semis… when GS beat Okla it was from down 3 to 2. And it was in the Semis. … this season Boston was the Cavs competition in the Confrence finals. Which went 7.

    • Oh and being from Toronto , we will never win unless a HUGE Superstar wants to play here. If LeBron James wasn’t born in Cleveland they wouldn’t have a title right now. … one thing we can say in Toronto … we did what many US cities will never do , win in the MLB back to back with the Jays.

    • MaddenMobile-Tips and Gameplay got you thanks for the correction but that was a confrence final correct ? Cavs sweeping Raps was the confrence semis. The Celts took them 7 in the finals.

    • XxThotPocketx X If he played in that era you dont think ppl would be leaving out in a stretcher??? 6’8 250 strong as Shaq and as fast as Iverson??? Dumb ass talking abt Bill Lambeer??? All them mfrs were only in the NBA bc the NBA didn’t require you to actually knw how to play basketball in that era. Clown argument

    • XxThotPocketx X again the era breeds the mindset. Rules were lax so players were more aggressive. If Lebron had the same mindset Jordan would be trying to black ball Lebron like he did Isaiah Thomas. And again most of these guys would end up in stretchers if Lebron came down the lane w/ his elbow. Or did anything w/ the intent of hurting another player. Yall just make up shit and wasnt even born in the era you divk riding.

  29. U should ashame of ur self stephen a.,…lebron has no rest through all the series…playing with all of hes heart…hes tired..hes stress….u should respect the king…loosing is not the end of the world…its just started…with 4 superstar!! With only lebron and hes teamate is trash…and coach is trash….respect lebron…respect the greatness…

    • ForeignCray Green this whole thing is just a big fucking mess. I’m legit done with organized sports and the fucking media. When M.J had a not so good team, what happened, first round exits. Then he gets an all time great supporting cast and one of the best coaches of all time. Oh but wait, people them wanna say…»but Jordan won 3 rings without Pippen and Dennis». Yea but against fucking who, some sorry ass, washed up Showtime Lakers. I’m going back to bed…peace.

    • Jose Pena when you said LeBron didn’t do that. We don’t know what happens behind the scenes. All the conversations he has with those guys. LeBron is a family man, successful and hard worker. It just makes me sad how his teammates see that in him but don’t try to improve, instead fucking hoes left and right.

  30. Stephen A. you have a big mouth.. Bluh, Bluh. Bring one of warriors super star to lead cleveland team we will see if they can bring the team to playoffs what did lebron now. lol

    • That becomes irrelevant when you’re the team captain and give up. the strapping the team on his back the rest of the finals become irrelevant to the players following him. He could do that because LBJ is an all time great. But he’s not the goat. Goats don’t do that. If you’re already gonna lose, try n look good while you do it. Not give up like a fkin sissy

    • Him taking this sorry as team to the finals and working matters as much or even all-time less than winning 73 just to take the L. Nobody will remember how he got there, just the fact that he quit

    • Zac Hepner just like 73-9 doesnt matter if you dont win a ring… same applies to a perfect season record, doesnt matter cause L3-6ron didnt win a ring lol

    • Captain Peppers It does matter on a team with 4 all stars, 2 mvps, at least 2 finals mvps. Facing a team with LeBron and Kevin Loves foreskin.

    • Zac Hepner the difference is that GSW wasnt put together like an NBA2k18 team.. it was built from the ground up with first and 2nd round picks. Those awards came from TEAMWORK! Cavs were put together by L3-6ron.. he got Jr and TT contract… so he has no one else to blame but himself for poor performance. Thats the team he chose to ride with

    • Charles WoodsonGOAT riiiiight, check the upvoted kid
      Take charles woodson off your profile and go ride a little cleveland dick

  31. To me, Kevin Durant is like Kim Kardashian. I don’t care how successful you are right now, I will ALWAYS remember what you did to get there.

    • that team was balanced though. they weren’t in their primes anymore like the big 3 heat or the big 4 warriors. they were at the end of their primes and were beginning to decline slowly, as a celtic fan i admit this.

    • Radhee James Do you even know what forming superteams mean? There’s a difference between players joining you and you actually betraying your team to go join forces with other players. Kobe never left Lakers, LeBron left Cleveland. Stop saying Malone and Payton like they were in their primes or something, they were past their primes.

