706 thoughts on “Addressing the Danny Phantom CONTROVERSY

    1. Butch Hartman hey do you still own the/ partial rights to all of your characters. Or is it simply nick owns all of it and you where contracted like? Also I’m sure you love having this freedom lol.

    2. Butch Hartman Bring back Danny Phantom but keep it the same, don’t change it up like the cartoons shows out now. For example Ben 10, they really mess up that show

    1. Daniel Goodsier some of the details are wrong, the 2 groups were actually anti-phans and true phans. They were fighting because the anti-phans wanted to post danny phantom slash and they were banned from posting it from the danny phantom forums, the mods said they were banned because of orders from butch himself and they couldn’t post slash on other sites too unless they wanted to be banned. The true phans were on butch side and said they dont want danny phantom to be «filthy» with slash, so both sides started a fandom war. Nick canceling danny phantom because of the slash is probably false though I cant confirm it.

    1. For a second I thought that too, but the thumbnail didn’t really look 100% serious and that’d be some heavy stuff to address. I wonder if Butch even knows about that…I honestly half hope he doesn’t since he seems like the type who’d be very upset by it but I’ve suspected that might have been the reason he started saying the ghosts were actually »monster from another dimension».

    1. It’s yo Danny Phantom not young.

      I’m a fan of Danny Phantom and have heard theme song way too many times to «misquote» the word.

      There is no possible way it’s «young» it may be what Butch wrote in the lyrics but when you listen to the theme song you clearly hear «yo» not «young».

    1. Yea hearing it right now to make sure it is Yo… But I’m pretty sure it was Young… I think the controversy is that they did a switch somewhere switching it from young to yo or vice versa. And they’re going like it’s — not — creating the controversy.

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  2. Butch you honestly MADE my childhood.
    Think you could do a video where you draw Danny Phantom characters in the four nations of Avatar the Last Airbender?
    That’d be dope.

    1. He made 2 goods shows (until their later on seasons)
      1 decent show
      and 1 shameless cash grab.
      If your childhood was those 4 shows you had a shitty one.

  3. Thank goodness this has been adressed, now i can finally sleep at night

    On an unrelated note, I watched Phantom Thread the other day and was very disappointed that it wasn’t about Danny Phantom

  4. I still hear “yo” though. You sure the guy rapping (don’t know his name) didn’t say “yo” instead of “young”? Still, one of my fav theme songs from my childhood

  5. For me, the confusion has always been that in the song itself, it definitely sounds like a long O, (ergo, «yo») so I think the issue is more that the singer’s diction isn’t as clear as it could be.

  6. Finding out is “Yo Danny Fenton” is actually “Young Danny Fenton” is the same feeling like realizing the song Buy U a Drink by T-Pain is “And then” instead of “Ooo Wee”

  7. Ok, Butch, I went to the official Danny Phantom theme song on Nick’s youtube channel, and played it at .25 speed, it is Yo, you may have written young, but the performer, did not say it, he said «Yo»

  8. I hope Oaxis brings back good writing to family entertainment. I miss the days of courage the cowardly dog and Samurai Jack where S+P would force people to think outside the box

  9. The REAL Danny Phantom controversy is whether or not Nickelodeon will give/sell back the rights so you can continue with the show (or spin off) on your new network!

    Because that’s what everyone wants 🙂

    1. Some people are less then pleased with some of the stuff hes been putting out and would rather He not be in charge not saying I agree but there are people that do’nt trust Butch anymore

  10. it is YO in the dutch translation.
    Yo, Danny Phantom was pas veertien jaar, en zijn pa en ma waren een beetje raar! Want ze zetten een spookportaal in elkaar.

    Spoken zet je schrap want hier is Danny Phantom!

    Maar het weigerde dienst, dus het had geen zin. Maar Danny nam een kijkje binnenin.
    Er was een grote flits, en bem heel bizar, raakten al zijn moleculen door de war!

    spoken zet je schrap want hier is Danny Phantom!

