Why I draw so fast 3 Benefits to gesture drawing

Taking your time in art is something I encourage but is there a benefit to drawing fast? Drawing fast isn’t always a bad thing. Let’s chat about Gesture drawing.. волк как нарисовать видео

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  1. I think I’m kinda one of the firsts. Not the first, one of em. And art ala carte (idk if I spelled it right. Sorry) can you make a video on how to blend colors and how to make fur textures.

    • Hector Trejo Chavez I know I’m not art ala carte, but it’s usually up to personal preference. Alot of youtubers will use blue or red pencils so the glare from their studio lights are so bad, where as with graphite pencils it’s hard to see sometimes becuase of the glare. But it’s mostly yo to personal preference. Hope this helped!

    • It’s for differentiating all the construction lines. If you have all the lines of the same color (like graphite), it’s harder to see the changes you made on your drawing, especially when you are refining it. Working with different colors make it a lot easier to see and choose what you want for you final drawing. Plus, using lighter colors is better if you work with a heavy hand like me, graphite tend to stay on the paper even if you erase it.

  2. Yay! An Art ala Carte video on my birthday! I love how you coloured the fur. It looks awesome!
    I would love to see a video on how you coloured it!

  3. I would love a coloring tutorial!!!! And are you planing on getting back into the 100 character challenge???

  4. I think where quick gesture originated from is life drawing sessions, if you’re out drawing people/animals from life, they are going to move so you must capture the essence of the subject before it disappears, or before the person you may be secretly sketching notices you! XD

  5. Other people may wonder at times how people get so fast at drawing whatever it is, but when you are sketching this thing over and over again your speed goes up and it’s easier to get what you’re looking for faster. You did a good job explaining things. The wolf turned out great!

  6. Yes it would be awesome to have a video on how to colour fur it would really help me! Love the video

  7. Could you make an updated tutorial on how to draw a wolf (and possibly talk about how you colour it)? I love your old one, and if you made a newer one you could maybe take us through stuff like wings or more that one tail on a wolf! anyway, it’s just an idea. Love you and ur videos!

  8. A coloring tutorial of this would be so very helpful — I am turning to markets and love the grey tons u use

  9. Loved this thank you. I get frustrated I’m learning patience again drawing and painting and colored pencil oh my lol. Practice and patience and teachers that remind me of that.

  10. I gesture-drawn in front of my friend and she didn’t pay attention then when she saw it she said things like “omg it’s sooo good!” “Teach me how to draw!” “Can you draw this for me?!” And then I taught her how to base draw and she is pretty good now!

  11. I hate the ‘next’ videos that show up on the last few seconds of the current video. They plop them on top of your just finishing work and I can’t see what you’ve done. Is that something that can be eliminated? I know where to find your videos, since I’m a subscriber and look for your stuff all the time.

  12. What kind of light pad do you use? Also can you use the light pad to transfer onto watercolor paper? Thanks!

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