30 COLOR SCULPTURE CHALLENGE Fortnite Battle Royale Leviathan, Raven, Wukong Skin Polymer clay

30 COLOR SCULPTURE CHALLENGE! Whether you are a fan of Fortnite battle royale or not, this challenge was very difficult but fun to put together. In this tiny …. цвет кожи как нарисовать

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  1. I love your videos so much I dropped everything I was doing to see it <3 fortnite -.- why DON'T FEED INTO THAT TREND

  2. Pray the baking gods to that NerdE has the power to create anything and her amazing sculpture doesn’t fail her and fall

  3. Er my gerd I love this video wait fortnite………………….WHY! WHY! FORTNITE NOOOOOO!!!!! Jackie don’t feed into the trend

  4. I would of made towering flowers with all kinds of bright insects, mushrooms are a great idea aswell but i love them to much to go around changing a death cap to a jack o lantern, jack o lantern fungi glow such a mesmerising blue/green at night its brilliant, toxic but beautiful

  5. Holy baking gods who are in heaven, thanks for our daily clay and sculping tools. For you I pray for awesome crafters projects down in the fires of oven. Protect them from cracks and make them fullfil their ultimate glory. Amen.

    I dont like fortnite buuut, I love what you did here! 😀 and right now Im playing pokemon tornament DX. I just can play Switch and cant really afford new games *cries*

    • Drawing Dem Dragons! It is, but not everyone has a console to play on, or a PC that can handle the game and not lag! I personally have a gaming PC because I play Overwatch, but not that many people do!!

    • Pandas9944 Cool, my best friend loves Overwatch :3 she tried to get me into it but 1) my computer and internet suck for it. 2) I also suck at computer controls, so… I felt too coward about it ^^’ though I told her that if the game was released on switch, I would get it :3

  6. This is brilliant. Even my brother (who’s a fortnite fanatic and picks up on the smallest discrepancy on anything fortnite) approved so yeah, just wanted to let you know you got the approval of a young teen who plays fortnite as often as possible.

  7. DUDE I was so skeptical when I first watched you, however the more I watch the more I started to like you. You are hella strong and honest. Ily.

  8. #NerdEficationsquad oh baking gods plz bestow upon us your godly ability to make our sculpture not crack or break Amen~

  9. #nerdEficationsquad i need to stop with this channel you have too many videos. But you’re really talented.

  10. With all the bright colors I would have made a serpent/dragon, I also love how much detail you put into your work

  11. me before watching the video: there’s no way she can use 30 colours and make it look good!
    me after watching the video: HOLY HECK HOW DID SHE DO THAT IT LOOKS EPIC

  12. Oh holy great baking gods. Let this fine sculpture survive the cruel pits of fire and live to its greatest glory.

  13. >w> You should totally create a scultpure of your favourite creature from the new GOW!
    Ooo! Better idea! Make them chibi! Maybe that’d be a challenge?

    Edit: Okay. I should say more than that. |’D I absolutely love this piece! Not to mention the Irish/Scottish instrumental in the background. ღ

  14. You’re so creative and talented, I’m so glad I found your channel ! I think your hair looks great short. CuteECrafter 😛

  15. Oh baking gods please grant Jackie her plead of sucessfully baking her art.The baking gods we ask you to help Jackie so, her art will be complete. Oh baking gods oh holy ones make her art finished and please prevent the masterpeice to have cracks and for it to be complete and finished. Oh baking gods please fullfill are wish.

  16. NOOOOO NOT FORTNITE… well, I have to admit, that is one amazing sculpture!

  17. I have a question, is is okay to put wood in the oven while baking some clay? People keep telling me that it’ll catch on fire if I put wood in the oven…

    • As long as your oven isn’t open flames and the wood is untreated, you’ll be ok at low temperatures

  18. #NerdEficationsquad I’ve literally been trying since you first said you would give shoutouts and i got so excited but i love you so much and i just really would be honored to get a shoutout from you.

  19. This looks super cute. I should try to make something with every color I have. I dont use clay often but definately want to use it more often.

    If I was going for a big fantasy piece and using those colors I think mushrooms and Crystal’s were a good way to go. You could do dragons or maybe weird color flowers or a simple fantasy creature that might be easy to make enmass.

    I am not currently playing an video games because I dont have anything I can reliably play games on. I am saving for a laptop so I can play games again.

    I guess Technically I am playing flight riding which is a website that lets you breed, train dragons ect. I can play it on my phone for the most part. And pokemon go.

  20. Wow…I am amazed, this is totally awesome!. Just because you might want to know, nowhere in Scripture does it mention Leviathan as female or feminine. Leviathan and Behemoth are two separate creatures (Leviathan mentioned in Job 41:1-34 and Psalm 74:12-14 Behemoth mentioned in Job 40:15-24. All of these verses say «him») Leviathan is described as a huge sea creature with dragon-like tendencies, and Behemoth is a large herbivore that walks on land, often described as brontosaurus-like. Anyway…..this sculpture is wonderful…don’t EVER describe yourself as «not an artist» again….only an artist could create something like this!! God Bless!

  21. I love your sculpture and as for the purple and brown I would of made a wisteria tree I just love them and I think it would of fit in really well as for what game I am playing at the moment I am playing rime in the Nintendo switch, also I would have to agree with a lot of the comments I just don’t like fortnight

  22. at 7:15 i asked my friend what was the chest made of and he said wood, it must be very realistic then :3

  23. I would love to see a tree stump which is lifelike and make sure it shows the rings, bark, roots and all the small creature fond of stumps like grubs in the bark and root bark, termites, black ants (they like damp wood, feeding on the cellulos), chipmunks, field mice, toads, (not frogs), Toad Lilies, Oxalis, Violets, Ferns (look up Maidenhair Ferns, very nice!), Rolliepolly Bugs, Salamanders and so on. Looking forward to this because it will take perhaps two shows to get it all in!

  24. Theres only a couple of your videos that annoy me , though the rest I LOVEE THEM! KEEP IT UP¡

  25. #nerdeficationsquad. I love your vids and i do what ever you do and there are a lot of squlptures on my wall.

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