5 Creepy Times Pets Were Seeing Things Their Owners Couldn’t!

5 Creepy Times Pets Were Seeing Ghosts Their Owners Couldn’t! Description: People say that a dog is a man’s best friend. I say a pet is a man’s best friend, …. как нарисовать волка призрака

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    • Shadowkum. I know what I said. Now it’s time for you to swallow before I tuck your punk ass into bed. Nighty night princess.

    • Peter. Hi. If you read Shadows earlier posts you’ll see why I went the way I did. The jackass called other posters’ cunts’. And over what? Some trivial argument that started over who had made the original post. The guys a knucklehead.

    • Peter. Hi. If you read Shadows earlier posts you’ll see why I went the way I did. The jackass called other posters’ cunts’. And over what? Some trivial argument that started over who had made the original post. The guys a knucklehead.

    • I like it when you use your teeth a little. Feels goooood! But stop playing with the balls. They know what they’re doing.

  1. Pretty sure the marshmallow man suit shouldn’t be on a list of things pets can see that their owners can’t.

  2. My dog barks at something a lot like he’ll just be laying down silent and I will be in the same room as him and out of nowhere he’ll start to bark and growl at something that I can’t see but only he can and it makes me nervous

    • 33 years 3 big Dalmatians. No ghost 2 bark @ but they did bark out of the blue in a quiet room. As I investigated often I could find something outside, a dog, a car in the driveway. Their hearing is so much sharper than ours. Ya they dream while sleeping too. It’s was fun to whiteness.

    • EXACTLY! This BS is for morons that call horoscope hotlines and watch long island medium and get all weepy. BTW, the cat was bug hunting something like a small fly. Not spirits from beyond you morons!


  4. the subject matters are extremely compelling,the humor is extremely LAME! whoever writes those jokes should either stop, or get fired

  5. I know that there are ghosts or spirits or whatever you want to call them, having had many paranormal experiences myself, but this video is ridiculous. The cat was pretty obviously hunting a flying insect, as any cat owner has seen a million times. A fake, reproduction Egyptian statue has to have spirits attached to it??? Ooooooh, creepy. The Great Dane wasn’t freaked out by anything we couldn’t see, but by its owner wearing a mask, which if you own a dog you’ve probably experienced yourself. I know I have. Hell, one of my dogs would freak out every time I put on a winter hat and sunglasses. And number one looked more to me like the dog got up because its owner said something to it. Orbs? Seriously? I’m usually entertained by this type of video, but this just plain sucked.

  6. I believe dogs really do see things we cant see. One night my sister had sleep paralysis in her sleep and in her subconscious state saw something scary but she managed to wake up. She was scared so we were all in her room when suddenly our dog rushed under her bed from the other room and kept growling while looking at an empty space.

    • HAHAHAHAHAHA Dogs and cats can see lights on the light spectrum that’s we can’t. Then again dogs and cats may think your furniture is an object from space that is capable of time traveling.

    • @…Carlos Jones the typical idiot that thinks that he is the only logical human around spitting autistic bs…

      One day for the very first time my dog start and howl all day long…The same day i learned one neighbor had died.
      Another night my dog started growling, showing her teeth, hair on spine rised and she was starring and following (trying to avoid is a more accurate description) the movements of something …And No it wasnt an insect etch…Next moments room was cold AF…

    • Arianna Ortiz Yeah I have a story too. Once I was walking in downtown Detroit and I saw this black figure. It was spooky.
      Oh and another time I was staring at the sun and I looked over at my friend and they were encompassed by a circle! I think it was the energy field of some spiritual being!

    • Jewel Heart that’s what I thought, I don’t trust the cat ones because I think the cats are looking for a bug.

    • my cat went crazy. at my second haunted house. it will scream my name occasionally in my husband voice poor cat would be sleeping. after the scream the cat would fly across the room when she got spoked

    • Viktoria Van Eycke lol my cat was out on my driveway chasing what semed like nothing like a laser pointer. mabey a ghost was playing with her.

