When a Bewilderbeast dies? VANAHEIM THEORY [How to Train Your Dragon/Race to the Edge]

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  1. Hey subfuries! When you die (Spyro plans to murder us all) what will be in your heaven? I would be a waterbender and have all my Spyro games of Artemis Fowl books.

    ~ Tim

    • Will personally in my heaven there would be no humans allowed period there would be internet, TV, and Video games (in draconian language bc it’s better than English) the climate would be subtropical there be no smog (unlike my home in Beijing) and um everybody would treat each other decent that’s uh that’s a good fantasy most of that stuff will never happen humans will still be around will still be assholes like usual and all the proof I need is the first asshole who insults me based on this comment I dare you haters but I don’t really need proof especially because of all the shit that’s going down in the world

    • Hey Tim, what about if they became enslaved by a Red Death and managed to survive to old age what do you think could happen

  2. hello future me just if you didnt know theres a httyd 3 wiki that im not sure if its real and there are some faces in oswalds sketches on his wall in his hut on vanneheim.

    • Jennifer Weil We know that Night furys get sick so the other dragons probably do to.
      This is from Riders of Berk.

    • I do want to get back to them! I’ve just had a ton of videos backlogging I need to do that are time sensitive.

      ~ Tim

    • Hello Future Me oh ok take your time then but just a suggestion can we do monstrous nightmare vs hideous zippleback

  3. I thought that dragon were immortal in age, but in how to train your dragon it’s different…

  4. My heaven is: creatures of which exist and don’t exist, unimaginable land amounts but only earth like gravity unbelievably big oceans and infinite world things from the past and the future, and a realistic feel still with imagination being its creator, still, the challenge of survival and the difference is that you can respawn after diying, Unimaginable and imaginationable, a cartoon look to it, still a day and night cycle but by magic and not by science, still a bit of science but lots of magic and mythical nature and it would be more amazing than anything in reality, floating islands and of course I bet your all wondering what about the dragons … YOU CANNOT FORGET ABOUT THE DRAGONS!!!

  5. Hey Tim love your vids I have 4 httyd topics I want you to talk about 1- why are toothless’tail fins so vital to his flight if cloudjumpers tail fins got frozen and he’s still able to fly fine 2-how could a wild night fury activate its turning back fins vodka activates on toothless in httyd 2 without a person to press the pressure point 3- how does having 4 wings effect a stormcutters flight or what are they for 4- could have cloudjumper remembered hiccup in httyd 2 from when he played with hiccup as a baby

    • I have about a dozen GoT models! My favourite are the construction sets. They look absolutely stunning.

      ~ Tim

  6. Actually it doesn’t look like a skeleton but more like a rock cause even do bones ages the texture never change except for cracks and other damage stuff

  7. What if the dragons stayed with their dying alpha while the night fury left because some reasons and they never returned again and that explains why night furies dont go to vanaheim

  8. Hi I have a theory if toothless is the last night fury one what happened to all of the other night fury and why is toothless the only night fury and sorry if you did this in an other video p.s LOVE YOUR VIDEOS

    • Lawyer Justice to quote Hiccup’s mother:

      «Every nest has its queen, but this is the King Of Dragons.»

      EDIT: I just realized that wasn’t very helpful. So the Red death is the queen of a different nest than the one that we see in the second movie.

  9. It looks like the Bewhilderbeast Calcified, and turnedinto a Fossil like stone. Pointing that It is Extremely old.

    • Super Kamehameha! Well vanaheim is a good place for Dragon’s after they die even though it’s sad they can die as a peaceful death

    • Super Kamehameha! Dragon’s go to vanaheim to have a peaceful death so the Bewilderbeast did that it had no choice Dragon’s have no choice but to leave they’re home to go to vanaheim because they know it’s time on vanaheim it’s all about perspective Dragon’s are all about trust and perspective

    • Joshua Romero josh… a Chief protects His own, the dead bewilderbeast lived there and died there… and as homage to the Great King of their ancestry, the species of dragons that were subjects of the dead King, will go to Vanaheim then die…

      It’s the most accepted lore about Vanaheim.. that place was once an Ice Kingdom ruled by a powerful Bewilderbeast King…

      Enough said

    • Super Kamehameha! Ok I guess a chief needs to do what cheif needs to do and vanaheim well we know about

    • Would you be saying the same if your guardians didn’t buy you an expensive computer for good grades? My dirt poor family never got me anything for grades, and yet I continue to pass classes because I recognize that it’s an important thing to do.
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    • Riley Moore I wasn’t referring to you. I’m talking about the person who bragged about their parents buying them an expensive rig for having grades, and calling people who dislike school idiots.

