1 643 thoughts on “10 Amazing Paper Pranks & Tricks! Prank Your Friends!

    1. Makenzee Villalobos who’s knows? You can easily say you’re her number one fan but really? How long have you been watching her? Have you met her in real life? Only she can decide who her no. 1 fan is

    1. That’s because it’s her ploy to make us engage in the comments section. Engagement in the comments section allows YT to see that her channel is garnering interest then YT starts paying her more. I hate Youtubers who straight out deceive like this. If she had just revealed her favourite at the end of the video like she said she would, she would then be a true and genuine Youtuber

  1. A HUGE thanks to all my amazing #wengiecorns!! Our family is getting so big now at 7 million but I still wanna HUG all of you!!! <333 You guys inspire me to keep creating fun videos so thank you so much for your support! *HUUUUUUUG*
    Give poor Max a hug as well! He has been a lonely unicorn while I've been away overseas so here's our newest Reacticorn video today! Ссылка

  2. I love your voice Wengie!!! Also you are so nice and beautiful, you make me happy!! I don’t know if you will see this but… Also a paper cut is a trees final moment of revenge.

    1. Michy, they actually explained how. When you cut it out, the shapes are not even squares. Each bit starts off thin then gets thicker at one side. The trick is you rotate it so the thicker side is on the outside, and the thinner is inside. This creates a gap.

  3. Jude Renee Botero unfortunately we did not have a snow day but a tornado hit my house the school our walmart and many other places it hit the badest in my neighborhood

  4. there is a girl that gets bullied and has no friends. 🙁 she moves school to make new friends

    1like= 1 friend

    let’s see how many friends she can get by the end of today!!

  5. Dear Wengie, would you please consider leaving the songs in the description :3 your taste of music is soooooo beautiful and I’m dying to listen to the songs

  6. For the disappearing square, it’s because each side of the new square is a bit smaller than the older one, but if you’re to fill the same area it would need to be the same length, but when you make it the same length it creates a hole because it can’t physically fill the same area.

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