Yu-Gi-Oh! How To Beat Gouki!

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155 Replies to “Yu-Gi-Oh! How To Beat Gouki!”

  1. When I saw the title, I thought it said “How to beat Goku” XD

    I’m a ducking idiot XD

    • Lava golem is worthless because sphere mode and kaijus are both better than it, so you can choose whichever of those two your deck wants.

    • Armageddon Knight In my Dark Spyral deck with you in it lol (Armageddon knight) I sides 3 sphere mode and 2 Kaijus. This set up worked very very well. Went 6-2-1 at a regional without evenly, impermenance, borreload, Gryphon, other expensive shit. And the side deck came in clutch. But never faced a gouki player, but faced 4 trickstar, 3 sky striker, 1 blue eyes and 1 true Draco. Faced a gouki player before the event, and in testing, sphere mode worked very well. Only losses were to one trickstar and 1 Sky striker. Also tied against a Sky striker. Was back a couple of weeks ago post ban list. So no ancient fairy, etc…

    • tim5fl same especially since im wanting to try out true king dino yang zing and only need one more copy of diagram

    • Declaneo eh they’re first edition and plus only had the second copy last week and only because a guy traded me his diagram for a copy of nightmare griffin i pulled out of a special edition pack and my first one i pulled out of my first pack of maximum crisis (no box btw) back in December last year

  2. Wanna know how I beat Gouki?
    I don’t.
    I quit the game this format, so I don’t have to beat anything anymore. Feels good.

  3. go into dark law gg.
    or necrovalley
    or reaper the isolde
    effect veiler the isolde after the second effect been used or the knightmare goblin

    • Alex Mendes
      Yeah let me bust out $1000 to make a deck that is most likely going to get hit in a few months.

  4. Its nice to mention if they extra link and give you an iblee, kaiju and lava golem are pretty much useless.

  5. Is gamma a useful hand trap against gouki? If so, when is the best time to use it or against whom’s effect?

  6. 1:03 That Link between Unicorn and Jefferson Farfan tho, I bet that with such combo Peru could’ve defeated Denmark.

  7. Metaphys field spell on board I summon Ragnarok banish 3 attack into Chimera or Phoenix deal damage, special summon daedalus to banish all their monsters and then swing in for another 2600.

    • Not if Griffon is on the field(the Link-4 one) you cant activate daedalus effect. and if they gave you iblee, how are you summoning him?

    • The KLUWN I was responding the board cimo had in the vid of course if Griffin is on board you wouldn’t be able to do anything because the field prevents their effects from being responded to, that’s why in vid my senerio would have worked because trigate wizard couldn’t respond to any of the metaphys effects.

  8. Ghost belle negates gouki rematch but they can activate a second one because it negates activations not effects

  9. 6:33 since Ghost Belle negates the activation, the opponent can still activate another copy of Gouki Rematch if they have it.

  10. Honestly, a decent way of beating Gouki is stopping them from special summoning. Either use Vanity’s fiend, or any other monster that prevents special summoning. But it also affects you to so use it wisely

  11. Necro gardna breaks goukis tbh, its searchable by isolde and you then discard it for a knightmare effect preventing your opponent from suiciding their iblee into your monster.

    • Some crazy genius at my locals used binary blader to go into curious, the exalted lightsword and eventually knightmare griffon to set any floodgate of his choice, mostly mask of restrict or anti-spell fragrance. It was an interesting new spin on solitaire.

    • good to see others pick up on this — Attack Negation is a real hidden strategy alot of players are not picking up on, If you can Cancel Lilybell attacking they cannot Firewall OTK you or eve poke directy for example

    • tribute only works if they 1) play toon cyber dragon and 2) open with it and linking also doesn’t work because you extra link them. So unless they draw sphere mode/evenly matched/toon cyber and/or toon table of contents it is gg

  12. Pure goukis are just a beat down deck, so battle traps will take them down pretty easy. And for gouki nightmares, all I know is ash, solemn, and sphere mode.

  13. Noting this is only for US players. For eu players we’ll just scrub out with a sub par board if we dont draw into like 3 extenders

  14. Funny how goki sucked when it came out and now everyone ignores how it was trash .
    Strang how fast people change there minds

    • +kninzotagoni Or how a new set of cards (The Knightmares) can really improve a deck so much that it becomes competitive when it used to be trash.

    • Gouki decks don’t even use their boss monsters, they use a generic link archetype which made them this way. Have you seen their boss monsters?

