Sword’s Path | Fight like a Witcher — Drawing your sword from the back

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    • It won’t matter. You can do whatever goofy stuff you want with the scabbard while it’s on your back. You can tap it, bop it, hit it, bend over. The problem is simple: the mouth of the scabbard. The sword has to come out of the mouth of the scabbard. You can remove the whole scabbard except for a ring representing the mouth and it’ll be the same problem. You have to get 37+ inches of blade out and you just can’t….

    • You’re autistic, that would never work lmao… if a simple push would make it move, then walking and running would make the sword also move out of its casing

    • Sometimes Geralt also leans forward a bit to wield or sheathe his sword which he also pushes the scabbard

    • Realistically you could make a special scabbard to wear on the back. Like remove the top half of the scabbard, and replace it with a half ring that the blade can slide out of. May need to tie the hilt to half ring in some way so it doesnt fall out while walking around, but it shouldnt be too hard to cut through the string, or untie it, to draw. Then the blade would only have to clear a foot or 2 of scabbard.

    • The Sword’s Path Pull the scabbard down with your left and pull up with your right. Besides if I’m not mistaken it mentions in the books that his scabbard has a spring. The reason he doesn’t use it on his side is that it puts him off balance and with all the pirouettes that he does it would just be clunky and inefficient.

  1. You should start a Mythbusters type series based on fantasy games which feature swords, like The Witcher. Call it Smithbusters. Total genius idea…

    • +The Sword’s Path I recall the beginning of The Last Wish somewhere, he jerks the strap down his chest, causing the sword to jump out of the scabbard a bit so he could pull it out the rest of the way.

    • Yep, that’s partly it, you just described it a bit wrong. Basically what he would do is as his right hand goes up, his left hand would jerk down on the bandolier strap going across his chest. It wouldn’t make the sword jump out of the scabbard as you said. What it would do is that it would pull the scabbard upward so IT would go over his shoulder angled downward, while also bringing the hilt of the sword into his waiting right hand. He would then draw the sword down out of the scabbard with some aid from gravity.

    • I’ve discovered this method as well, though it seems to only work with armings swords. Taller people might have more success with longswords

  2. Good to know it’s not just me. Always wanted to believe it wasn’t my height hindering me from drawing from my back.

  3. wtf? u have polish accent and speak polish off camera but u cant pronounce polish surnames… r u a gypsy?

  4. The way I thought geralt did it, is that the balance was right at the hilt, so he pulled it over his shoulder and the scabard would stick out behind him. I guess I need to look at the game again. Either way I definitely remember imagining that the way he pulled out the sword would cut open his neck irl.

    • In the books it describes him adjusting the scabbard with his other hand and bending to pull it over his shoulder if i remember correctly.

    • Even if the scabbard did pivot, your arms length would not change. Stick your arm in the air and then move it in front of you. The length between your hand and your shoulder/scabbard does not change, thus rendering this method still impossible. The only way i can think of making this work is to have a shorter and lower scabbard so the sword does not have to travel so far to exit it. But that would make half of the blade stick out and the balance would be fucked up…

  5. If you look closely when Geralt sheaths his blade in The Witcher 3 he bumps the bottom part of his scabbard with his off hand, pushing it up his shoulder a bit more so it is easier to get the blade in. Is it possible to do so when drawing as well?

  6. Długośc twojego miecza jest taka sama jak miecz Geralta? W Sezonie Burz opisane są dokładnie oba miecze, z tego co pamiętam to 40,5 cala. waga też była podana tak mi sie wydaje

    • Powodzenia napewno zgłoszą mnie za «zamknij się» z resztą jakim trzeba być snobbem żeby na żartach się nie znać

    • nie jestem snobem ale nie libie, kiedy obrazaja mnie starsi bo mysla, ze jestem mlodszy i moga… no i wdodadku nie «zglosza cie», ale ja cie zglosze zaraz

  7. Try pulling the scabbard down with the other hand to create a bit more room seen some other people do that and it kind of works

  8. If the scabbard is just mounted on its top, so you can draw your sword in a more horizontal way as the scabbard’s end is moving up , it should work…?!

    • But if you pull it out in a more horizontal manner, you could get more reach out of your ankle and shoulder…also i’m a lil taller and only got a stick to test :D, but it seems like i can increase my reach about nearly 10cm that way… never had a sword in my hands but by what i see in your video (btw. i really enjoy your videos about the witcher combat-style) 5-10cm more would do it?!

