STRANGEST Things People Found In Bathrooms!

Check out the strangest things people found in bathrooms! This top 10 list of unbelievable toilet discoveries has some of the weirdest and most mysterious …. как нарисовать двух животных в одном

51 Replies to “STRANGEST Things People Found In Bathrooms!”

  1. …..»Boh»fort…..»BOH»fort…. that hurt my brain…. XD tis «Bew»fort. at least that how we pronounce it here in SC lol.

  2. I used to drive a historic POS. It belonged in a toilet. Now I don’t have any vehicle. POS would be a blessing. I’m in decent shape from walking and riding the bus at least.

  3. Well when I was going in to the bathroom there was a rat! Everytime I turn on the lights he was starting to move! Pretty Gross Right?

  4. Eh you want to hear a good one about toilets? When I moved into a house we were renting, in the master bedroom closet we found a fully functional toilet. I shit you not

  5. I love watching your videos. But is there anyway you could change up the background music you have playing in background? Keep up the awesome videos though! 🙂

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