  7. Trust in your pet, so many times my cat alerts me to things I can’t see! I think if anyone knows the animal you have then when things out of the ordinary happen, you’ll know, I do!

  8. I believe this. l was at a cemetary just outside Chicago. my friends pitbull starts barking and acting strange at a tomb/statue.

  9. Our pets have sharp vision and can often see things we can’t or simply don’t notice, like a speck of dust floating through the air, or a beam of light on the wall, or a fly buzzing around. But ghosts, come on now. When I see my cat staring at the ceiling I don’t automatically make that assumption.

  10. Every once in a while, we get our dogs barking at nothing. Sometimes, we see our cat run through the house. He’s been dead for three years.

    • Lindsey Locklear i see a shadow cat around my apt i woke up and saw it and threw my pillow at it then it disapeared

  11. I live next to a very large and beautiful cemetery where I used to walk my beloved pug every day. Most of the time she was fine and would go smelling and exploring as we walked along, but one day she stopped cold and refused to continue forward. I called to her saying come on!! But she would NOT continue. She was staring at a grave-sight and her hair was up along her spine. She began a very low and creepy sounding growl/whimper I’d never heard before and I finally realized that there was something there that I could not see but she saw all too well! I walked back and picked her up and she began shaking involuntarily, still growling off and on. I carried her back the way we came and took her home and it took her about an hour to calm down. After that, I avoided that particular spot and she was fine- and I still wonder what she saw. Whatever it was, it wasn’t good. Sadly, she died at 15 about a year ago….I still miss her terribly.

    • talitakoomi I had similar experiences, I live in a very old house aging to more than 100 years and everyone in my house believes that our kitchen area is haunted, many people have tried to spend a night in our kitchen and have experienced paranormal activities, we have 2 dogs and around 3 cats and most of the nights they start Barking out of nowhere in the middle of the night, we usually ignore it but one night I decided to check what was wrong and I saw my dog facing towards the kitchen and Barking in a defensive stance and one of the cats who was still a kitten cowering behind the dog, it was like the dog was tryna protect the kitten and idk, it gave me the creeps, I called them back but they just wouldn’t budge so I woke my mum up and she put them back in my room but the dog, he just wouldn’t relax like he was scared something was just going to jump out. I didn’t get a wink of sleep that night

  12. The home my parents bought years ago was thought to be haunted by the previous owner. We’d hear noises in the hallway and the back bedrooms as if someone was walking around, but we could never prove anything. One late evening, as I was watching TV, the dog lying next to the couch I was on, woke from her sleep, looked up, stared at something and began a low growl. This went on for a bit followed by her tail wagging, ears dropping and just a happy look, like she was being petted. I thanked Mr. Green, the former owner, our dog went back to sleep and I went back to watching TV.

  13. 3:20 something and 3:40 something you’ll see anomaly flying around that’s why the dog woke up. Scary!

  14. sometimes at night at like 8:30, our dog will sometimes just stand up and.. just bark. we think its always a shadow she is barking at, but now that i hear this, I’m curious…

  15. they weren’t walking around in the dark asking for «signs» with a mounted night vision camera pointed right in their faces… what gives? how are they supposed to find the ghosts without a camera pointed in their face!?

  16. Just make sure to get your pet checked out by a vet if they act like they are seeing things. We had a cat do this once, and it turned out it had ear mites deep in it’s ears and was actually seeing shadows because of it.

  17. Sometimes one of my cats will seem to be looking at something where there is nothing, usually towards a wall, both of them on different occasions, separately. Then their eyes and heads will follow something as if something is there moving around the room, slowly. And you know how you cannot make your eyes move smoothly if there is nothing to follow? Their eyes will move smoothly, but there’s no bug that I can see. And it’s never erratic movements that a bug would usually make. Maybe a tiny bug that I can’t see but they can? But they usually chase bugs, not just watch them… One of the cats in particular would never ever see a bug and not chase it. Anyways, one day they were both sitting together and then they both started to watch something, and then they both started following it around the room, moving their head and eyes identically to each other. A little freaky. Their demeanor is always very calm, almost uncaring. They don’t seem curious, or tempted to chase something, nor are they scared. They’re just watching.