  9. but if you look closely , you see that Gerald sword with his other hand upwards holds , you know what I mean?

  10. From scabard…yep..pretty impossible, BUT there are some sword holding constructions, that make this movement not only possible, but really fast and dangerous. They do not include scabard, the sword is hanging on 2 hooks)

  11. Man, which country is that? It’s beautiful!

    Also, keep making witcher/video game videos. I really like them!

    • +Lixik ;3
      Ale naprawdę, spójrz na filmy w zwolnionym tempie — miecz po prostu clipuje przez model pochwy, dlatego wychodzi bez problemu — nie musi trzymać się trajektorii. 🙂

    • +The Sword’s Path Geralt zato podrzuca pochwe przy chowaniu miecza, chociaż to i tak nie jesg praktyczne ponieważ nie ma sie czasu na odpowiednie wycelowanie miecza.

  12. What if a slit was designed into the offhand side of the sheath :>? I think that would make it possible to draw over the back

  13. Jakby nie patrzeć, animacja w grze wyraźnie wskazuje na ruchome umocowanie umożliwiające wyjęcie broni.

  14. I really enjoy the quality of your videos, your humor and even your accent and lets not forget about the content of the video. I am really glad you posted on reddit and I really really hope for alot more videos in which you are just enthusiastic as you were in all your videos, watching you having so much fun doing these motivates me so much to try hema / sword fighting too, I just dont know how, anyways! Good job and be safe on whatever you and your friends might do

  15. That’s exactly how Geralt sheathes / draws in Witcher 1 🙂 He grabs the blade at mid point and tosses the blade out / in. In Witcher 3 if you move frame by frame you’ll see the sword never properly clears the scabbard since his arm is clearly not long enough ( the sword just clips / passes through the face of the scabbard, but hard to see unless you watch it frame by frame). They should’ve used the method he used in Witcher 1.

  16. I have an idea for a scabbard that would have a slit in the side and once the blade is pulled far enough for the blade to clear the slit you can slide it out the side. Particularly this would work for the sword I have because it is thicker towards the base of the blade which would prevent it from sliding out while sheathed

  17. The japanese swords also doesn’t come off entirely just by stretching the arm. The person must rotate the body in order to make the last bit come off. Couldn’t a similar technique be applied to a sword in the back?

  18. Do that with a Japanese sword and say requiescat in pace to your fingers. Well, it’s not that sharp I suppose.

  19. I am so glad to have watched this video. not being able to pull out my (prop)sword from the back scabbard was the first problem I ran into trying to make a Geralt costume. I decided to forgo accuracy of blade length for practicality of being able to pull it out.

    by the way, how does one sheath a sword into a back scabbard? I find it really hard to do.

    that view is beautiful! wish I could go to Poland some day. the land of the Witcher

    love your videos, mate! keep ’em coming!

  20. What country is this in? Looks beautiful (I realise you aren’t actually there…but even the rain bit looked awesome, not sure why)

  21. I thought when geralt draw his sword, it goes slightly forward instead of only upwards and that might work. Unfortunately, I dont have a sword here to try it out (studying abroad), maybe you can do it, good sir 🙂

  22. Metatron has shown that you CAN draw a sword — a katana, in that case, since many people are referring to the myth that ninjas carried their swords on their backs — by also pulling the scabbard in the opposite direction, as long as the scabbard is laced/tied around the chest.

    I guess longswords are too long to allow that kind of movement?

    P.S.: In The Witcher 1, the devs realized the exact practical problem with Witchers carrying swords on their backs, so they made Geralt jerk the sword partially out of the scabbard, then grab the blade and pull the rest out (also a move described in the books, IIRC, where he pulls on the leather strap to make the sword jerk)

  23. Omg!!!! Byłem PEWNY, że jesteś bodajże (Anglikiem), nagle słysze język polski! Właśnie staram się nauczyć bawić się trochę mieczem, ale doszedłem do wniosku, że lepiej zacząć z kijem. A Ty jak zacząłeś, swoją przygodę z mieczem?

