A line and wash watercolour of a Monarch Butterfly. Simple, fun and easy to follow.


This Pen and wash demonstrates drawing and painting a Monarch Butterfly with a minimum of colour mixing. It is suitable for beginners and seasoned artist.. как нарисовать бабочку монарха

114 thoughts on “A line and wash watercolour of a Monarch Butterfly. Simple, fun and easy to follow.

  1. Thank you Peter for another great painting.

    Lessons learnt from you.
    1. Shapes are important. The design in the wings added realistic touch. Beginners might use reference photograph.
    2. Shadows aren’t just darker value of object but could be made by mixing up with cooler colours.

    What we should not try looking at you is drawing the outer wings with paint without outline. You are a master you could do it. Better for beginners to draw outline, better still, do that bit with Uniball pen itself 😉

  2. I would like to know how he draws and never makes a mistake and needs to erase. I would have to draw in pencil first, then go back over it with ink. Awesome !

    1. +Terry Stevens . Thanks Terry. I wouldn’t say I never make mistakes. If they happen, I just incorporate them and carry on. The number one rule about mistakes… don’t point them out 😉

    2. +Peter Sheeler LOL we don’t do mistakes, we make happy accidents 😀 I love your style of painting I’m not to crazy about too much details either, eyes do need to practice on shapes though.

  3. Thank you so much for your videos. I have taken classes in watercolor and practiced for 2 years but was frustrated because my work always seemed forced. I found your videos a couple of weeks ago and now have so much fun painting along with you. I have found the joy that was missing. Thank you! Thank you!

  4. I thoroughly enjoy your video tutorials! Always looking forward to the next one. I was up in your neck of the woods just last week. Took some great photos along the beaches. Great light and shadows. Love that part of the country.

  5. I look forward to Saturday mornings just to watch your latest videos. Thanks for the detail instructions, colors used, brush size etc. it helps me so much.

    1. +Graham Heywood . Glad to hear that Graham. I’m trying to make these very easy to follows. But also informative enough to interested experienced painters as well. Peter

  6. Hey Peter, I enjoyed watching this one. I was surprised at how transparent the WN Yellow Ochre seemed. I know you watered it down some but even dry, the pen lines were very clear under it. I have never tried WN Yellow Ochre. I mainly use DaVinci and Daniel Smith paints, but I may have to give the WN yellow ochre a try. The other brands I have tried just seemed too opaque for me.

    1. +Adam Wallen . Thank you Adam. I use daVinci and WN yellow ochre and they are both fairly opaque. The type of paper might make a difference as well. Peter

  7. I love your work, Peter, thank you for your generous spirit! I’ve tried a few sketches but the uniball definitely bleeds. The only pen that hasn’t bled is the Pentel brush pen but the line is too thick to do your/urban sketching style. I’ve read a few other comments about this mystery. Any ideas?

  8. Peter, I have been inspired by your line and wash paintings…..downloaded so many videos,but mustered up the courage to copy your Monarch butterfly…yesterday. How do I mail it to you….
    madhukv venkatesh from Chennai india

  9. Peter, I just keep practising, copying from books etc….requesting your feedback… That’s why I want to mail the photo to you,
    Madhukv venkatesh

    1. +Madhukv Venkatesh . I’m sorry Madhukv, but I do not critique other peoples artwork nor give advice. If you want me to see it you could post it on Instagram. Peter

  10. Thank you Peter, for taking the time out to reply…. Am not on any social networking sites….. But…. Your principle is exemplary…. Will continue learning…. From the videos…. Thank you

  11. I allways use my Micron set, nothing fancy and my inktense pencils. They do seem to have an issue with leaving those nice «smooshy» edges on backgrounds, since they set faster than watercolor. But I love their vivid colors. Never knew Line and wash was an official name hehehe, I just «doodle and enjoy». If you happen to have the inktense pencils can you tell me how to get the lose watercolor background without mixing with my cotman watercolor set?

    1. I’d rather do that with inktense blocks not with pencils (would if it was watercolor pencils though)  But thanks for trying to help me.

    2. inktense are by far for me the pretty colours in watercolour medium even though they are not w.c. they are water soluble but they act like watercolours 🙂 vibrant wonderful colours!

  12. Looks so easy to repeat, and it is. Except those white dots… oh my god, how can you make them so accurate?)))
    I should paint them by pencil before watercoloring I think…
    Anyway, thank you a lot, Peter, for all your videos!

  13. I am so glad I found your channel, Peter. Who knew painting a monarch could be simple? Love your technique. Will have to give it a try. Thanks for sharing your time and talent with us. You’ve given me a whole new appreciation for phthalo blue too! Your twigs are always amazing to me too and I love the way you ink them. I learn so much from you; much appreciated.

  14. OMGosh thank you!! I have recently branched out from acrylic to watercolor. And this (a similar photo I have ) has basically been stuck in my brain and I did not know how to pull it off. You have given me wonderful ideas. Now I can get this out of my brain, and on paper! Fantastic job.

  15. So glad I stumbled across your channel. I’ve been watching your videos for the past two hours and now all I want to do is paint. Thank you so much for uploading and please keep them coming! I’m learning so much from your videos! Cheers.

  16. I’m intrigued by the way you move your pen or pencil. Even a straight line has the slightest bit of break or hesitation and it adds such good texture. Did that come naturally to you or is it deliberate? Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful, informative videos.

    1. Thank you very much Lynda. I used to do more realistic paintings. This style developed quite quickly when I decided to try urbansketching  🙂

  17. Спасибо! Очень понятно и доступно для обучения. Вы — мой учитель! Удачи Вам и здоровья.

  18. Thank you very much. Hearing this makes this all worthwhile for me.
    Nothing wrong with using pencil first. I’m just too lazy.
    Would love to see your work 🙂  Peter

  19. Hehehe, liked that one about you being lazy… and I’m glad you want to see my work, I really appreciate that, thank you! The pic is ready, just waiting after Christmas to post. Cheers! 🙂 John

  20. Posted the painting, I need to do some fine tuning on it and I didn’t have any Sepia but I’m really happy with the results considering it’s my first real watercolour painting. Also my wife waltzed into my painting area when I was doing the painting and I was painting the sky at that moment, long story short I ended up with two layers instead of one for the sky.

    Thank you again Mr. Sheeler. Ссылка

  21. do you smoke a blunt before painting? your hand is so steady, I struggle with loosening up, spend time doodling and scrawling to try help, difficult.

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