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My Little Pony: The Movie (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) •Character(s): Tempest Shadow (Emily Blunt) •Music by: Daniel Ingram •Lyrics by: Daniel Ingram, …. бесплатные видео как нарисовать пони

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  1. Aww I understand what she going through.
    Thanks for the lyrics.
    If you are free may you do I will be around and ain no better feeling please, thanks!

    Half of me is already explode

  2. You so amazingly beautiful who did the lyrics for the song.
    (Not a huge fan of the fandom, But I love this song)

  3. En mi opinión, la canción cuando esté doblada seria bueno que la cantara Annie Rojas (La quien hace la voz de Starlight Glimmer), ya que la voz de la cantante de esta canción, tiene el mismo tono de voz que Annie Rojas, especialmente en los minuto: 0:37 , 0:45, 1:01,1:21,1:28, 2:18 y 3:01 y en casi toda la canción (Y eso que el coro tiene el tono parecido al de Annie), Yo creo que si la ponen como cantante de la cancion quedaria espectacular en la canción ya que para mi la cantante de esta canción tiene el mismo tono de ella,pero bueno es solo mi opinión y ya veremos si la canción en español latino saldrá bien o si la traduzcan.

  4. MLP Silver Glow Don’t count on ponies, birds, cows, cats etc. Just generalised, seeing as she spent a lot of time outside of Equestria

  5. I like how this movie portrays the overtly optimistic nature of the show. All the kind, optimistic stuff that the mane characters do, which would usually work in the show, only made things worse. And Tempest here seems to see their optimistic nature as “childish” as well.

    But while their philosophy is portrayed as naive, it’s not portrayed as WRONG. Because even if it caused nothing but trouble for them, the ponies touched many lives with their optimism. They inspired others with their bravery and kindness to become better people.

    And that’s the message of the film. Maybe optimism could be considered “childish”. Maybe it could be considered “naive”. Maybe it causes a lot of trouble for you.

    But you know what? It’s a hell of a lot better than just being a shitty person.

  6. Wouldnt be suprised if Tempest’s advice was the moral of the movie 😛 She is wise in reality- Trust nobody.

    • Eclipse the Sylveon Exuse you? I trust alot of people. Even though they may not do the things that I like.. Or even want. I’ll always be willing to trust most people. No hate, just my opinion ❤️

    • Eclipse the Sylveon Trust no one. Work for yourself, no matter the cost because if you don’t they will do the same at your expense.

    • Betrayal is sort of a running theme in this movie. Throughout the movie, characters who are betrayed end up losing trust in others and often go on to betray others, continuing the cycle.

      Capper was betrayed by Chummer. He goes on to betray Twilight and the Mane 6. Twilight then goes on to betray Queen Novo.

      How does this cycle end? With KINDNESS. Capper may have betrayed them, but Rarity’s generosity led him to have a change of heart. Tempest may have lost trust in others but she regained it when Twilight risked her own life to save her.

      That’s what the moral of the film is. In a world of cruelty, choose to be kind. Bring light into others’ lives instead of becoming part of the darkness.

  7. I love this character. This song rings so true. Not everyone is your friend, not everybody is trust worthy. Sometimes you have to depend yourself. It is a painful truth everybody learns.

  8. Why do villains always have the best songs? I mean I’m not complaining but it is something that I’ve always noticed.

    • That and the fact that she’s a powerful unicorn that can’t use magic, and she has a backstory that is similar to Starlight’s and Starlight is Sunset 2.0. she isn’t full on Sunset 3.0 but the comparisons are there

    • William Beasley They all have different reasons for being evil. Sunset felt that she was held back from a spot she should have, so she went to the human to gain that spot, but not the way Celestia taught her since she wasn’t allowed that spot through her way. Starlight had one good friend and the second he got his cutie mark, the immediate change, especially as a child amplified it to an extreme of cutie marks being evil since the norm of friendship was broken by something that everypony will get eventually(I don’t get why they call her a copy of Sunset when they went through getting their goals in different ways. Starlight made a village follow her belief and Sunset went somewhere were she had a new start to rise to power through aggression). Tempest was very hopeful in conforming in with the norm of friendship, but due to her first experience being very horrible, and the fact she was still a child(this happens a lot with villains from common backgrounds), she overreacted and thought of it as a sign that this norm is evil and deciving, siding with the Storm King to not only get what she lost but also destroy the norm entirely.

    • Billy Barnett don’t you mean it shouldn’t have many songs? no seriously it had alot of songs there’s 5 songs on this movie they could have done at least 3 of them and for me yeah it goes slow and everything but what disappointed me is that it didn’t let me concentrate on the plot at all either let us know the characters more (i mean the new ones) they we’re all explained with songs
      but has i said it’s my opinion if for you it’s the opposite then i should respect it ^^»»

    • Yeah, the pacing was way too fast and they used way too many characters. Honestly, this would have been much better as an entire season instead of a movie. Of course, it would probably be asking too much for a continuous plot that goes from episode 1 to 26.

