The View Makes An Outrageous Claim For Why Sarah Huckabee Deserves Wolf’s Attacks(VIDEO)!!!

The View makes an outrageous claim for why Sarah Huckabee deserves Wolf’s a-t-t-a-c-k-s. The ladies on “The View” had little sympathy for the atro.cious …. волк как его нарисовать

32 Replies to “The View Makes An Outrageous Claim For Why Sarah Huckabee Deserves Wolf’s Attacks(VIDEO)!!!”

  1. All about respect for women …. ……. unless that woman is a patriotic American conservative who supports the elected president !!

  2. How have these women (I use that term loosely) remained employed after spewing all the hate they have? Disgusting!

  3. I expected the view to be hateful and wasn’t surprised. It’s it’s mean it’s just not funny. Cancel the View. It’s not news. It’s hate gossip.

  4. well for one

    Huckabee is one of the main «Let Trump be Trump» advocates when Trump is at his most vile and disrespectful

    So yea…»Let Wolff be Wolff»

    Anyone we can debate why Im wrong…

  5. Man that voice very is irritating. Based on fact?? The view is pathetic. Stock up on Mexican beer. We are building a wall. Rosie o donnell is a fat pig .

  6. The View is just as disgusting as Wolfe.All nasty bitter women.Wait till the tables turn.Will y’all think it’s funny then?????

  7. You just said you tried that with my people there be shooting involved so does anybody realize that she just said you see how the left there always violence but let have white person had a made that comment that she just made you know what I wish somebody would have went after Michelle Obama saying I wonder if it’s true she does have a penis then them arms look more manly than Obama I guess that’s fair game never never been done because it would have been a disgrace because she was yalls Messiahs wife or maybe not cuz he’s called her Michael so many times we really don’t know

  8. One day it will fall down on THESE hateful women there going feel hateful pain when they all look in the mirror

  9. They have the filthiness of their hearts in obvious display. They want to lynch and make jokes if abortions and women genitalia. The view is in the same light. It was wrong that type of comedy isn’t funny.

  10. SO much more issues in the world and all these hags do is complain and attack Good people
    you will reap what you sow miserable witches

  11. Poor Sarah can’t understand humor . Perhaps working with King Kong has soured her to the fact that “those that dish it out like her everyday treatment of media would comprehend that you need to realize that folks might Actually find fault with You?? Who Princess Peace ??? Please Say It Ain’t So!!!!

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