    • Velocity
      Wat team LBJ was on dat were A super
      team? Plus can U put UP wat they were averaging pts reb & assist on dat so call

  32. the whole world said Cavs were going to get owned…what does it change? Does it change what lebron did to get this team to the finals? Does it change that lebron had the best game 1 ever? I’d like to see you have a game stolen from u and keep going hard when u have nothing left in the tank. It’s an excuse and we’ve given so many players excuses…thing is when it’s lebron his haters say he isn’t allowed excuses yet when u bring up jordans excuses for not winning without Scottie or Phil Jordan fans make excusss so…? Which is it? No excuses for lebron or no excuses for anyone?

  33. ExilixE AI Killer drive saw one finals appearance, Westbrook killer drive has him bouncing in the first round. I think Kobe to be honest is the GOAT but Lebron is still better than Michael. His killer drive was turned off in a game 7 to prove a point, no one still faults him for that. Michaels killer drive had him not a factor in the last play in 93. Michaels killer drive wasn’t there when he got destroyed in game 7 in 1990. But you want to know the difference between the killer drive these guys had hope. All they had to do is pray that one of their adversaries would be off and there would be a chance. Lebron saw KD was off they lost
    Lebron saw Steph AND Klay was off they lose.
    How much hope can you have when even when a guy is outplaying his competition by a nautical mile, and his team can’t even capitalize on poor performances?

  34. «Make up for this»? Stephen A. really pisses me off with comments like that. Why should Lebron make up for anything? He just carried this team to the finals… solo

    • even if hes to face GSW jordan wont go down like that, he hates losing. will never quit till literally the game is over. guessed he never learned that singlehandedly carrying a team wont bring championships, jordan played wih Fucked up shits? nah, using that as an alibi is fucked up! lebron is the best for his era, joradan was the best in his era| but being the goat? nah way too early for that, he can have all he record breaking stats but wont go down as he goat.

    • You people act as if Allen Iverson didn’t do the same exact in 2001 and actually won an away game against a prime Shaq and Kobe. That’s the thing with you bronsexuals. You downplay and tear down everyone else’s​ legacy to build LeBron’s​ legacy. You obviously don’t research before you speak nonsense, you don’t know jackshit about basketball and you’re​ one of the main reasons people hate LeBron. You’re the real cancers of the NBA.

  35. Ballin Too against Peru and Istanbul. The comp aint shit and his path of least resistance attitude done caught up and passsd him. Gotta own it on your own and he cant. Hell Duncan is 2-1 against Lerun. So question is Not 1 Not 2 but 3 times a team hop

  36. Cedrik Carson but y’all always miss that he 1 of the main person who brings up the goat convo every other day

  37. Lebron fans dont realize that nobody would hate on Lebron if they weren’t constantly comparing him to Michael Jordan. If they weren’t constantly attempting to put him above MJ, 80% of the people that hate on him would be celebrating and congratulating Lebron for being as great as he is. He is definitely top 10 player ever and easily arguably a top 5 of all time…but yet thats not good enough for the Lebron, they MUST force a narrative and try to put him above people that are clearly superior competitors, clearly superior with the game on the line, clearly superior leaders, clearly better 2 way players, clearly better in championship series, clearly better under pressure and ect ect….

    If you Lebron fans just let Lebron be as great as he is…nobody would feel the need to go out of their way to shit on him everytime he fails and shows that he’s not as good as MJ.

    • Vang Xiong Prime TMAC was better than Kobe PERIOD. Kobe won those last 2 chips due to having getting that Pau gift to the Lakers, Metta and Phil Jackson.

    • Psi3 Kotik because Millenials want to annoint someone that they saw with their own eyes, having not witnessed the sheer Dominance Jordan had on the League beyond just the stats.

    • EcClair Mayo what? 2004 NBA finals Kobe sabotaged that series, 2006 playoffs he gave up against the Suns. Kobe is not on Mjs level PERIOD.

    • MrMoneybagz813tv second all time in what?

      He’s still 7th all time in the scoring list, although at this pace even Kareem’s All time scoring title could be at risk.

      Ask any NBA player and NBA Great what’s the most important thing in their careers. *RINGS*

      The first one is the sweetest and I bet the next ones are addicting. Playing a 82 game season + playoffs in order to accomplish a ring is not a small feat. That’s why championships are important. That is why MJ’s 6 rings out of 6 finals appearance is great. Even more so they made it in 2 three peats.