  24. cóż nie jest to niemożliwe nawet z normalna pochwą jeżeli opuścisz ja niżej (tak że zza barku wystaje około połowa rękojeści nawet mniej) w książce o ile dobrze pamiętam było opisane że Geralt przed wyciągnięciem miecza szarpał za pasek co podnosiło rękojeść wyżej i ułatwiało wyjecie miecza nisko opuszczonego na plecach a jak by dodać pochwę z wcięciem to myślę że wyciąganie miecza/ów 😀 zawieszonych na plecach nie byłoby takie trudne .Takie pytanie na koniec.Będziesz sprawdzał czy można odbić strzałę wystrzelona z łuku w kierunku strzelca xD?

  25. Haha, przypomniały mi się pewne ulewy, pewnego lata, w pewnej górskiej miejscowości do której zawitał pewien pan 😀

    Albo powódź w 1997

  26. Ale Geralt odpychał do tyłu tą pochwę czy jak to tam się nazywa i dopiero wyciągał miecz. Przynajmniej tak to robi w 3

  27. I wonder…. Would it work if you had a special harness that shifted as you drew your sword so that you aren’t drawing straight up, but almost in an arc over your shoulder?

  28. Umm His sword hoister isn’t locked, And so you know The Witcher Has tons of different swords, Some use the same Holster despite not physically working, But because as he pulls it out, The sword is able to lean over his shoulder which allows him to pull it out instead of him raising his sword directly in the air as you did

    • That actually doesn’t affect anything. The length between your hand and shoulder stays the same either way, so you’d have to bend over and let gravity take hold of the sword.

    • +Bentley Wheelock Angle effects everything, Because you can pull it from off your back from this angle you would have enough room to pull out your sword, Pulling it straight out would be impossible indeed though

    • +Gwopboyzprodigy The way the sheath is attached by straps, you wouldn’t be able to physically get the sheath over your shoulder, and even if you could, it looks a bit daft when you’re hopping around trying to jiggle the hilt out.

    • +Bentley Wheelock Which falls into the simple game mechanic category, When putting his sword back he clearly pushes it upward with little no no effort. Having it wiggle and shake as he moves would probably mess up the sword grabbing animation

  29. And if you tilt the scabbard toward the frond while drawing your sword, can’t it be done? That would require to be only fixed on the shoulder’s level however.

  30. captain here! geralt uses aard to push out the blade of its scabbard, so he can draw it really fast
    source: the books

  31. Hi, forgive me for asking if this is stupid, but I have 0 experience with HEMA and I am just really curious and would like to know your opinion.

    I think this has already been mentioned in the comments, but Geralt never pulled out his sword upwards. It is described in «A grain of truth» in the book The last wish and even in the game it seems as though the sword goes more over his shoulder and downwards. I was wondering if considering that, it would be more doable.

    Now I understand that it still makes very little sense. It is slow, clumsy and the sword ends up god knows where, nowhere near any guard. (I think you might also end up cutting your own neck if you do it like that haha.)

    I am not looking for an argument or anything. I would simply like to know a professional’s opinion on this.


    • It gives you some 15-20 centimetres more, yes. So it might actually work in case of some shorter blades!

    • I’ve got the basic footwork done, but I still miss the stakes sometimes when pirouetting. And the handstand, it’s about 50% reliable which does not satisfy me. I want the whole scene to look confident! 🙂

  32. Geralt has a flexibly attached sheath, you can even see him giving it a bit of a «push» in The Witcher 3, when he draws his sword. It works, but it will be a pain in the butt to get the weapon back in.

  33. You can easyly draw your sword like a witcher but you need visual glitches 😀
    again a nice video i love rain 🙂

  34. But i still think it is possible…
    In Witcher, Geralt height is about 180~185cm (maybe) , and he using 40.5″ longsword.
    When he put the sword at his back, the sword is only reach to his hips
    And I think you should try it with the chest strap like witcher

    but…its all just talk, I can’t sure its work or not, i can’t try it because i don’t even have a sword

    *sorry for my bad English

  35. You actually can draw a sword from the back in one motion, however it requires a flexible sheath. Grab the sheath at the top around your back with your left hand as you grab your sword with your right. As you draw, pull your sheath down with your left hand.

  36. I do believe in some circumstances that Geralt would us his less dominant hand to push the tip of the sheath so that the handle faces more horizontally. I understand I may not be clear, so here is a example. Ссылка?t=8m51s I’m curious if that changes the effectiveness at all. (For the record, the example is him sheathing, but i’m sure it works vice versa?)