    Toen hij wakker werd, zag hij tot zijn schrik, hij had sneeuwwit haar en een groene blik!

    Hij kon alles doen, wat een spook ook kan; daar werd ie een stuk zelfverzekerder van!

    Nu krijgt hij af en toe zelfs een visioen; maar weet hij ook wat hem staat te doen?!
    En geeft alle spoken van katoen!

    Spoken zet je schrap want hier is Danny Phantom!

    and the opening line the: he’s a phantom is translated to yo wie ken hem (yo who knows him in english)

  11. The music comes with syllables in it words that rhyme it’s like a poem that’s my story of music anyway Butch thanks for telling me the meaning and controversy about Danny Phantom’s theme song this can help me do things someday it’s gonna be awesome.

  12. Danny phantom only had 3 season which was a let down why does nick do this at least Cartoon Network gives show 4 or 5 seasons before there end. Not fair. I really wanted to see more phantom.

    1. For a second I thought it was going to be about the fan art that was going across the internet making people think that there will be a reboot

    2. I worked nights for 2.5 years before I finally said “either I get off the shift or go to another company.” That gig is hard enough without getting shot by some arm-holding brony.

  13. Butch I need more episodes of Danny phantom I don’t know what to do I literally asked the teacher for our school concert could we do the Danny phantom Theme he said no and started laughing at my btw I love your videos about Danny and do you know why they took Danny phantom off Netflix

  14. It may be «young» in the English version, BUT the German version does start with «yo!» so you could still say both are correct in a way 😉

  15. I’m 14. And whenever I hear any of your shows theme songs especially the Danny phantom theme I almost teleport to the room and scream the lyrics… 14 people

  16. Sorry Butch I’m a fan of Danny Phantom but «young Danny Phantom» doesn’t make sense in a hip hop type song.

    I clearly remember «yo Danny Phantom» not «young Danny Phantom».

  17. “-He’s a phantom
    -Danny phantom
    -Yo! Danny phantom he was just fourteen
    -His parents built a very strange machine
    -Design to view a world unseen
    -He’s going to catch them all cause he Danny phantom
    -when it didn’t quite work, his folks want quit
    -with one big flash, his molecules got rearrange “

    Yeah I check the song said yo so it probably wasn’t butch fault but the singer. A miscommunication error. Just check the song yourself and listen to it closely and you hear yo.

  18. I feel like people are gonna want Danny Phantom on Oaxis, his new channel which is getting funds right now, but I dont think he can cause even though he made it, pretty sure it’s under nickelodeon’s right, so unless Nickelodeon wants to give Butch the right to Danny Phantom, I dont think it will come back.

  19. Bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum

    He’s a phantom

    Young Danny Fenton, he was just 14 when his parents built a very strange machine. It was designed to view a world unseen.

    *Gotta catch em all cuz he’s Danny Phantom*

    When it didn’t quite work, his folks, they just quit. Then Danny took a look inside of it. There was a great, big flash, everything just changed. His molecules were all rearranged.


    When Danny woke up, he realized he had snow white hair and glowin’ green eyes. He could walk through walls, disappear and fly. He’s much more unique than the other guy. But then Danny knew what he had to do. He gotta stop all the ghosts who are coming through.

    He’s here to fight for me and you!!

    Gotta catch em all cuz he’s Danny Phantom

    Gotta catch em all cuz he’s Danny Phantom

    Gotta catch em all cuz he’s


    * punches ghost *

    Can I get a heart now?

    1. PansexualPrincess you know getting mad at someone who knows the killing and did they’re research on it. But instead you decided oh he’s being offensive knowing damn good well he didn’t say anthing anti-trans i mean really.

    2. Green Wave 2018 there’s a big difference there, like, a better comparison would be teaching about the Holocaust while constantly using the word k*ke.
      No one even calls the incident that, and the people who do *are being transphobic.*

  20. Mr Hartman you NEED to do a 10 years later of Danny’s classmates Dash, Paulina, Valerie and Kwan. Love to see their growth in 10 years after

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