    • Apoa’s Demon I’m a kid and I think that would be awesome. As long as you still get a good education and get to meet new people that is. But if your an adult then no work either.

  10. Hey! I have a theory! Maybe the the old Night Furies would hard to valalah but some dragon or dragon hunters got them!

    • Joshua Romero yes, there like the borg from Star Trek, if it doesn’t one shot them then they can and will adapt to there best defense by that time hiccup and toothless weren’t trusted by the sentinels so they had trouble getting in

    • Dark Phantom it’s true Toothless is a powerful Dragon he owns the night witch means no one can see him at night and no one can stop him

  11. My heaven is a place that has mishca, dragons, technology, peace, and vast oceans and large islands to fly over all day

    • Not true. There are animals, which includes insects, that will betray its own kind or cannibalize its own kind, etc.

    • Maybe the sentinels were the most loyal of the vanheim bewilderbeast’s dragons and once it died they where the ones that decided to guard his final resting place.

    • //Royal //Riot// could be, still, dragons like the sentinels are incredibly unique, so I think there may be more to their story

  12. Mishka cant die, he/she is our SUPREME IMMORTAL LEADER. All hail Mishka, king of all king/ queen of all queens.

  13. Can you give me a link to watch season 1 to 4? I always see things about this show but i just cant find it on the internet

    • josé jr here is the link:
      I chose it because it has all the DreamWorks Dragons seasons — Riders of Berk , Defenders of Berk and Race to the Edge
      Just search «DreamWorks Dragons» in the search bar of this site
      And enjoy ! I hope it works

    • ShadowWolfMC the Reddeath can’t control the dragons the Reddeath told the the dragons to bring it food or else it would eat them

    • Joshua Romero the dragons could easily have flown away whilst outside the nest they had no reason to stay they could get food on their own and easily defend themselves without the red death. They were being control.

    • Joshua Romero no they were not being controlled by a bewilderbest they were at the time of the first movie the dragons that attacked berk were being controlled by the red death

    • Rosegold the red death was in httyd1 it can’t control Dragon’s under berserker island they’re was ice under it the Bewilderbeast is there and the reason why the dragons were acting wierd is because the Bewilderbeast that’s under berserker island was trying to control them and it was messing with them

  14. I’m more curious as to why the island has the same (or similar one) as the home of the Aesir in Norse Mythology.

    • Matt Parton mayby the sentinels were so loyal that they stayed with the alpha and protects its skeleton….

    • Duck Dingo25 vanaheim is where Dragon’s go to have a peaceful death so that’s what the Bewilderbeast did and the Sentinels helped the Bewilderbeast with a comfortable spot so the Bewilderbeast died on vanaheim

  15. Hey in race to the edge season 5 episode 3 we see dagger on a new dragon well what happen to shadow master is he died or what????????

  16. Wait so what would an Eruptadon be doing with a bewilderbeast if it’s suppose to be near lava sources to eat and protecting the defenders of the wing? I mean you can’t really ignore the fact since the Eruptadon’s passing pretty much introduced Vanahiem

  17. I think the sentinel dragons were also dragons that were under the influence of the bewilder beast but were much more attached to it so they never left the bewilder beast’s side and they evolved and learned eventually becoming what they are today.

    • haha thats exactly what a said to somebody else asking about the sentinels. great minds think alike

  18. Hello Future me. i have a theroy for Httyd 3. well i have seen everything wrong with httyd and the person said that dragons are meant to live for thousands of years. well hiccup might be old in number 3 and will probably haft to make toothless tail again so he can fly. hiccup will probably haft to say goodbye to toothless before he passes away. and toothless will probably haft to continue his job as the alpha and snot lout will become the new cheif of berk this is my theroy and thanks for reading

  19. I would have my own sort of Jurassic Park, with httyd dragons, jpark dinosaurs, and i airbender hybrids, while I sit with a PS4 that let’s me travel to any game world I want, may be a little much, but oh well, I can hope. 🙂

  20. Oh god we are going to have a crap load of people dying of old age on Trump’s grave because they think he is the «God Emperor» or «The Chosen One» or some other holy being.

    • Maybe the sentinels were the most loyal of the vanheim bewilderbeast’s dragons and once it died they where the ones that decided to guard his final resting place.

  21. But the island skeleton has giant ass teeth were the bewilder east has no visible teeth

    • Since they do not have a dragon like the vanaheim bewiderbeast that they are loyal too they probably just die like any other normal animal.

  22. Dragon battle scenario.

    The screaming death is on a rampage, it destroys island after island then moves on to the island of the last buffalord, the screaming death eats and eats until the island collapses. Enraged at the loss of its food source, it challenges the screaming death to a battle, for he has nothing to loose.

