This Test Will Show How Good Your Memory Is

Which logo is correct? Do you have a photographic memory? Bright Side offers you an interesting test: choose a logo, and check yourself! Subscribe to Bright …. животных глаза как нарисовать

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  1. Brigth side!There is a Channel from Brazil called «Incrível» that copies some of your videos and Just translate them!
    I recomend you checking it out…

  2. Anyone else get almost all of them right by picking what they thought was the most appealing or logical logo?

  3. Me at the beginning of the video: All right, I am pretty sure that I can get them all right I have a pretty good memory.

    Me at the end: I hate myself

  4. I got three wrong. I havent seen most of the logos. Just lucky guesses and common sense. Like in the danone one. If you put blue background to red letters it wouldnt be very visible.

    • Chocolatier To make it short, something that you believe it’s one way turns out to be different. I can’t explain myself very well, as I am not a native speaker, but I can mention some examples: I always thought that the Monopoly man had a monocle, when in fact he hasn’t. I always thought that the Nestlé logo had 3 birds in the nest, and it seems there are just two. Some people say this is due to the existence of parallel universes, others have a more scientific theory.

  5. Answers
    How many did you get right?
    Comment below the numbers!

  6. I dont even know most of these brands but I got them right non the less because I know what logos work best

  7. Veckram Lelle no you didn’t I️ didn’t even get that much right and I️ live in the United States of America

  8. When you’ve taken graphics design you can cheat because you understand “logo symbology” and can guess based on what you know of the company. Spoilers ahead…

    For instance:
    Burger King the red is for specifically the beef that is in the burger as it is known as a “red meat” or the Jaguar logo facing the left is because the company isn’t afraid of taking risks and making a better looking car over a more economical one.

  9. THE Gaming BOSS They’re spelling right correctly, they are talking about the adjective right. If you don’t know your homonyms more than a dead tree; I don’t think you’re fit to be a teacher.

  10. Sophia Gordon And how dumb are exactly? Do you not have eyes to see emojis? Your grammar sucks too.

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