The Walking Dead ZOMBIE — SFX Makeup Tutorial | Sophie Foster

SFX makeup looks are finally making a appearance! Today we make myself into a zombie from The Walking Dead TV show.. rawr.. Products used ~ Elmers Glue …. белые волки как нарисовать

28 Replies to “The Walking Dead ZOMBIE — SFX Makeup Tutorial | Sophie Foster”

  1. I’d like to see what you had to do to get OUT of this makeup. Maybe you can make such a video next time you do SFX makeup.

  2. This brought back some terrifying memories!

    The fact you pretty much did this every day is amazing, so talented!

  3. with these gore makeup looks, please be careful because the channel Glam and Gore has been demonetised for her gore stuff even though she isn’t promoting violence or anything so keep that in mind with these looks hun. You look great btw x another alternative to toilet roll is cotton balls pulled apart xo

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