  23. What if the bewilderbeast that died on vanahiem was the parent of the two bewilderbeasts in the second movie. And since it was the parent of the two it was alot bigger and the two are only teenagers compared to their parent bewilderbeast on vanahiem.

    • The problem here is that Alpha dragons don’t have a gender. They basically have internal fertilisation and lay abundent of eggs. The hatchlings will fight each other to death. Some will survive and live on. I know the Red Death alpha species does this. Not sure about the Bewilderbeasts.

    • //Royal //Riot// it wasn’t that could be the parent of their parent season 6 rise of berk their momma under berserker island

    • No because the two dragons in httyd2 well one is under besurker island, in rtte that egg is the good bewilder beast and the ice island in httyd2 is berserker island

  24. its cool that the bewilder beast is apparently a «class 10 Leviathan, but other than one line in the movies from fishlegs there really isnt a whole lot of meaning placed behind dragons size classification so how is a dragon’s size classified and which dragons are classified in which categrories like woild the red death also count as class 10? where would toothless fit? class 3 or 4 is my best guess considering he’s not even 8 meters long

  25. I already knew this telling for how big the skull and skeleton is and for how all dragons rest THERE, but thanks to HFM, everyone knows, thanks bro! Appreciate it!

  26. My theory is that because there is a dead alpha species bewilderbeast so dieing dragons are drawn to it and how are we so sure that that is the only island known a vanahime (I know I spelt that wrong) or is it just one of the island with bewilderbeast carcass that is considered as vanahime
    Oh and I think the sentinels were a species that were under bewilderbeast protection while it was alive and when it began to die the alpha comanded them to only let sick dragons on the island or the took it upon themselves to do so

  27. Tim can you please do a video on stormfly’s new magnesium blast and the reason to why it changed. It would really clear up a flew things that I have been wondering. Please see this comment ❤

  28. then this probably means that a bewilderbeast has also never encountered a night fury because you cant see bones or skeletons of night furys

  29. It is not the white 1 its the gray one becuasce if you go back tuflis nocs the gray one harn and the body is the gray one

  30. Where do the other bewilderbeast go to die do they create other vanihiems also why are there so few bewilderbeast what happened to them

    • Bennett Schlauch Red Death , as said by Astrid in the 1st movie and Valka in the 2nd movie, is like a queen bee of dragons. Other Dragons like monstrous nightmares, gronkles, nadders and zipplebacks were like worker bees. The red death is also the reason why berk and dragons were at war for 300 years. The dragons stole the food from the vikings and give it to dead death. If they didnt. Bring a satisfactory meal, they were eaten. As shown when red death ate a gronkle who brought it a small fish. According to legend, not sure of it still hold up, before a Red Death dies, she lays 1,000-2,000 eggs and they all fight until one is left. That same one can live.for about 3,000 years. The red death is Known as a Sea dragonas maximus in the book. It used to be in the Tidal class of dragons but it was moved in the Stoker class. In the books, toothless is a baby sea dragonas maximas
      I hole this helped

    • Alibek 123
      I see somewhere that hiccup will be over 30 age and have 2 children’s
      Some notes
      -No new dragons
      -the story is about hiccup’s, son

  31. I think that the power vacuum that you mentioned that was caused by the passing of the Bewilderbeast was filled by the Red Death and that’s how it came into power.

  32. I hate to correct your wording Tim, but I’m afraid you accidentally said «when our supreme leader Mishka dies». When you clearly meant «since our supreme leader Mishka will never die». Because Mishka will always, without fail, reincarnate into another felines body until the world ends. And then it will only be Mishka, our supreme leader, forever. And to answer your question then, we will forever be tied to humble servitude of our supreme leader Mishka.

  33. What would heppen if the screaming death the green death and foreverwing and bewilderbeast all fought who would be the last one standing

  34. Supreme leader Mishka can’t die. He’s too powerful. He rules the universe! ALL HAIL MISHKA!!!

  35. But then again why would a Bewilderbeasts bones be made of some. Because unless I’m wrong, someone tell me if I am, the only way bones can prettify into stone it had to be underground for a long time under extreme pressure. Like how trees and stuff prettify.

    • Zane Roberts or vanaheim was a volcano and it could have erupted and encased the giant bewilderbeast in volcanic boulders and ashes that it got fossilized overtime . . .

    • matt magbanua true but then again why would an «Arctic dragon» be on a volcanic island. And again on my state theory, why would those people or whatever made it if it is a statue why would they make the skeleton of it and not the whole body. There’s just a lot that makes not a whole lot of sense but hey. We’ll figure it out eventually right.

  36. So I’ve noticed that under berserker island there’s ice so does that mean that there’s an egg there because of the dragons are acting weird? And in season 6 do think that heather, dagger and the island will die because the egg is hatch and break it

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