Acrylic Pour Painting: Double Blown Flower Pour With Fun Colored Edges


Here are the Happy Medium Paint Ready To Pour colors I used to create the flower paintings in this video: Flamingo, Raspberry Shake, Bluebird, Sunflower …. как нарисовать бабочку красками желтыми

29 thoughts on “Acrylic Pour Painting: Double Blown Flower Pour With Fun Colored Edges

  1. right on! You also inspired me with your blown flower technique…the first one that I did is my favourite with several blues, white, silver on a wet black background…it’s beautiful ( so says friends and family). I’m amazed! So easy!

  2. Love it! My FIRST paint pour will be this one. Question: Did you prime your canvas first, before you poured your white? The canvas looks like it has a slight texture to it. Thanks!

    1. Carrie Hammond thank you, I am happy to play a part, and I couldn’t have done it without the positive response from people such as yourself.

  3. I like the effect straws give but if I have to use them alot then I have to switch to a mini air compressor because it can be difficult for me to use straws because of my arm.

  4. Absolutely beautiful, I am not that good of a painter, but following your technique has made my art look professional as well as fun. Thank you, ​Caren. Keep the videos coming.

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