  37. 0:19 notice it seems witcher’s scabbards are a bit special (at least based on the animations), looks like the upper third is open on one side, so precisely when you get to the moment of «my arm is too short», you can just «wedge it out» by sideways movement.
    Which I bet is what you will suggest in the rest of the 40 minutes, but you’ll shoot it down afterwards for some reason I’m not aware of, with not being a HEMA guy and all that.

    P.S Amazing downpour. Now I feel ashamed for hiding in an Inn when a storm started in Witcher, and trying to «meditate it out» 😀

    • +MidnightSt This would set us on the dangerous path of discussing taser-enhanced swords and chainsaw knives. And we wouldn’t want that, right? 🙂

    • +The Sword’s Path …warhammer 40k never sounded more restrained and cool at the same time… <3 😀 😀

    • When you draw the sword in the game, Geralt taps his scabbard with his other hand so he can grab the sword from his back.

    • +TumbleDice huh, didn’t notice that, will look for it the next time, I just noticed the move has two parts, one is the normal «slide out», and then there’s the last third of the move which is «wiggle to the side». Never noticed what his other hand does, though.

    • +MidnightSt I just looked it up again, i saw it in a video: Witcher 3: 20 awesome details. I was kind of wrong, he taps his scabbard to sheathe his sword, drawing the blade he seems to angle the scabbard on the back by just pulling it?

  38. There is this pary / counter attack in the witcher where Geralt catches a sword with the cross guard he moves forward past the oponent. as he does that the blades slide of eachother and he moves the bag of his blade to the neck of the oponent and kuts it with the full lengte of his sword. This is one of the execution / counter attacks he does. Are you going to do a video about that? I think that there is som intresting stuf in it.

  39. Holy spagettio! More videos of you please! Znaczy się… WIĘCEJ TEGO STARY KRĘĆ! Ja tu wyczuwam sukces przy odrobinie pracy i zaangażowania. :>

  40. The game doesn’t show it, but in the books, he slacks the belt holding the sword before drawing it, allowing him to pull the scabbard down with his left hand on the back while drawing the sword up with the right hand.

  41. Wouldn’t having the sword strapped on your back allow you to reach with the hand that’s not going for the sword hilt down and behind your back to grab the swordsheath and then grabbing the hilt with your other hand and pulling the other hand down while you pull the sword up and out of the sheath allow you to do this? As long as the strap isn’t static on your back and can be «slid» around your body. I have no idea if this makes sense. I could send you a video and explain the movement if so.

  42. Ah of course BUT WAIT you had your other hand on the scabbard without moving that arm in the opposite direction. Therefore, you can draw your sword from the back. Even long blades like yours or longer. Now the practicality of walking around and the sword banging into your legs is another issue. And the obvious major issue is back-swording is not historically accurate.

  43. Metatron made a very cool video about this, actually, if you pull the scabbard downwards with the other hand you can unsheathe the sword. It is however impossible to put it back like in the game lol

  44. love your videos. I would really like to know where did you guys your sword and what is its name. Thank you very much

  45. I think it might — take a look at how TALION does it in the Game «SHADOW OF MORDOR». I guess its a question of the hilt-styling technique?

  46. But in the game, he brings his left hand down and pushes the bottom part of the sword holder (sorry for not knowing what it is) away from him so he can pull it out fully. Anyway, great video and keep up the quality uploads!

  47. Hey, great channel. I was looking around in your online store and saw this beautiful zireael replica.
    I have 2 questions.
    1. Could you make a video showing the sword in motion?
    2. Do you plan on selling other replicas of swords out of the witcher like Teigr or the standard silver sword? Or would you do that on special request or something?

    • +Aaron Ottermann Custom commissions only. 🙂 In fact, even my take on Ciri’s sword isn’t a replica per say. I’ve modified the design to look sleeker, more agile.

      I don’t currently have a finished specimen at the workshop, but I can do a video once another one is done. 🙂

    • +The Sword’s Path That sounds great I hope I have the money to order something soon. As I understand it I could send in a request for a witcher inspired sword and get one made?

    • +Aaron Ottermann Of course! Just contact me through the channel, the website has been unreliable lately.

    • Yo. I had no idea the guy was a blacksmith or had a store. Not a single ad or mention, and it’s buried in the description. +1 respect, and some neat handiwork.

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