  15. For metaphys players, if you play factor and banish tyrant dragon with daedalus in hand, you can kill the entire gouki field without any response from tri-gate or hand traps

  16. Handraps to prevent the board from forming or board breakers like Sphere mode, gameciel, cyberdragon dude. Horray, brilliant.

  17. In my dino deck droll & lock bird is still a material for double evolution pill so I can’t say that it’s -1 exactly :P!!

  18. Force them to go into borreload dragon then activate Rivalry of Warlords. That trap card screws em over really hard.

    • asdrubal2112 run a bad spirit deck focusing on asura priest and honest…the goal is to hard draw the azura priest attack their biggest monster and discard honest…then attack the rest.

  19. 04:05 «droll is a minus one» this made me laugh xD
    cimoooooo i don’t agree with your sentence px because yes droll doesn’t let you draw like certain bugs =’) BUT he instantly end the turn of some players (like goukis and especially Loly’s deck) =) ofc the debate is open ^^

    • If you have a five card hand and you discard Droll, you now only have four cards. It’s a -1.

      That being said, the card is really good for out tempo-ing your opponent because it likely stops their whole turn, but by itself it is just a -1

    • If you don’t have a strong follow-up play after Drolling a Gouki player, they will just continue with their plays on the following turn. Sure you stopped them, but you didn’t actually deal with any of their resources.

    • but dzeef and cimoooooo just drolling an opponent in this format is enough to deal heavy damages to the opponent, who wouldn’t recover or have a strong follow-up play in 2018 ? except if you are playing for fun but i don’t count it px anyway just my opinion droll is super strong in this format ^^

  20. Your slightly wrong with the ghost belle play rematch.

    Ghost belle negates activations and rematch can only be activated once per turn.

    So if you ghost belle the rematch if they can get a second they will be able to use it

  21. Say some home blossom is hitting your warrior girls! You give em one of these; (standing up at table and starts boogieing in front of opponent) SLAMS down called by the grave

  22. I remember when links first came out and everybody thought that gouki was going to be trash but now it is one of the best decks in the format

    • Knightmare did it, Their archetype is pretty decent, their boss monsters….underwhelming……switch them for troymare, broken.

  23. These «how to beat» videos are really not a good help for people who dont want to invest 150$ in 3 pieces of cardboard, listing hand traps as the first solution to beating just about every deck you make a video for is obvious, but doesnt really help anybody. Love your videos, but this has been annoying me lately

  24. what about Blackwing-Jin the rain shadow he can take down any Gouki because of his effect of destroying monsters that have DEF less than his ATK. if you set up a Dimensional fissure, that’s a free banish every turn

    • Link monsters don’t have DEF. The effect doesn’t work at all.

      The monsters also can’t be destroyed. Even if. One monster per turn isn’t nearly enough. You’ll 100% die next turn.

    • Jannis well it does give you an extra turn to set up, also I was talking about regular gouki monsters. All of them have 0 DEF

  25. just wait when gouki trainer and gouki giant ogre comes to tcg …no1 can escape from wrath of giant ogre…the card is beast

  26. It doesnt matter if re-match is hard once per turn. Because ghost belle is negating THE ACTIVATION gouki players are able to activate a 2nd one in same turn. You can check that ruling online and a judge at the german national also ruled it.

  27. Umm..i think if u negate the ACTIVATION of re-match, they can activate another RE-Match…remtach says act once per turn, not use once per turn.

  28. I play Shaddoll Dinosaur, so I have an El Shaddoll Fusion set. When my opponent summons Gouki Suprex and uses his effect, I chain El Shaddoll Fusion, summon El Shaddol Winda, and my opponent specials another Gouki. The nice thing with this is that thanks to Winda, they can’t link off their Goukis to make say Isolde.

  29. I think Droll is the best hand trap because u can stop gouki plays till their next turn, and it so good because ur next turn u can easily break their board with ur card effect or any quick play spell and trap, unlike when u play ash blossom u litteraly just stop one of their plays not all of them if u stop any of those plays doesnt mean u stop gouki’s play

  30. My favourite out to the Gouki board is a hand trap that nobody really uses. Once they create their trigate and 2 co-links to it, activate wattkinetic puppeteer to move it to the furthest column

  31. Dunking a sphere mode on Gouki is super satisfying, but also essentially any hand trap will do for the most part

  32. i have anger problems ever since ash blossom was released i better quit this game before i bream my pc when i get ashed next time

  33. I miss old format. Sure pendulum magicians were pretty powerful, but they were surprisingly balanced and allowed for a very diverse format where a lot of decks could counter each other. Now we’re back to formats where you either have to play the meta or wait for the banlist. It’s stupid

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