    • Looking at the art book for the movie, it’s clear that the writers and artists had much grander plans for the movie but they were slowly stripped away, probably due to time constraints, budget, and Hasbro trying to make the movie more «kid friendly» to encourage toy sales. I think in the sequel, they will be more willing to take risks.

    • I am! I thought the movie was ok. It had its ups and downs. I loved the animations, the character portrayals, and… most of the songs (didn’t really like It’s Time to be Awesome). My only major complaint is the sea ponies. The main Six were transformed into sea ponies for like 5 minutes. They sing a song, Twilight screws everything up, then they are turned back into ponies. There is so much wasted potential there! ESPECIALLY with Twilight! She could manipulate the water around her with her magic! Come on, Hasbro! You can do better than that!

      The plot was rather generic, to be honest.

      Other than that, I’d give it a solid B.

  9. While you must be independent and capable of standing on your own two feet, you cannot shut others out of your life.
    What’s a life of hard-earned success, if you cannot celebrate it with friends?

  10. «Don’t Trust Anyone»

    Aren’t you trusting the storm king to get your horn back?

    «Sweet Fantasy Land»

    I mean, ponies and humans with white skin should be fantasy, but you’re a pony too

    WAIT. Is there a human Tempest Shadow?

    • albonatious21 technically it was Sunburst leaving her AND NEVER CONTACTED BACK that cause her to be come a villain

    • Athena Aquila let see
      Nightmare moon: jealousy
      Discord: enjoyment
      Sunset: power
      Sci Twi (EQG): knowledge
      Chrysalis: want to rule
      Starlight: hatred for cutie marks
      Trixie: fame
      The dazzling (EQG2): fame
      Gloriosa (EQG4): save camp
      The principal (EQG3): REPUTATION
      Sombra: take over the crystal empire
      Tempest: lost her horn, everypony abandoned her…
      Yep preeeeety much

    • Starlight was an emotionally unstable child who couldn’t move on from the pain she felt when Sunburst left, so she immersed herself in a self-constructed illusion of paradise where she believed she could never be hurt again.

      Then Twilight came along and wrecked it, and of course, Starlight lashed out. She spent her entire life constructing that false paradise of hers, and now that she’s essentially lost her life purpose she’s developed a new one — to get revenge on Twilight. A goal she was literally willing to spend the rest of her life pursuing.

    • If you mean in the movie, all of Storm King’s underlings kind of had no choice. Kind of like Germans under the Nazi regime in World War II with a tyrannical ruler that made them fight for him. It’s not like they were all bad people. Some were very good but just were in a bad situation. This is also in the description of Grubber: «Someone who is good but is in a bad situation»

    • Ultimate Elite Gamer I can probably elaborate on Sunset, Starlight, and Tempest just to show they all have different character arcs. Sunset wants a position of power, not necessarily just power.Remember, she felt like she was being held back from destiny by Celestia, so she went to a different world to start a new and fulfil her destiny. Starlight saw friendship as something valuable, the problem arose when her closest(or only) friend got a cutie mark and just like that,left. The sudden change from a natural process made her belief that cutie marks were evil, making her believe she was doing the right thing. Tempest got abandoned when she needed help the most. This sudden change made her believe that friendship is decitful and allyed with the Storm King to restore her past and destroy friendship.

  11. Tempist Shadow? i only know Fizzlepop Berrytwist
    Edit: lol emily blunt… Blunt she’s the voice actor for tempist blunt horn

  12. Spoiler warning:

    I like that they didn’t «fix» her disability in the end of the movie. Instead they made it clear that she is not worth any less because of her disability. It seems like great representation, and it would be comforting to young children who have disabilities.

    • Science Morty

      And here I was thinking Twilight didn’t use the staff to repair her horn for fear of Tempest’s full magical abilities

  13. Tempest Shadow is my favorite pony in the Mlp movie. I understand how she feels cause I’ve been there…..And I’m still in those moments….. I love to sing this song. Makes me enjoy my passion to sing it. 🙂 a; I went to see the movie yesterday day and it was so awesome! 😀

  14. (Spoilers)

    I didn’t care for this song much on the first watch of the movie. On the second watch, however, I realized it for what it was supposed to be. It’s not supposed to be a villain song like «This Day Aria» or «Stand for Everfree». In spite of the fact Tempest Shadow is singing, this is a song more for Twilight Sparkle.

    There’s a key animation detail in the scene just prior to this one. When Twilight Sparkle yells at her friends and reaches the zenith of her anger…her horn sparks just like Tempest Shadow’s does. The point in this movie is that Twilight has been «slowly turning into Tempest». She progressively thinks less of friendship and it’s ability to help her survive, let alone save Equestria, and finally she reaches the point where she’s doing something dishonest and unethical in the name of «a good cause». She’s beginning to think she has to do whatever she can to survive regardless of the effects on others, and even thinks, for just a moment, that if her friends aren’t behind her with that then they’re just dragging her down.