  18. My dog barks all the time at night and he never growls even when mad, he just stares at a corner and barks and growls most of the time for 5 mins straight

  19. The voice narrating this video is very unfit, I feel like I’m watching the guy from America’s funny home videos narrate a poltergeist video. I’m clicking off, but this was obnoxious.

  20. i had a bird last year that i raised since it had hatched. When he was probably about 5 months old i kept dreaming of 3 ladies in white with their hair in front of their faces standing in my room. they would tell me that my dad was going to die on Sep 24. months passed and nothing happened but 2 days after sep 24 came around my bird died. the strangest thing is that my bird’s name was Benjamin, named after my dad.

  21. this proves pets can see ghosts. Pets will alert you if something is up. for example; if you have a pet the never acts up like doesn’t bark or hiss, then all of a sudden your pet starts barking or hissing, then something is up.

  22. The first clip in this video, you can see small particles forming an object as it moves around. It’s not that hard to spot. That’s why the dog is barking.

  23. I used to live in this old beautiful apartment, and my pug would always bark and growl at something that I couldn’t see. it was creepy.Alot of strange stuff used to happen there.I was glad when I moved out.

  24. her is an alternate explanation than ghosts in or a Egyptian statue that was probably made in China , the animals hear a rodent or other sizable creature in the wall or ceiling and that is what they are following or trying to get, or maybe like humans animals can have auditory, and or visual hallucinations…. I wrote this comment after watching the first 3, man I wished I waited to the 4th one because there is no way you aren’t trolling with the guy in the state puff costume. good one.

  25. No matter what there is evidence that pets can see ghosts but demons are the ones that cause paranormal deaths you don’t have to believe this but if you don’t mess with paranormal games you will not be harmed but some peoples family have done it and it runs down to you.

  26. The ending just makes me simply take back my sub and from like to hate. Not funny when someone is wanting nothing but facts, childish

  27. Most people don’t realise that many types of animals can see realms we humans can’t see, or understand. A few years ago, I had some poltergeist trouble in my home. My Guinea Pigs knew it was there before I did. After It was finally driven out, it still took 3 months to convince the piggies to stay in their play area instead of escaping and getting in bed with me.
    Even now, my brother’s dogs «get after» things neither of us can see.

  28. I just wasted my time watching this crap. I mean did you just make these up or what? there is nothing here that has been verified at all…all it is are lame stories. just bad, man, just bad.

  29. Something creepy happened last night,there was a power outage and both of my dogs ran upstairs into my mom’s room and in the closet,i looked for hours in my mom’s room but never found them.Could it have been a portal way??

  30. I remember i saw a » ghost » when i went and get some water and i can see her in the corner of my eye but i pretend i didn’t see nothing. A few month later me a friend went to adopt a husky. When she got older she start barking in the living room at 2am and i was on the computer playing a moba game. In the living room, she was barking at the corner next to me…… I got up and ran inside my room and i was playing a ranked game…

  31. I have a 16 — 20 human year old dog. She is deaf though. She mostly sleeps peacefully but sometimes she wakes up with a fright or a tiny growl. Once she does that all my other dogs start barking and my cat starts sitting at the door meowing loudly. The dogs were all looking at one spot exept for the cat which I let in my bedroom, the cat then started to claw the bed and force me to move. I followed my cat to the kids room, they woke up and told me what was happening. After that the cat looked at the room’s door instantly. Once I walked out I found that all my dogs were looking at the door too. My kid says: «Daddy, what are the pets doing?» I answered: «I don’t know». Then my other kid ran into the smallest room we have and said: «Paranormal..?» I forgot what happened after.

  32. the cat….obiously you do not know mush of cats do you?
    you see, mice communicates with ultrasound, which cats hear….
    i see my cats listening to the walls, sniffing…. its mice….

  33. OMG, that 3 cat is jumping after a small fly, moth or spider! My cats do that all the time! The 4 dog saw something out the window. Thumbs down…especially after the 1 minute of rambling in the beginning to see these normal pet behavior videos.

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