      There’s great players without rings, even Hall of famers like:

      Reggie Miller
      Dominique Wilkins
      Chris Paul
      Elgin Baylor
      Patrick Ewing
      Steve Nash
      Allen Iverson
      Charles Barkley
      John Stockton
      Karl Malone

      Great players and even Hall of famers, and even they agree MJ is something special.

    • Donald Rogan yeah believe that lie if you want to bro. He didn’t have no fucking broken hand. Fuck outta here. That’s a made up distraction so idiots like u can blame his» broken hand» for this annihilation.

    • So Iverson didn’t play with a broken hand and many other injuries in the 2001 finals and still won game 1 against a prime Shaq and Kobe on their home floor? Shut yo dicksuckin ass up.

  38. open world I’m not just talking about defense. Both sides of the ball the warriors are better. I know it’s hard to score on the 01 lakers but it’s hard to stop the warriors from scoring. KD rarely got an open shot. He was just making shots over everybody because of his height advantage. Steph and Klay are both deep threats and they have shooters coming off the bench

  39. Jason Tan yes LeBron is way better than AI but that’s not the point. Basketball is a team sport. The 76ers were a good defensive team. The Cavs were the second worst defensive team. Look at the entire game not just offense

  40. Jason Tan and for the record Kevin Love could’ve sat out in Boston because his 10-11 points didn’t really help much

    • Daniel David keep believing that Lebron would rather have hill over kyrie if you really believe that then your a different kind of special you gotta be high off some coke if you really think that

    • Marcus Cross who says I hate lebron. No one can criticize lebron if you do your a hater. Anyway it was actually reported that lebron wanted to trade kyrie for cp3 but wasn’t 100% confirmed. Likely true. But even if that wasn’t it, it’s clear kyrie did not want no part with Cleveland and it’s safe to say that source was cause of lebron. Did the organization make the wrong move by trading him, yes. They had the final say and should’ve tried to keep them intact at least for a year in my opinion. But lebron obviously made kyrie feel some type of way and kept pushing the envelope and the organization gave in, in which they shouldn’t had.

    • cmartinez12510 key word “reported” y’all take anything a run wit it everybody know reporters put fake shit out there nobody care about Lebron criticism it’s how y’all criticize him y’all Blame him for other players poor play y’all blame him because the gm made the trade y’all blame him for being tired fuck outta here but sit up here an praise Kobe an Jordan when they had reliable teammates the cavs was playing like trash

    • RonMuney those reports have been going on for awhile. Kyrie clearly wasn’t happy at Cleveland whether that exact report is correct or not it’s not hard to put one and two together and figure out kyrie did not want to play with lebron. Not all reports that you disagree with are fake as well. Lebron has help he just downplays it and big fans of lebron use that as well. Lebron had help in Miami. Lebron with the Cavs still had an all star in Kevin love and solid players in Kyle Korver, jr Smith (bonehead but still solid) why ppl that praise lebron need to put everyone around him down like kobe said. Golden state is just that much better than the Cavs. The Cavs benefit from being in the east. No way that team make it out the semi finals in the west against the rockets or golden state.

    • kyle storm Houston rockets I understand haha no way they should of lost that but jr smith the entire cavs roster is inconsistent too I just feel like they would pull it off in maybe 6 or 7

    • Ben H Kobe was coming off back-to-back championship wins in his 15th season. LeBron is coming off a back-to-back Finals losses, a sweep the most recent. Would’ve been coming off his 4th Finals lost in a row if it wasn’t for Kyrie.

    • Kirbystare1992 I guess you’re right the only consistent player on either rooster is lebron but the thunder could beat them.

    • +Velocity the Celtics Kobe beat was good as the warriors with 4 all stars in Garnett, Pierce, Allen and rondo. Boston also had a better bench and coach.

  41. One player cannot win a basketball game, a combined effort is what it takes. Its very idiotic for people to believe that lebron James can take cleaveland, or the potatoes, to victory against a super team like the golden state. Look at their line up and you will see what I’m talking about. No one seems to notice that this man is scoring 30 in almost all the final games, its sad really to put in so much work and end up losing in such a manner.

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