    Hearing this from Tempest, she realized she’s been acting just like her…and that this cold, heartless, cruel pony in front of her is the end result. Not only is this Twilight’s «breaking point» where she realizes she needs to start embodying friendship again no matter how «hard» it is, but because of this scene, in spite of everything Tempest has done and how she cruelly mocks and taunts her…she still pities her. That’s what ultimately leads Twilight to make the choice she did when she’s offered the chance to save Equestria if she’s willing to let Tempest die.

    • The scene on the parapet. Tempest and the Storm King blast each other. The Storm King is stunned and the staff is out for Twilight to grab, but Tempest is also nearly knocked into the tornado. Twilight has the choice of getting the staff and saving Equestria like she wanted…or saving the life of the very unicorn who caused all of this misery in the first place. In the end, because she felt Tempest truly deserved pity and a «good friend», she saves her.

    • kyora trixia liong is she an Alicorn? I thought she was just a tall unicorn (sorry if I sound stupid, I never saw the movie and never seen her without her suit)

    • Jasper the winged coyote NO! She is not an alicorn (As you can see in her flashback) im just saying if a canon character was an alicorn, had a broken horn, a torn wing , and a scar on one of the eyes it will probably equal to the most edgy character in MLP

    • The Youtuber No im only implying that an alicorn with a broken horn, torn wing and a scar on one of the eyes will probably be the most edgy pony in MLP

    • KantoShiny Dragons ah OK, I hadn’t seen her backstory yet. I didn’t know what you were talking about

  15. I love this character. She was independent due to her past, but she was shown that you just have to find people who accept you along with your difference, not the people who judge you.


    Also that makes no sense because she counts on the ice king, and pretty much counts on everyone else BUT ponies. I’m confused :c

  17. This is the best song in the movie… Don’t get me wrong the other songs we amazing… But the music and the her vocals were just outstanding… Emily Blunt made Tempest have a hard heart along with the pain behind it as well… And also hear the heartache of being alone just a beautiful song…

  18. I think this song was directed more at Tempest herself than at Twilight. No really, just imagine Tempest singing this in a mirror to herself and it still sounds fitting to the situation she is in. Yes, Twilight was the one Tempest was singing to, but Tempest herself was relying on Storm King to restore what she lost. Once she found out that wasn’t happening, she went against Storm King of her own volition and saved the Mane Six from his last ditch effort.

    Her naive trust in Storm King caused her to have Equestria get taken over and she never truly found her place when she depended on Storm King. Once she «Opened up her eyes» she was able to fix everything that she caused and actually saved lots of people from Storm King’s wrath.

    • The song fits what you see of her in the tie-in comics, a lost soul with immense potential desperately searching for a way to regain what she lost. The Storm King saw that and was able to exploit it to manipulate her, upon hearing someone who sounded like he was actually able and willing to help she was quick to rationalize selling out a kingdom she felt had abandoned her when she needed its help

    • Iceland Mr.Puffin that poeple always will side with the strong, rich and smart and neglect the weak and disabled. Form there people become cynical about modern life and those who revel in it.

    • tripped-pastel advice I’ve been taught, ask her parent if she has amnesia, it’s possible she does, alongside that, when using ‘but’ you don’t want it coming across as dismissive

    • Also, since everyone is sharing theirs, I’ll share mine, I’m the same person, yet people are starting to like me, those that like me are people who don’t have class with me frequently, I don’t usually give out answers really, just help people understand concepts, other than science, seeing as my teacher almost slaps the answers in front of us and tells us to copy these into our notebook that we’re allowed to use on tests, then I just go with it

  19. Went and saw this yesterday, and it was so adorable, and even emotional. Loved it, and this is definitely my favourite song from it!

  20. I don’t know… This song is good, but it didn’t captivate me like the other villain songs in this franchise.

  21. Swear, this song wouldn’t feel out of place in a DISNEY movie. The rest of the film was okay, but MAN……this was a high-point.


  23. Should I be worried about becoming a villain when I found myself agreeing with almost all of the points Tempest made in the song?

  24. Easily one of the best songs in the movie. Hearing this through the theater speakers sent chills up my spine, especially during the chorus.


  26. Today I saw the movie. I went just because my sis wanted to see this… so I took my friend. In the moment, when this song started, we both just stared with open mouths. Amazing.

  27. *Looks one time at the video*
    -Man this is such a good song!
    *After 2 hours*
    *The video ends*

  28. This makes me think of how many parents and people view the world…

    People think that you shouldn’t trust anyone… ANYONE. that the world is a cruel unforgiving place and nothing else. This is what breeds mistrust, animosity and cynicism. We can’t compromise or accept each other because it’s seen as a weakness!

    The song goes so far as to add a more melodic, soft measure to give you a sense of how this ideal is usually presented… Parents try to teach this jaded worldview to their children through very soft wording. They want only to show them what may happen if they are too trusting! Too kind! But in reality it becomes a very poisonous lesson

    • Trusting people is…useful. However, there are far more untrustworthy people in the world than there are people who actually can be trusted. Why risk betrayal(or worse) with odds like those?

      I may or may not be speaking, err, typing from experience.

  29. But tempest Shadow’s REAL name is fizzlepop berrytwist not tempest get it RIGHT ok I’m not mad but please use her real name

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