WOMAN ADDICTED TO DIRTY DIAPERS! Leave a Like if you enjoyed and aren’t addicted to diapers! Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications!. волк как нарисовать видео


  1. When I saw the video not the video right now I thought it said happy meal because it said nappy meals I didn’t read right

  2. «Girl addicted to drinking cow blood.»
    «Girl addictied to drinking her own pee.»
    «Girl addicted to sniffing and chewing diapers. »

    Me:»I’m addicted to Food and fortnite…anybody else…no…ok.»

  3. Hi SSSNIPERWOLF I love u sooo much. I was here at 7.2k Subbs and u haven’t noticed me at all.
    It makes me sad that you don’t notice me but maybe one day you will.
    Anyways…..I love you so much

  4. I am currently looking for the comment that says ‘I am addicted to watching sssniperwolf videos’

  5. An episode of hoarders, woman who likes to hoard DIRTY nappies and chews them. ( I forgot to mention that they’re DIRTY!!!)

    • üsama Da when I read I like juicy diapers I read it in the voice of stewy cuz of ur profile pic and it sounded so funny XD!

  6. Not gonna lie, clean diapers smell so fresh and nice but only for the first few seconds… But still.. CLEAN ones.

  7. I can understand why peole do drugs, and drink and why they become addicted to it, however this is something I cannot understand at all, it does not make you feel good or help you at all.

  8. Wait if she likes dirty diapers why can’t she just wear adult diapers herself and then she don’t gotta bother no one

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