Tournament Winning! Pan Deck Profile — Dragon Ball Super Card Game

Ready to try out my favorite deck list? I’ve won many locals and done well in larger tournaments with this deck. Use pan to out draw, out aggro and out play your …. как нарисовать дракона в профиль

6 Replies to “Tournament Winning! Pan Deck Profile — Dragon Ball Super Card Game”

  1. Hey cool deck Set 3 just released in the U.K. , im building a version of Pan now . Would Mind Controlling Babidi work better instead of zeno when not facing apes ?

    • Thanks for the reply i mean when not facing apes . i will have to add promo gohan and Grand Tour Spaceship in the deck as we only on set 3 . Really loving the vids.

    • Thanks! Promo Gohan is extremely good in this deck for set 3. Also jiren, the rare red gotenks and comeback Gohan are all great choices.

    • I still think zeno is better and a must play in Pan. It’s a reset and essentially a 2 cost cell chain that disrupts their line of play.

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