After This 2-Year-Old Boy Disappeared, Dog’s Footprints Lead Police To Full Story

After two-year-old William Odom disappeared from his rural home in Mississippi, a frantic search began. William was wearing nothing but a diaper and further …. как нарисовать бездомных животных

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  1. Odin’s fault with Social Services taking the children away. She was sleep and what was she supposed to do? Keep him tied up? I know for a fact that it is hard to maintain a child with a disability, he has several, why dis she not have someone to help her? And the only obvious conclusion was to take him away from something familiar? That was a shifty move!!!!! Instead of working with her, they punished her and the baby. How dare they?

    • Sonia Bernadette Collins
      Bc this was the second search
      And Mississippi
      Probably had a lot to do with her prosecution

    • Sonia Bernadette Collins you are right. There is nothing she could do. My daughter did that to and I looked the door. She truned that key and opened the door. Not always is it the fault of parents. It’s cruel what they did to this family instead of offering help. Unbelievable.

    • Sonia Bernadette Collins how dare the mom not have locks on the doors and windows. not just one lock. locks that go up high. there’s info​ all over the place about the child proof lock that goes up high and an alarm also. CPS will give you the locks and tell you all about them. I took care of 3 children​ years ago with the same problem and even I had more then one lock on the door. so if they took the boy away there is a reason. more then a lock

  2. That sweet dog is his hero! He was lucky to have him with him. Kudos to that boy for helping find that boy.

  3. stace_1 rios Very sorry to hear! Sending many prayers your furbaby is found safe and sound! Please keep us posted!

  4. Fining the woman makes sense. As well, they should have forced her to attend parental classes, teaching her how to keep a child with Wanderlust inside the home even when she’s fast asleep, and warn her that if it happened again he would be taken from her and placed in Child Protective Services. But Child Protective Services was probably not a better place for him than at home, especially if they had shown her ways of securing doors and windows so he couldn’t escape. I’ve heard of way too many stories where kids end up dead and starved after being placed in CPS. I know there are some good foster parents, but there are so many bad ones too. This woman seems to really care about her son but might be a deep sleeper and he an adventurous boy. Hopefully he is back at home and while he was away they helped her learn how to keep him safe. States make money from the federal government for taking kids away, an awful incentive…

  5. You would be surprised how many people steal dogs out of other people’s backyards. I worn the adopters who adopt my foster dogs to never leave them unattended in the backyard as many steal them to do horrendous things to them, especially dog fighters. It’s One of my biggest fears. I’m so sorry to hear your dog disappeared. How did it happen? I hope s/he returns unharmed

  6. what about the father for leaving the door unlucked when he went to work he is more responceable then mother

  7. Hillbilly morons… Yeah the dog saved your baby.. Yeah say it again, A DOG saved your baby.. Something that you failed to do twice! Idiot…

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